A Guide to Goldsmiths University of London

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19 June, 2023

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Goldsmiths University of London is among the highest-ranking universities in London and ranks high worldwide; in addition to its high quality of education, the university attracts many students worldwide. Once you have successfully been admitted to Goldsmiths University of London, Casita can always help you find your perfect Goldsmiths University of London student accommodation and other nearby London student hall options. In this guide, we’ll list everything you need to know about the Goldsmiths University of London in a guide to Goldsmiths University of London.

Why Study at Goldsmiths University of London

Goldsmiths University of London is part of the prestigious higher education institution called the University of London. It is a research university, in which each year, Goldsmiths University of London attracts an average of 10,000 students, of whom approximately 20% are international students. International students are essential to the programmes offered as it creates an enjoyable and diverse environment.

 According to the QS World University Rankings, Goldsmiths University of London ranks high among the top universities in the world, with its rank standing at 511-520 worldwide. Some of the university’s highest-ranking subjects include Communication and Media Studies, with a rank of 11 worldwide in the QS World University Ranking By Subject, Art History at a world subject rank of 12, Art and Design at a world subject rank of 22, and Performing Arts at a world subject rank off 44. The university also has a rich history and a list of famous alums, which will later be discussed.

The university’s location is also surrounded by various options for student accommodation near the university. Some of our top pics for nearby Goldsmith University of London accommodation includes AXO New Cross, a five-minute walk from the campus.

 Goldsmiths University of London


Goldsmiths has a rich history spanning over 200 years; the university’s site was initially a boys’ boarding school in 1792, and upon its closure, the Royal Naval School bought the site in 1838. The building was later acquired by the City Livery Companies and became the Goldsmiths’ Company Technical Recreative Institute in 1889. 

The new institute provided education to the working class of England. When the new School of Art was established, the institute started to focus on Fine Arts. It was in 1904 that Goldsmiths’ College joined to be part of the University of London.


Regarding employability, a research study shows that the postgraduates of Goldsmiths University of London had a 90% employability rate. The university also has a career centre that helps students to enhance their interview skills, CV tips and tricks, and facilitates networking across various industries.

Departments and Divisions

There are various departments and divisions available at Goldsmiths University of London, which offer different undergraduate and postgraduate study options; these include the following departments:

  • Anthropology

  • Art

  • Centre for Academic Language and Literacies

  • Computing

  • Confucius Institute for Dance and Performance

  • Design

  • Educational Studies

  • English and Creative Writing

  • History

  • Institute for Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship

  • Institute of Management Studies

  • Law

  • Media, Communications and Cultural Studies

  • Music

  • Politics and International Relations

  • Psychology

  • Social, Therapeutic and Community Studies

  • Sociology

  • Theatre and Performance

  • Visual Cultures

From the departments available, we can see that Goldsmiths places a heavy focus on the arts and social sciences.

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Facilities and Resources

Goldsmiths University of London offers a wide range of facilities and resources which ensures the best possible study experience. The university provides facilities, including facilities to create, places for eating, learning spaces, student support facilities, and places to socialise after or between lectures. Some of the facilities offered include:

Teaching Spaces

Teaching spaces come in a wide range of formats, which include differently sized classrooms depending on the subject’s needs or activity needs. These teaching spaces also feature smaller classrooms for a more focused study experience providing one-to-one teaching. Teaching 

spaces also host workshops and seminars.


There are various libraries available at Goldsmiths University of London, which include upper stairs and a lower-stairs library. In total, these two libraries have vast resources, which include 300,000 books, 7000 prints, e-journals, and various online resources covering all of their study areas.

Additionally, these libraries have a help desk with a devoted librarian to help assist you with finding your required materials; you do not have to visit the library in person; however, if you need help, you can also contact the staff via email. The downstairs library has its own social space to help you take a break which includes a social area and a cafe. The Goldsmiths library also has various study areas which provide you with the best experience for a focused study session as well as computers.

Centre for Academic Language and Literacies

The Centre for Academic Language and Literacies allows students to enhance their English in case it is not their first language. Some of the skills taught in this centre include academic writing, presentation skills, and more English-related skills. The centre offers programmes during the summer and autumn terms.

