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What Are the Best Student Areas Near the University of East London?

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Samir Badawy

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16 November, 2023

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6 mins read

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Student Housing

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The University of East London is one of the most popular universities in the UK, with three campuses attracting more than 40,000 students from over 160 countries. According to Times Higher Education, international students comprise 52% of the student population, making it a diverse institution.

If you’re one of the students studying at the institution and looking for the best student areas near the University of East London and student accommodation near the University of East London, keep reading!

area-uni-east london

Popular Student Areas near the University of East London

UEL, also known as the University of East London, has three campuses in East London’s Newham Borough: the Stratford Campus, the University Square Stratford (USS) Campus, and the Docklands Campus. In the following sections, we’ll list the best student areas near these campuses in East London.

Canary Wharf 

Canary Wharf is one of East London’s most desirable places to live and is considered part of London’s business district. It is also known for its luxurious offices and residential properties, some of which have a view of the Thames River. The Dockland campus is the nearest to this beautiful suburb. It also enjoys great transportation links to the university’s other two campuses.


Shoreditch is another local favourite, especially among the youth, as it is a fashionable place to live. It is also ideal thanks to its great transportation links, making it almost close to everything around London. It also has art galleries, street markets, and an amazing nightlife scene.


Spitalfields is another great student area near the University of East London, right next to the Shoreditch neighbourhood. It is also a very creative and fashionable neighbourhood. It has a rich history as it once hosted the fleeing French protestant (Huguenot) Christians during the 17th century, which brought their silk weaving skills to the area, which is why Spitalfields is still famous for its delicate fabrics. It also has a great nightlife scene as well as great street art.

area-uni-east london


Hackney is another attractive place to live and is right next to Stratford, making it ideal if you’re studying at the Stratford Campus and the University Square Stratford (USS) Campus. It is known for its rich music scene, as well as its parks and beautiful vintage boutique shops. It was actually featured on Vogue’s Coolest Neighbourhoods worldwide.

Bethnal Green

This neighbourhood is often described as a warm community. It’s also known for having markets, various parks, and cheap yet classy places to go out. It also has a large young professional community as well as a large Bangladeshi community. It is known for its indie shops as well as a rich food scene and great nightlife.


Stratford is the home of two of UEL’s campuses: the Stafford Campus and the University Square Stratford (USS) Campus. It is known for its greenery and its links to the sporting industry. It is also home to various institutions, shops, restaurants, and theatres and is undergoing major developments.

area-uni-east london

Best Places to Stay Near UEL’s Campuses

Docklands Campus

Located by the historic Royal Docks, the Docklands Campus is home to various schools, including the School of Arts and Digital Industries, the Royal Docks School of Business and Law, and the School of Architecture, Computing, and Engineering. It also has various sports facilities. Here are some suggestions on where to stay near Docklands Campus:

Purpose-Built Student Accommodation Near Docklands Campus

The Canary Wharf Collection Student Accommodation

The Canary Wharf Collection is a student accommodation near the University of East London (UEL) - Docklands Campus. It is an amazing option, as it enjoys great facilities and great transportation links to two of UEL’s campuses. To put this into perspective, this student accommodation is:

  • A 25-minute commute from the Docklands campus

  • A 28-minute commute from the University Square Campus

The Canary Wharf Collection, the Docklands campus student accommodation, is also in the previously mentioned area of Canary Wharf, which is one of the most desirable places to live in east London. This makes it an ideal option for students looking to stay in the beautiful riverside business district. 

This student accommodation offers studios as well as one- and two-bedroom apartments. It features amazing facilities such as communal spaces and an on-site gym, has all bills included, and offers cleaning services.

Private Accommodation Near Docklands Campus

Smart double bedroom in Barking

If you’re considering nearby private student housing UEL, you should consider the Smart double bedroom in Barking. It offers a large double bed and a wardrobe. It is a 14-minute drive from the campus or a 42-minute commute.

Stafford Campus  

The Stafford Campus is UEL’s Centre for Clinical Education in Podiatry, Physiotherapy, and Sports Science and is home to the School of Education and Communities. It is also located near the Strafford town centre and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, which hosted the 2012 London Olympics. 

If you’re looking for options for accommodation near this campus, these are our top student areas near the University of East London (UEL) - Stratford Campus.

area-uni-east london

Purpose-Built Student Accommodation Near Stafford Campus

Turnmill Street Student Accommodation

Turnmill Street is a student accommodation near the University of East London (UEL) - Stratford Campus, which offers one-bedroom apartments that are a 22-minute commute from the property. 

