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Reasons to Join a University Sports Club

Reasons to Join a University Sports Club
Created By: Engy Hassanon 08 February, 2022

Being a part of a university’s small community can be quite rewarding if you take advantage of it. If you wish to join a sports club for extra-curricular activities, you have come to the right place for advice. Sports clubs might sound exhausting; however, they sure are fun to try. Here are 4 reasons you should join a university sports club.

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1. You Will Make Friends

Not necessarily plenty of them, but you will be among so many people who are eager to experience new activities just as you do. Joining a university sports club can put you in a network that will yield quite beneficial connections, and connections get you places! 

2. Sports Elevates your Mental Health

Sports can be a dependable endorphins source for those exhausting and stressful days. If you are not keen on making new friendships or have social anxiety, sports can help you. Sports give you endorphins, which in return stimulate dopamine and eventually, you will be happier! Happy people tend to make friends!

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3. Your Soft Skills Will Skyrocket! 

Sports give you a lot of soft skills . Amongst these skills is multitasking, time management and even leadership skills. The more your soft skills develop, the more employable you are. Employers don’t usually look for students who joined sports clubs; however, they are looking for the skills you acquire by joining a sports club. Getting involved in extra-curricular activities shows your dedication and ability to stay engaged in an active role.       

4. You Will Have fun!

Joining a sports club will allow you to experience new things . As a student, you have a veto card to try and fail countless times till you find yourself doing what you absolutely love. It’s one of those few times in life where you get to experience what you like and what you don’t.. If you are not sure if you like tennis, join a tennis club. If you don’t like it, you can always move to a different club next year. Regardless, you will meet great people and have fun!

Finally, don’t forget that to get employed, you need to know what you like. Sports help you a lot in decision making. You choose what position to play and if and when you wish to shift to a different sport. So keep yourself engaged and enjoy your time at university. Now is the time to try EVERYTHING!  

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