What Are the Best Italian Restaurants in Leeds?

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03 April, 2023

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Leeds, a city in the northern English county of Yorkshire, is known for its historical moments and economic vibrancy! It excels in areas such as music, sports, the arts, and politics. Leeds is also the wealthiest city in the north of England in terms of the number of goods and services it produces per head. All of this together makes Leeds one of the most attractive cities in the world for everyone to come and visit! 

In addition to the famous landmarks that Leeds possesses, there is also a wide variety of restaurants and food chains in Leeds that make it more enjoyable! This variety makes people try new cuisines and never get bored with one food. One of the most famous cuisines in Leeds is Italian, where Italian restaurants prevail!

What Are the Best Italian Restaurants in Leeds?

So, in order to call a restaurant "good," you have to consider these things first: quality of food, service, and price, especially if there are students involved. Usually, students come to stay in a city for the purpose of education, so it’s always good to have suitable places for them to enjoy every once in a while! Below is a list of the best Italian restaurants in Leeds with high-quality food, the best prices, and amazing service!

 Best Italian Restaurants in Leeds?

1. Viva Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria 

A warm and cosy restaurant located in Leeds city centre, Viva has everything you need! Once you enter the restaurant, you’ll get that Italian vibe you’re looking for. The authentic pasta dishes and delicious aperitivo they offer make people come from all over just to try them! 

There is also a menu with a wide selection of dishes, including lasagne, tagliolini, and risotto, giving you a taste of Italy right where you are!

The restaurant is highly ranked, with a rating of 4.5! In addition to the amazing ratings and the affordable prices, Viva Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria is located in the heart of the city, where you can visit almost everything else when you’re there! 

The view from the restaurant is also breathtaking; customers always mention how beautiful it is to choose a window seat. So, if you ever go and try this restaurant, do yourself a favour and sit by a window! The restaurant’s address is 9-11 Bridge End, Leeds LS1 7HG. 

2. Stuzzi

Focusing on small Venetian plates, a kind of Italian tapas, Stuzzi occupies a unique place among Italian restaurants. The name “stuzzi” stems from stuzzichini, which are salty and light appetisers that do not overpower your meal, and you get to try more than one! 

You can share meals with friends and try so many different foods. The menu offers a variety of Italian dishes, including anchovy fillets, truffled cannellini beans, cotechino sausage served with salsa verde, and braised lentils. 

Of course, we cannot forget the dessert, or dolci,” as they say! The restaurant is famous for its delicious desserts, including the Piatto do Dolci, which is a frequently ordered dish at Stuzzi. 

The restaurant is fairly priced, with a rating of 4.5! Because of the high-quality food and amazing service, people from everywhere, not only Leeds, love to visit Stuzzi! The restaurant’s address is 7 Merrion Street, Leeds, LS1 6PQ. So, if you’re ever in Leeds and are craving Italian food, Stuzzi will fulfil your needs!

3. Wood Fire Dine

From a street truck to a permanent location and a full menu, Wood Fire Dine is one of the best Italian restaurants in Leeds and is the place to go if you’re craving Italian pizza! This restaurant started from scratch, with its owner, Mark, winning the Pizza Chef of the Year award in 2019! This restaurant has won many awards ever since.

This restaurant offers Neapolitan and New York-style crust! As for the flavours, Wood Fire Dine offers a wide variety for you to choose from, including the Jawbones of Liberty with its combo of mozzarella, pepperoni, and NY sauce; the Napoli Picante, which bolsters salami Napoli; and the Fior di Latte cheese with fiery chillies. In addition, Wood Fire Dine also offers gluten-free pizza dough for those who do not eat gluten. 

Wood Fire Dine is highly ranked and known for its fair prices. The restaurant is known for its unique style and having different pizzas, including its award-winning 14-inch New York-style pizza in 2021 and its 12-inch Neapolitan pizzas! 

The restaurant’s address is 34-36 Commercial Street, Rothwell, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS26 0AW; if you’re ever in the mood for pizza in Leeds, this is the place to go! Best Italian Restaurants in Leeds?

4. Pizza Fella

Another perfect spot for you if you’re looking for tasty and affordable pizza in Leeds! This place is famous for its Nebrodi, which is painted with provola di Agerola smoked cheese, black pig sausage, basil, and the freshest tomatoes! One of the great things about this restaurant is that it offers different options, including vegan and vegetarian options!

Pizza Fella also offers a delicious dessert as a way to make things even better! Their Calabrian gelato is a must-try if you want to finish your meal the right way! The restaurant is highly ranked because of the quality of the food, the amazing service, and the affordable prices it offers. 

The address for this restaurant is 114–116 Vicar Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 7NL. So, if you’re a student looking for a day out to have fun and enjoy some pizza, you know where to go!

5. Trattoria II Forno

Trattoria Il Forno is, hands down, one of the best Italian restaurants in Leeds! The friendly, cosy, and welcoming atmosphere is one of the first things people notice about this place. As for the food, you will, without a doubt, eat some of the most delicious pizzas in Leeds!

You can try the pizza bresaola that comes with cured, dried beef or a calzone! Also, the pasta is to die for! Trattoria Il Forno is also famous for its risotto. Overall, the menu is really huge and full of everything you need! 

In addition, there is also a kids' menu if you ever want to go with family or want a smaller portion! The restaurant has a 4.5 rating and is always filled with customers! The address is 85 Town St., Horsforth, Leeds LS18 5BP. We can’t wait for you to try it! 

6. Da Vito Ristorante

If you’re a fish lover, this one is for you; the restaurant offers a separate fish section on the menu! In addition to that, Da Vito Ristorante offers discounts to early birds who love waking up early! The restaurant offers so many different food options for different tastes, including spaghetti alla carbonara, steak with peppercorn sauce, or veal with cream and brandy! 

Da Vito Ristorante is rated 5/5 because of its variety of food, high quality, excellent service, and affordable prices! It’s not easy for a restaurant to have all of these qualities together, so good for them! 

The restaurant is located in the backstreets of the city centre, so it has some quiet with a good view! The address is Da Vito Ristorante, 3 York Pl., Leeds LS1 2DR, United Kingdom. So, if you’re thinking about going out but you’re not sure what you want to eat, Da Vito Ristorante has everything and more! 

So, these were our top choices for the best restaurants in Leeds! The city is packed with a lot of amazing restaurants that will leave you full and satisfied; you just have to pick where to go according to what you’re craving and your budget! Luckily, most places nowadays try their best to make their prices as affordable as possible. 

Leeds is a city packed with different fun activities, landmarks, and restaurants. There are so many cuisines, giving students a chance to explore different cultures without having to go anywhere! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there affordable Italian restaurants in Leeds?

There are so many Italian restaurants in Leeds that are within a good price range! Most places make sure that it’s affordable for the students who want to try these restaurants without paying a lot of money. 

What is the average cost for an Italian meal at a restaurant for two people in Leeds?

The average cost for two people eating at an Italian restaurant in Leeds is around £13. 

What is the most affordable Italian restaurant in Leeds?

There are several Italian restaurants that are very affordable, and Viva is one of them. It has a good variety of pasta and pizzas for you to choose from. If you’re a student, you won’t feel like you spent a fortune! 

Where can I find the best Italian restaurants in Leeds?

Most of the good Italian restaurants can be found near the city centre, which is convenient because it is near everything else!


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