20 Best Cafes in Sheffield to Check Out

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Reem Mohamed

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05 April, 2023

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Sheffield is one of the UK’s major cities that has recently been dubbed an educational destination. Sheffield’s status as a study city is hugely due to its top-ranked universities and world-renowned institutions whose high quality of education attracts both local and international students. Additionally, Sheffield’s vibrant and busy student life greatly boosts the city’s reputation among students.

With 10% of the population being students, this is an ideal place to kick off your study abroad experience and enjoy yourself while you’re at it! Parks, libraries, restaurants, cafes, and various other student-friendly hangout spots are scattered throughout Sheffield. And since coffee shop culture is hugely popular among students, the city does not disappoint in this department. Below are the 20 best cafes in Sheffield for you to check out! 

20 Best Cafes in Sheffield

Whether you want to grab a cup of coffee and a delicious pastry, hang out with your friends, enjoy a good book, or catch up on your work and studies, a coffee shop is a perfect place for all of those things and more. As a student in the city, you need to familiarise yourself with all the best cafes in Sheffield that you can escape to throughout your stay. Here are our top 20 coffee shops in Sheffield!


1. Steam Yard

One of the best cafes in Sheffield is definitely Steam Yard; it’s so good, their pastries usually sell out by midday, so the earlier you get there the better! This Division Street hangout serves delicious quality coffee along with a variety of pastries and pies, with gluten-free options available as well! Cosy up at Steam Yard with a book or go over for brunch with friends and have a guaranteed good time! 

Address: Unit 1-2 Aberdeen Court, 97 Division Street, Sheffield, United Kingdom

Casita Rating: 4.5

2. Tamper

Another addition to our list of the top coffee shops in Sheffield is Tamper! Consistently voted as one of the best brunch spots in the city, Tamper not only serves the best coffee, but it also has a stunningly diverse food menu with both vegan and vegetarian options! This New Zealand and Kiwi cuisine-inspired coffee house is a Sheffield staple and boasts a great environment to relax, hang out, work, or simply just exist with your signature drink! 

Address: 149 Arundel Street Seller Wheel, Sheffield S1 2NU England

Casita Rating:  4.7

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3. 200 Degrees

Yet another great brunch spot that serves up delicious food next to its tasty speciality coffee is 200 Degrees, Sheffield. This Sheffield coffee house has a welcoming atmosphere that allows you to enjoy yourself and feel at ease while sipping on your favourite drink, hanging out with friends, or reading a good book. Needless to say, this is an absolute must-try and a great study cafe in Sheffield.

Address: 25 Division St, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield S1 4GE

Casita Rating: 4.1

4. The Grind

This is one of the best cafes in Sheffield by far! The Grind is an award-winning coffee shop that has been serving up delicious food, tasty pastries, and speciality coffee for over a decade. Located on Kelham Island, this Sheffield coffee shop is dog friendly, is a great breakfast spot, and has sandwiches and small foods served all day long, what a treat! 

Address: Cornwall Works, 3 Green Ln, Sheffield S3 8SJ

Casita Rating: 4.6

5. Kollective Coffee & Kitchen

Located near Sheffield Hallam University, this is one of the best cafes in Sheffield that function as a post-university student hangout or a pre-classes coffee spot! Known for its menu filled with international food items as well as its signature cheesecake, this is an ideal spot to gather with friends after an exhausting day on campus! 

Address: 1 Brown St, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield S1 2BS

Casita Rating: 4.2

6. HowSt

Also found near Sheffield Hallam University is HowSt, which is a Sheffield cafe that has an authentic British menu filled with delicious breakfast items, tasty pastries, and a wide variety of drinks, both caffeinated and not to satisfy all different tastes!  This spot is easily accessible, even during rush hours, and is known for its rapid and friendly service, its affordable prices, and its warm and welcoming atmosphere! 

Address: 46 Howard St, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield S1 2LX

Casita Rating: 4.8

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Grab yourself a freshly-brewed cup of coffee and a tasty pastry on your way to university from the famous HYGGE Cafe! This cafe in Sheffield is located in the city centre and has a stellar reputation that is mainly due to its lively atmosphere, its high-quality food and coffee, its friendly staff, and its study-friendly environment. HYGGE is a great place to unwind and enjoy delicious food! 

Address: 14 Fitzalan Square, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield S1 2AZ

Casita Rating: 4.6

8. Marmadukes

This is one of the best cafes in Sheffield that serve some of the most delicious baked delicacies in the city. Marmadukes attracts both locals and visitors to try the tarts, cakes, and scones, as well as the high-quality coffee and tea blends. Marmadukes also has a deli counter that is filled with delicacies and artisan bread, it is a must-try! 

Address: 22 Norfolk Row, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield S1 2PA

Casita Rating: 4.3

9. The Hidden Gem

True to its name, The Hidden Gem is truly a Sheffield hidden gem that you should definitely check out while in the city! This peaceful coffee spot has everything from a warm and welcoming atmosphere and a friendly staff to delicious food and even more delicious coffee and tea blends. The Hidden Gem is mostly known for its full English breakfast which is a cafe staple and a must-try for anyone in the city! 

