How to Apply to Manchester Metropolitan University

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29 November, 2020

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Of course, studying abroad adds value to your CV! What if you studied in the UK? The UK is one of the world’s leading destinations in higher-education with 500,000 international students enrolling each year from more than 140 countries. Besides offering over 50,000 graduate and under-graduate courses in more than 55 subject areas, there are many other benefits of going to a university in the UK

Studying in the UK helps you reduce student accommodation costs and tuition fees since its university courses are shorter than in other countries. Also, the UK is a multicultural country and, therefore, will expand your knowledge further and can help you enjoy new experiences as you are introduced to people from different cultures. 

Here we will guide you through how to apply to Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) as an international student and start your educational journey!

Why Manchester Metropolitan University, UK?

Manchester Metropolitan University is one of the top largest public universities in the UK, ranking 65th amongst national universities. It is a world-class research university with 85% of its research rated “Internationally Excellent”. Manchester Metropolitan University was awarded a Silver award in the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) in 2017. It has links with global companies, such as Walt DisneyNikeVolkswagen and more and provides you with lifelong career advice.

According to the Global Liveability Survey conducted in 2019 by the Economist Intelligence UnitManchester is the UK’s best city to live in. It ranks 199th out of 589 cities in the world in terms of cost of living. For international students, Manchester is also considered one of the world’s best cities to study in. Not only will you enjoy studying there, but also enjoy visiting spectacular places because Manchester is a city full of museums and beautiful sights. 

Where is Manchester Metropolitan University?

Manchester Metropolitan University is in All Saints, Manchester M15 6BH, United Kingdom. It is just a 6-minute walk away from the Oxford Road Station and a 4-minute walk  from the All Saints ParkNando’s and Domino’s Pizza are popular student food places near Manchester Metropolitan Uni.

How to apply to Manchester Metropolitan University?

If you are an international student wishing to study at a UK university, these steps show you how to apply to Manchester Metropolitan University:

1. Research Carefully the Courses that Interest you More

Deciding on your major is not an easy step. However, reading the possible majors in detail from the MMU website helps you decide which major you are going to study and gain more information about each module. 

2. Register with UCAS

Most international students apply to the UK’s universities through UCASUCAS is the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service managing the application process for all the universities in the UK. It sends all your details to the university you have listed in your application. 

3. Pay the UCAS Administrative Charge

For the 2020/2021 entry, it costs £20 if you applied for one choice and £26 if you applied for multiple choices (you can apply to up to five). Manchester Metropolitan University will not charge you for handling your application except the application of the BA (Hons) in Acting. 

4. Create Your Online UCAS Application

Whether you apply for an undergraduate degree, postgraduate programme, apprenticeship or to a conservatory, make sure you choose the course that suits you the best after reading a lot about its modules. You can apply for up to five courses at one university or one course at up to five universities. Remember! Choosing a popular course that doesn’t interest you to find a job easily will not get you your dream job! Apply for the course that you feel is interesting and exciting!  

5. Write Your Personal Statement

Market yourself! You will need to write 1000 to 4000 words about your academic skills, professional experience, voluntary work, future plans, career goals, interests and hobbies. Also, show them why you chose this course and this university and what you know about your selected field. Link your relevant skills and experience to the course. Then, double-check your writing by editing it for grammar, capitalization, spelling and punctuation accuracy. 

6. Submit Your Application Before the Deadline

January 15, 2021, is the submission deadline of the UCAS applications. Make sure you complete the online application with your personal statement before that deadline. Applications sent after this date, from January 15 to June 30, are still in consideration if there are available places in the selected course, but be aware that most popular courses may be complete after January 15. If you submit your application after June 30, 2021, it will go through Manchester Met Uni clearing. 

7. Track Your Application

Follow the progress of all your choices on your application regularly through UCAS Track. Also be aware  that you may receive the offer directly, and not through UCAS. You will most likely receive decisions by May 6, 2021. If you haven’t received any replies by this date, you can apply for additional choices using UCAS extra before July 5, 2021. You should use UCAS extra if you have used all your five choices and haven’t got an offer.

8. Accepting or Declining the Offer 

Received offers? You should accept up to two offers; one is your firm choice and the other is your insurance choice. If you meet the requirements of your firm choice, you will get a place on the course and your insurance choice will no longer be valid. Want to shift to your insurance choice after getting accepted in your firm choice? Contact the universities as soon as possible and they will advise you of what you tol do next. 

9. Manchester Metropolitan University Interview

Once your application has been received, you may receive an invitation for an interview or an audition or you may be asked to submit samples of your work, like a portfolio or an essay. The interview is all about who you are, what your academic skills are and what your future plans are. The staff want to compare applicants before sending out final offers. Enthusiastic, academic and highly-motivated students who can work independently and balance their life have more chances of securing a place at the university. 

Before the interview, read about the course and the university in detail, sleep well and show up on time. Here are our blogs that give you some tips on how to prepare for your university admission interview and how to cope with interview anxiety

10. Confirming or Deferring the Offer

Passed the interview? Well done! You will receive an offer out of these two:

- Conditional Offer: It means that you have not yet met all the requirements and may be accepted after submitting additional documents or taking a test 

- Unconditional Offer: It means that you have met all the requirements requested by the admissions team. By confirming the offer, you will guarantee a place on your chosen course and need to pay the deposit! Here are some helpful tips for students starting their first year at Manchester Metropolitan University.

11. Check the Visa and the Type you Need

Received an unconditional offer letter and accepted it? Congratulations! There is only one step left to achieve your goal of studying in the UK; your visa application. If you are an international 16-year-old student or older applying for the academic year 2020/2021, apply for the student visa for £348.

However, if you are an EU student settling in the UK before or travelling to the UK by 11 pm on December 31, 2020, you don’t need a visa. Just apply to the EU Settlement Scheme before June 30, 2021, to continue living and studying in the UK. Travelling to the UK on January 1, 2021, or after, you need to apply for the student visa.

12. Book your Student Accommodation

Consider booking an affordable and comfortable student accommodation near Manchester Metropolitan UniversityCasita helps you book your student accommodation in Manchester by offering different room types at different prices!

Studying at Manchester Metropolitan University already? Book your suitable student accommodation in Manchester with Casita now! Note that Casita also lets you book your student accommodation in the UK’s other cities and around the world!

Now, enjoy your new life studying in Manchester! 


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