What Are the Best Vegan Restaurants in Glasgow?

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Reem Mohamed

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04 May, 2023

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Glasgow is a renowned student city that has been gaining traction and a positive reputation among both local and international students. This is hugely due to the fact that the city houses a number of top-ranked universities, colleges, and higher education institutions that are known for their high-quality education. 

Glasgow is also known for its student life. There is never a dull moment in this city; it has a knack for adapting to students’ needs, preferences, and lifestyles! The culturally diverse city of Glasgow has something for everyone; your weekends will always be full, whether it’s with trying new restaurants, attending concerts, checking out the latest festivals, browsing stores, or touring museums. 

As a part of Glasgow’s efforts to be young, inclusive, and eco-friendly, there has been a rise in vegan restaurants in the city. The city’s young population, with their health and ethics-conscious beliefs, is driving the vegan philosophy in Glasgow and directing the culinary scene towards a more sustainable plant-based lifestyle. 

To cater to the ever-growing vegan population in Glasgow, the city now has restaurants, cafes, and bakeries that serve exclusively vegan or plant-based food that spans different cultures and cuisines, including everything from authentic Scottish cuisine to international flavours like Asian and Mexican dishes. Below is a carefully-curated list of some of the best vegan restaurants Glasgow!

vegan restaurants Glasgow

Best Vegan Restaurants Glasgow

In efforts to be more vegan and student-friendly, Glasgow is putting more effort into diversifying its culinary scene to include different cuisines from various cultures and backgrounds, as well as vegetarian and vegan eateries. Here are the best vegan restaurants Glasgow has to offer, their addresses, and what we think you should order there! 

1. The Hug and Pint

A music venue and a vegan restaurant? The best of both worlds come to life in "The Hug and Pint!" This vegan and live music spot is one of the best in Glasgow, where you can enjoy the best vegan Asian-inspired dishes or unwind with a pint after a long day. The Hug and Pint has an award-winning menu that changes daily and surprises even the regulars with new creations! As one of the best vegan restaurants Glasgow, this is a great place to share a meal with friends or try new things! 

Address: 171 Great Western Rd, Glasgow G4 9AW, United Kingdom

Casita’s Rating: 4.75 ★

Casita’s Recommendation/Must-Try Dishes: Miso Soup / Wakame with Ponzu / Black Fungus Greens / Miso Mushroom / Peanut Tempeh

2. The Flying Duck

Located in the heart of Glasgow, right in the city centre, The Flying Duck is one of the best vegan restaurants Glasgow has to offer! Whenever you’re feeling down and are in need of a pick-me-up, this restaurant offers the best selection of vegan comfort food to dissolve your worries! From loaded fries to vegan fish and chips, this place has it all! Not to mention their concert hall, where you can find live music of all genres to keep you entertained!

Address: 142 Renfield St., Glasgow G2 3AU, United Kingdom

Casita’s Rating: 4.5 ★

Casita’s Recommendation/Must-Try Dishes: Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich / Burritos / Burgers / Mac n' Cheese (all vegan of course!)

vegan restaurants Glasgow

3. Mono

Having your favourite comfort food in a cosy atmosphere is definitely something to enjoy at Mono! As one of the best vegan restaurants Glasgow has to offer, this spot not only provides you with some of the best homemade food and beverages, but it also has its own music venue and in-store record shop. What a treat! This beloved Glasgow spot gets better every time you visit and is among everyone’s top favourites. 

Address: 12, Kings Court, King St., Glasgow G1 5RB, United Kingdom

Casita’s Rating: 4.85 ★

Casita’s Recommendation/Must-Try Dishes: Buffalo Cauliflower Wings / Ruben Tofu / Seitan Kebabs

4. Stereo

Established back in 2007, this hip spot is one of the best vegan restaurants in Glasgow's city centre! Stereo’s atmosphere is welcoming, warm, and friendly to everyone, and it makes you feel right at home! They serve up an array of creative and globally-inspired dishes as well as herb-infused alcoholic drinks and innovative cocktails to go with your meals. This is a great spot for a friendly get-together or a new venture into the city! 

Address: 22 Renfield Ln, Glasgow G2 5AR, United Kingdom

Casita’s Rating: 4.95 ★

Casita’s Recommendation/Must-Try Dishes: Banana Blossom Tacos / Deep-Fried Mac-n-Cheese Balls

5. The 78

Located in Glasgow’s West End, The 78 is a vegan restaurant that serves up a wide range of creative vegan dishes made from locally sourced ingredients. This is a great spot to hang out with friends and catch up over a nice meal without having to worry about anyone’s dietary restrictions. The 78’s got you covered! If you have a dog, they can also come along, as this spot is known for being dog-friendly!

Address: 10-14 Kelvinhaugh St., Finnieston, Glasgow G3 8NU, United Kingdom

Casita’s Rating: 4.55 ★

Casita’s Recommendation/Must-Try Dishes: Lemon Curd / Jackfruit Burger / Tofu Ramen

6. Plant Blonde

Vegan and gluten-free? Bake me a fresh batch! Plant Blonde is a vegan bakery that has recently opened in Glasgow and serves up not just delicious but also really pretty everything! You can get your fill of sweet treats, savoury sandwiches, and delicious drinks of coffee, tea, or smoothies made with your milk alternative of choice. This aesthetically pleasing spot is definitely worth the visit and is one of the best vegan places to grab a bite in Glasgow! 

