Expectations vs. Reality

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Reem Mohamed

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21 November, 2022

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Student Housing

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As a student starting off their study abroad journey, you hear that can help you secure the ideal accommodation in several parts of the world with ease, convenience, and at no extra cost. Now, you might think this is a scam or have certain expectations that you’re scared won’t be met. 

We’re here to help you turn those expectations into reality and give you a glimpse of what it’s like to use Casita’s services to find the perfect student accommodation. Join us as we break down the expectations vs. reality of employing Casita’s services! 


Finding Student Accommodation Anywhere in The World

Expectations: When hearing that using Casita’s services, you can secure yourself a student home in different countries across the globe, you’d expect this to be false advertising and you won’t find what you’re looking for easily.

Reality: Casita does, in fact, have rooms in several countries across the globe. Over 60 countries have student accommodation options that are provided by Casita spanning their grounds. Casita offers student rooms in over 700 cities close to 3000+ Universities and Colleges. So, wherever you are studying in the world, from the United Kingdom to Malaysia, you’ll find a student room that is ideal for you using Casita’s services. 

No Hidden Fees

Expectations: Nothing is ever free, right? At least that’s what you’d expect whenever you use a service. It’s understandable that students are a bit sceptical about whether or not the service would actually be free of charge, so, is it? 

Reality: Using Casita’s website or any of our services is, in fact, free! You don’t pay any extra fees or get billed for any of our services. You get to find the perfect student accommodation for you and not be bombarded or surprised with any hidden or extra costs. It is both time and money-saving to use Casita, insane right? 

Expectations vs. Reality

Student Accommodation Tailored to Your Needs

Expectations: There is no way an accommodation can be tailored to a student’s priorities, preferences, and budget; they probably all have the same features, facilities, and price ranges that won’t align with your expectations. Well, let’s see how true this is! 

Reality: Casita’s website has vast arrays of options for student accommodation across different cities and countries and with various room types, facilities, locations, and prices. The website is fitted with several features that allow you to find an accommodation that fits your needs, budget, and preferences like a glove! You can use the filters on Casita’s website to adjust the price range, duration of stay, room type, and location and find results accordingly. There is also a compare feature that allows you to see the pros and cons of options that you can’t choose between. A tailored experience and accommodation indeed!

Expectations vs. Reality

Friendly, Multilingual, Round-The-Clock Team

Expectations: No company that offers free service would have a team working 24/7 to answer all your questions, right? Probably Casita is just bluffing. 

Reality: Casita does, in fact, have a hand-picked team of well-trained, multilingual accommodation experts that help students find the perfect accommodation wherever they want and according to their own preferences and needs. The team is available 24/7 and operates globally from different areas of the world. You can reach the team via Webchat, Whatsapp, Email, or even contact them directly over the phone. 

Safe Rooms

Expectations: It is hard to maintain safety and security and be certain that students will be safe in any accommodation they choose across the globe. There is no certainty or guarantee of safety at any of the properties offered by Casita. Well, let’s discuss that!

Reality: Our rooms and accommodation options are carefully selected to ensure the students’ maximum safety and comfort. Landlords and student accommodation providers are thoroughly vetted and meticulously chosen to guarantee students’ security at all times. 

There are a lot of things you should know about Casita, reasons parents trust Casita, and benefits of renting a student room with Casita, as a lot of expectations come with trying something new, whether it’s a dish, a product, or a service. However, it is imperative that the reality either lives up to your high expectations or debunks your less-than-stellar expectations. At least that’s what we hope Casita does for you and your expectations! 


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