 Goldsmiths University of London

Social Areas

The facilities provided at the Goldsmiths University of London are not just for academic purposes, as the university also focuses on the student’s experience throughout the study journey. With that said, the university provides various social areas where students can meet and interact with other students. Some of these social areas include:

Thirty Five Café

The Thirty Five Cafe is a nice and cosy cafe in the heart of the Hogart Building, part of the university’s campus. This cafe offers everything from quick bites to delicious coffee. Food and beverage options in the cafe include sandwiches, salads, hot meals, cakes, and coffee by Costa Coffee. Many students also prefer to study in the cafe while enjoying a quick bite and a coffee.

Communal Areas

There are various communal areas available for students throughout the campus, which include both indoor and outdoor spaces. The communal area in the Professor Stuart Hall Building is among the most popular on campus. This multi-storey communal area contains comfortable seating options, from couches to lounge chairs and tables. The communal area in the Professor Stuart Hall Building offers breathtaking views of the outdoor nature thanks to its large glass windows, which span the three floors allowing in lots of natural sunlight.

The communal area in the Professor Stuart Hall Building mainly serves the following departments: the Department of Media, Communications, and Cultural Studies, the Institute of Management Studies, and the Institute for Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship. The ground floor also has a vegan cafe which sells coffee and hot and cold food.

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College Green and Quad

Goldsmiths University of London has beautiful outdoor areas for students to enjoy, especially when the weather is nice. Among these outdoor areas is the College Green which is a lovely green area at the heart of the campus and is also used for various activities such as the student union’s events and also where many of the student union’s sports clubs’ training take place. 

The Quad is another beautiful outdoor area in the heart of the campus and features outdoor sitting areas and benches with tables for you to study in the open air, socialise, or enjoy a nice meal and a coffee.

Creative Studios and Suites 

For creative studies, Goldsmiths University of London features creative studios and suites, which include various art studios consisting of nine specialised studios covering a wide range of materials. Other creative spaces include:

  • Darkrooms used by the Department of Media and Design 

  • Design Fabrication Labs for ceramics, moulding, and casting work

  • Design Fabrication Labs for wood and general fabrication work

These creative spaces are offered among various other areas, which include design and editing studios, the George Wood Theatre, the Goldsmiths Centre for Contemporary Art, music studios, radio studios, and more.

How to Apply?

As a general rule, whether you are an undergraduate or a postgraduate student, you must first check the individual programme requirements. Once you have checked the programme requirements, start by preparing your personal statement, applying through UCAS, and attending the interview. Other requirements will include English language requirements, and for some cases, you must fulfil what is known as a “fitness to train” requirement for specific study types.

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Famous Graduates

Some of Goldsmiths University of London’s famous Alums include Damon Albarn, who is a singer, songwriter, and musician; Sam Taylor Johnson, who is a television producer; Princess Beatrice, who studied Bachelor of the Arts in History and History of Ideas. Other famous graduates include fashion designer Mary Quaint, Alex James, the bassist of the band Blur, and French actress and screenwriter Kalki Koechlin, among others. 

At Casita, we wish you the best of luck in your search for your perfect university, including Goldsmiths University of London; we would like to emphasise the importance of researching different universities, fields, and their requirements before applying. 

Once you have received your acceptance letter, you can always rely on Casita to find you your perfect Goldsmith University of London student accommodation or nearby London student halls depending on your application.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What Is the Acceptance Rate at Goldsmiths University of London?

The acceptance rate at Goldsmiths University of London is 16.23%; however, the offer rate is 60%. Being accepted into the university depends on several factors, such as your UCAS points.

2. Is Goldsmiths University of London Prestigious?

Goldsmiths University London ranks high among the top universities in the world, with its rank standing at 511-520 worldwide, according to the QS World University Rankings. The university is also known for having high academic standards as well as its creativity and innovation. The university’s link to the University of London for over a century also adds to its reputation.

3. What Is Goldsmiths University Good For?

Goldsmiths University London is known among the top research higher education institutions worldwide and is praised for its creativity, innovation, and its high quality of education. Among the most popular study fields in the university are social sciences, humanities, arts, and business, all offered on their South East London campus.


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