Address:  61-63 Hyndland St. (at Glasgow West End), Glasgow, Scotland

Casita’s Rating: 4.85 ★

Casita’s Recommendation/Must-Try Dishes: Scottish Empire Biscuits / Scones / Cupcakes

7. The Glasvegan

A ting vegan café in the heart of Glasgow is the place to spend an ideal afternoon! All kinds of delicious vegan comfort food await you at The Glasvegan. Wooden designs and a homey atmosphere make for the perfect ambience of this vegan spot that challenges everyone and creates the best and tastiest vegan versions of classic favourites! There are also gluten-free options at The Glasvegan! 

Address: 50 St. Enoch Square, Glasgow, Scotland

Casita’s Rating: 4.65 ★

Casita’s Recommendation/Must-Try Dishes: Scottish Breakfast / Doner Kebab / Nachos / Burgers

8. Suissi Vegan Asian Kitchen

This is where all your favourite Asian dishes get a vegan twist! From Thai and Chinese to Indian and Japanese, all the cuisines you like can now be vegan! Sussi Vegan Asian Kitchen is a great spot to try all the different kinds of dishes, have a fun day with your friends, and enjoy yourself while you’re at it! 

Address: 494 Dumbarton Rd., Partick, Glasgow, Scotland

Casita’s Rating: 4.25 ★

Casita’s Recommendation/Must-Try Dishes: Gyoza Dumplings / Tempeh Bao / Pad Thai

9. Serenity Now

Vegan food in an 80s ambience? Sign us up! Serenity Now is one of the best vegan restaurants Glasgow has to offer, with great breakfast and lunch menus that cater to all your cravings. With a stunning pink and blue interior that screams the 80s, this spot creates a mixture of everyone’s favourite traditional flavours with a little something extra to add their signature to each dish. Make sure to be there early, though; they close at 4:00 PM!

Address: 380 Great Western Rd, Glasgow G4 9HT

Casita’s Rating: 4.65 ★

Casita’s Recommendation/Must-Try Dishes: Buffalo Nachos / Avocado Toast with Chickpea Smash with Multi-Seed Dukkha

10. The 13th Note

This laid-back lounge that serves both tasty vegan dishes and amazing live music is famous among Glasgow natives as well as visitors and even celebrities! This easygoing lunch and dinner spot is a favourite for many vegans in the city, as it serves up the perfect combination of comfort and globally-inspired dishes that cater to all different tastes! The variety and creativity that The 13th Note brings to the vegan scene in Glasgow is a much-welcome breath of fresh air!

Address: 50-60 King St., Glasgow G1 5QT

Casita’s Rating: 4.55 ★

Casita’s Recommendation/Must-Try Dishes: Goan Curry with Eggplant and Mushrooms/ Korean Cauliflower

11. Vivi’s Deli

This is a vegan deli and outdoor courtyard situated on the south side of Glasgow. As one of the best restaurants Glasgow, this spot offers deli sandwiches, house-brewed coffee, small plates, chilled beverages, and B.Y.O.B. With hints of both British and European cuisine, this is a great spot to grab a bite of your favourite dishes on the go! 

Address: Unit 4, 674 Pollockshaws Rd., Glasgow, Scotland

Casita’s Rating: 4.65 ★

Casita’s Recommendation/Must-Try Dishes: Sandwiches / Chilled Beverages

vegan restaurants Glasgow

12. Rawnchy

This spot is a vegan café and dessert shop whose menu features some unique raw and gluten-free items. Rawnchy was born from a need to provide vegan dessert options, specifically cakes, to those with a resilient sweet tooth. A lot of experimenting with dates, coconuts, and nuts resulted in a meticulously-crafted menu of decadent cakes that earned this spot on our list of the best vegan restaurants Glasgow. Besides this, the cafe’s green and pink interiors create the perfect atmosphere for a nice afternoon meal. 

Address: 98 Bellgrove St., Glasgow G31 1AA

Casita’s Rating: 4.75 ★

Casita’s Recommendation/Must-Try Dishes: House Breakfast / Lobster Roll / Cake

The vegan philosophy is taking over Glasgow, and the city has not been lacking in response! The ever-growing movement has been met with welcoming arms in Glasgow, where vegan bakeries, cafes, and restaurants have taken over the scene. With this list of the best vegan restaurants Glasgow has to offer in mind, you can head out and grab a bite from your favourite cuisine in the city!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Glasgow vegan-friendly?

Glasgow is considered one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the United Kingdom. The city’s plant-based scene is ever-growing and is filled with diverse eateries from different cuisines.

2. Is Glasgow the vegan capital of the UK?

Glasgow is ranked among the top 10 cities for accommodating vegans in the UK due to its numerous vegan eateries, bakeries, and cafes.

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3. Which county in the UK is most vegan?

The most vegan place in the UK was found to be the English capital of London, which has been named home to the largest number of vegans in the country in 2023. 

4. Is it easy to be vegan in UK?

As a country, the United Kingdom makes it easy for anyone living there to be vegan. This is mainly due to the abundance of vegan eateries, cafes, and bakeries, as well as vegan alternatives in grocery stores and farmers markets across almost all UK cities, most notably London, Birmingham, and Glasgow.

5. Are all vegan restaurants in Glasgow 100% vegan?

Most vegan restaurants in Glasgow are entirely vegan; however, some restaurants do offer vegetarian options as well, while others serve meat on certain weekdays.


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