These apartments offer the most privacy and provide a homely atmosphere, as they have everything found in a typical home, including a living area and a fully equipped kitchen with all your necessary cooking appliances. In addition, all bills are included so that you don’t have to worry about paying any additional bills.

Kirby Street Residence Student Accommodation

Kirby Street Residence is a student accommodation near the University of East London (UEL) - Stratford Campus, at a distance of a 23-minute commute. It offers multiple studio rooms to cater to different budgets and preferences. These studios are equipped with a bed, a workstation, a wardrobe, and much more!

In addition, this accommodation option features great facilities and services; for instance, all bills are included in the rent, and if you’ve got a pet, then you’re in luck as it is pet-friendly! As with most of Casita’s PBSAs, all bills are included in the rent. Wi-Fi, study areas, and on-site laundry facilities are other amenities provided.

Private Accommodation Near Stafford Campus

Double ensuite bedroom in 3-bedroom house

This double ensuite bedroom in 3-bedroom house option is one of our top suggestions for private student accommodation near the University of East London (UEL) - Stratford Campus. This option features a large double en-suite room with a private bathroom, a large double bed, a wardrobe, and drawers. It also has a large window, providing natural lighting. 

In addition to the fully furnished room, you’ll have access to a beautiful outdoor patio and a living area. You will also have access to a kitchenette to cook delicious home-cooked meals.

University Square Stratford (USS) Campus

The University Square Stratford (USS) campus is mainly home to the School of Business, Law, and Performing Arts. It is located in the desirable area of Stratford. This part of London was highlighted by the 2012 London Olympics; however, its history stretches back to Roman times.

area-uni-east london

Here are some suggestions on where to stay near the University Square Stratford (USS) Campus:

Purpose-Built Student Accommodation Near USS Campus

iQ East Court Student Accommodation

iQ East Court is a student accommodation near the University Of East London (UEL) – University Square campus and features studio rooms that provide the most privacy. It is also a 20-minute commute from the campus. 

These studio rooms all have large beds, a wardrobe, a study area, a bathroom, and a private kitchenette. In addition, you’ll also have access to various property features, such as an on-site gym, silent study areas, a cinema room, game rooms, and various other social facilities. In addition, all bills, including Wi-Fi, are covered by your rent!

Chapter Spitalfields Studios Student Accommodation

Chapter Spitalfields Studios is another favourite university of East London accommodation among students as it is in the previously mentioned desirable Spitalfields area, which is among the best student locations to live near UEL. It enjoys great transportation links to the campus as it is only a 22-minute commute from the campus and offers studio options.  

All studios offer double beds, kitchenettes, workstations, and private bathrooms. In addition, you’ll have access to various social areas, including lounges and game areas, a gym, on-site laundry, and much more.

Westfield House Student Accommodation

Westfield House is a great option if you are looking for luxury as well as proximity to your campus, as its studios and one-bedroom apartments have elegant furnishings, giving you a stay with comfort and style!

All available accommodation options in this property feature king-sized beds, kitchens or kitchenettes, flat-screen TVs, workstations, comfortable armchairs, and much more! Aside from the beautiful room furnishings, you’ll also have access to a private gym and various services and support from the property’s on-site staff. If you want to bring your pet along, you’re in luck, as the property is also pet-friendly. All bills, including Wi-Fi, are covered by your rent.

Private Accommodation Near USS Campus

Luxury Superior Studio, less than 1 km from Brick Lane

The Luxury Superior Studio less than 1 km from Brick Lane, is a luxurious student accommodation option near the University of East London (UEL)—University Square. This luxurious studio has double beds, a flat-screen TV, and a private kitchenette. In addition, this studio has beautiful window views and a study area.

During your stay at this private accommodation, you’ll have access to countless on-site facilities, which include laundry facilities.

If you’re looking for more information regarding student halls in London or private student rooms or apartments, then contact our helpful staff. In addition, we also provide various resources, such as the Ultimate Student Guide to Transport in London, Oyster Cards Guide for Students, and the Cost of Living in London as a student 2023/2024, among various other resources.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is the cheapest place to live in London for international students?

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Havering is said to be the most affordable place to live in London.

What is the best site for student accommodation in London?

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If you’re looking for expert and multilingual staff specialising in London student accommodation and a free service provider, then is your best option!

Is Whitechapel a good place to live?

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Whitechapel is known as a youthful and multicultural place to live for students and is a student favourite.