Top Influencers UK: Educational Influencers To Follow

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27 March, 2023

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Social media is a place where you can’t only discuss fashion, news, politics, or memes, but social media can also be a powerful educational tool. There are all sorts of influencers on social media platforms, but did you know there are educational influencers too? 

Education is an essential part of our lives, and with the advent of social media, it has become easier to access quality educational content online. In the United Kingdom, there are several educational influencers who are making a significant impact in the field of education. These individuals are experts in their respective fields and have made significant contributions to the education community. From teachers to edtech entrepreneurs, these influencers are changing the game in education.

Whether you're a student, teacher, or parent, these influencers can provide valuable insights and advice on a variety of educational topics. So, come on; we’re about to explore the top educational influencers UK and why you should follow them!

educational influencers in the UK

Sir Ken Robinson (@sirkenrobinson)

Sir Ken Robinson is an internationally-recognised education expert, speaker, author, and one of the top influencers UK. He has spent over 40 years working in the education sector and has written several books on the subject, including "Out of Our Minds" and "The Element." Sir Ken is best known for his TED Talk, "Do Schools Kill Creativity?" which has been viewed over 60 million times.

David Didau (@DavidDidau)

David Didau is an educational consultant, speaker, and author of several books on education. He is a prolific blogger and writes about a wide range of topics related to teaching and learning, including cognitive psychology, behaviour management, and educational research. He is also the founder of the online training platform “The Learning Spy”.

Oliver Caviglioli (@olicav)

Oliver Caviglioli is a graphic designer, educational consultant, and author of several books on visual communication in education. Caviglioli is one of the best educational influencers UK. He is the founder of the website "Dual Coding in Action", which provides resources and training on how to use visual aids to enhance learning.

Clare Sealy (@ClareSealy)

Clare Sealy is a former primary school headteacher, author, and education consultant. She is the founder of the website “Clare Sealy: Primary Education Matters”, which provides resources and training on teaching and learning in primary schools. She is also the co-author of the book “The Great Memory Debate”, which explores the use of memory in education.

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Rosalind Walker (@RosJWalker)

Rosalind Walker is an educational consultant, speaker, and author of several books on education. She is the founder of the website “Mindful Learning”, which provides resources and training on mindfulness in education. She is also the author of the book “Mindful Learning: Reduce Stress and Improve Brain Function for Learning”.

Alex Quigley (@HuntingEnglish)

Alex Quigley is one of the top influencers UK. He is an English teacher, author, and educational consultant. He is the founder of the website “HuntingEnglish”, which provides resources and training on teaching and learning English. He is also the author of the book “Closing the Vocabulary Gap”, which explores how to improve vocabulary instruction in schools.

educational influencers in the UK

Tom Sherrington (@teacherhead)

Tom Sherrington is an educational consultant, speaker, and author of several books on education. He is the founder of the website “Teacherhead”, which provides resources and training on teaching and learning. He is also the author of “Rosenshine's Principles in Action”, which explores how to implement the principles of effective teaching in the classroom.

Ross McGill (@RossMcGill)

Ross McGill, also known as Teacher Toolkit, is an award-winning educator, teacher trainer, author, and founder of the popular education website “”. With over 25 years of teaching experience, Ross is known for his expertise in teaching and learning, school leadership, and educational technology. He is a popular speaker at conferences and events around the world and has written several books on education, including "Mark. Plan. Teach" and "100 Ideas for Secondary Teachers: Outstanding Lessons".

Ross is committed to improving education and has been recognised for his contributions to the field with numerous awards, including the Teacher of the Year Award and the Education Blog Award. He is one of the best educational influencers UK!

Jo Morgan (@mathsjem)

Jo Morgan, also known as @mathsjem on Twitter, is a mathematics teacher and head of the mathematics department at a school in the United Kingdom. She is known for her innovative teaching methods and for sharing resources with other teachers through her popular website, “”. Morgan is a strong advocate for the importance of mathematics education and has been involved in various initiatives to promote and improve mathematics teaching in the UK. 

She also frequently speaks at conferences and events to share her expertise and experiences with fellow educators. Morgan has been recognised for her educational contributions with various awards and honours, including the TES Maths Teacher of the Year award in 2018.

Karl Pupé (@actionheroteacher)

Karl Pupé, also known as "Action Hero Teacher", is a teacher and educator with a passion for using creative and engaging techniques to inspire students in their learning. He has worked as the head of the department in various schools and has extensive experience in teaching, training, and mentoring teachers. He firmly believes in the power of storytelling and experiential learning to enhance students' understanding and retention of information. 

Pupé is also an advocate for the use of technology in education and has delivered several talks and workshops on this topic. He has also authored several books, including "The Action Hero Teacher Handbook" and "How to Be an Outstanding Primary School Teacher".

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And there you have it! That was your guide to the top educational influencers UK!

Educational influencers on social media are becoming increasingly important as they can share their expertise, experiences, and advice, helping to improve the quality of education and teaching. They can offer support, guidance, and motivation and create a sense of community among educators and learners. 

Moreover, educational influencers can also challenge the status quo, raise awareness of important issues in education, and promote innovation and creativity. By leveraging the power of social media, they can reach a large and diverse audience and influence the educational landscape on a global scale.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are the best influencers for education in the UK?

The top educational influencers include Sir Ken Robinson, David Didau, Oliver Caviglioli, Clare Sealy, and Rosalind Walker, among others.

2. What is the role of influencers in education?

An education influencer is someone who promotes educational content on their social media platform, often sharing instructional information, distributing resources, and providing guidance to parents and students. Many education influencers also collaborate with companies in the education sector.


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