Address: The Bents Green, Ringinglow Rd, Sheffield S11 7TB

Casita Rating: 4.8

10. Bragazzis

Head over to Bragazzis for a taste of Italian delicacies with a side of Italian coffee! Enjoy some pastries, calzones, focaccia, almond croissants, and many more Italian baked goods at one of the top coffee shops in Sheffield! Everything is freshly baked, brewed, and served for your convenience, and it is also a wonderful place to people-watch over a steaming cup of coffee or have brunch with your friends overlooking the city!

Address: 224-228 Abbeydale Rd, Nether Edge, Sheffield S7 1FL

Casita Rating: 4.5

best cafes in Sheffield

11. Victoria Junction

This 7-year-old independent cafe in Sheffield is an absolute must-try! Victoria Junction is known for its various concoctions of baked goods and speciality drinks. The cafe serves both hot and cold cuisines with dishes like a full English breakfast, jacket potatoes, and their signature perfectly-cooked hash browns. The coffee there is freshly ground and brewed and you can also sample some other drinks like ice cream teas. The desserts there are also to die for! 

Address: Arch 11 Wharf St, Sheffield S2 5SY

Casita Rating: 4.2

12. Lisboa Cafe & Patisserie

This Portuguese spot is one of the best cafes in Sheffield offering up a variety of artisan bread and pastries as well as hot and cold drinks, sandwiches, and Portuguese specialities. Lisboa Cafe is easily accessible, affordable, and an overall unique experience to be a part of while in the city. This spot is also student-friendly and has the perfect atmosphere to enjoy a book and a coffee, so give it a try! 

Address: 4 St Paul's Parade, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield S1 2JL

Casita Rating: 4.1

13. Fusion Organic Cafe

This is one of the cafes in Sheffield where you will be having coffee for a good cause! Located next to Freeman College, this coffee shop trains young adults with learning disabilities and all the revenues go back to the college to help further their training! You can sample this cafe’s home-cooked organic seasonal food that creates the perfect blend between local products and global styles and flavours. This cafe has a menu that rotates every quarter and it also has tasty coffee and other beverages!

Address: 74 Arundel St, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield S1 2NS

Casita Rating: 4.5

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14. Couch

Known for its delicious brownies and avocado-based dishes, this is one of the top coffee shops in Sheffield where you can grab a good cup of coffee! This cafe not only serves varieties of coffee and tea, but it also serves beer and wine. At Couch, the staff is friendly and the atmosphere is cosy and welcoming! 

Address: 29-31 Campo Ln, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield S1 2EG

Casita Rating: 4.6

15. The Rhubarb Shed

This is a must-visit cafe in Sheffield that caters to all tastes and has vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options! It is a great spot to have brunch with your friends, enjoy some quiet downtime with a book, or simply go there just to be! As one of the best cafes in Sheffield, The  Rhubarb Shed is also available to book for afternoon tea. 

Address: 389 Manor Ln, Sheffield S2 1UL, United Kingdom

Casita Rating: 4.9

16. The Treehouse Board Game Cafe

As one of the best and most unique coffee shops in Sheffield, Treehouse offers guests full access to over 800 tabletop games, at £6 per person for a four-hour session or £3 for two hours (half price for under 16s, free for under fives). Not only will you enjoy your time and entertain your competitive spirit there, but you’ll also get to have delicious, locally-sourced food and some of the best coffee in the city! 

Address: 41 Boston Street The Tree House Board Game Cafe, Sheffield S2 4QF England

Casita Rating: 4.9

17. The Depot Bakery

This quaint little coffee house and bakery is a dream for those who like to take their coffee with a side of delicious baked goodness. At The Depot Bakery, the smell of freshly-baked bread and brewed coffee attracts visitors from miles away and is always worth it in the end! This Sheffield cafe also serves delicious food and has the perfect charming and comfortable atmosphere that everyone seems to love! 

Address: 92 Burton Road, S3 8DA

Casita Rating: 4.4

18. Motore Cafe

This is a mobile cafe run from the back of a van that can be found on midweek days on Howard Street. You can tell that this cafe has a real passion for coffee and it keeps it local by sourcing its own blends from Sheffield’s master coffee roaster, Pollards. Motore Cafe might be small, mobile, and not as diverse in its offering as others on this list, but it is definitely worth a spot as one of the best cafes in Sheffield!

Address: Howard Street, S1 2LW

Casita Rating: 4

19. Cafe #9

This is a proper neighbourhood cafe where you can very easily lose track of time while reading a book, competing in a friendly game of chess, or enjoying a set of live music. Cafe #9 is a great spot to indulge in  tasty delicacies and even tastier coffee and just let yourself be. This is an underrated cafe in Sheffield, but it is definitely worth your time! 

Address: Nether Edge Road, S7 1RU

Casita Rating: 4.3

20. South Street Kitchen

Your favourite coffee as well as brunch and breakfast dishes with a Middle Eastern flare await you at South Street Kitchen. This might be a small and wholesome place, but it’s also one of the best cafes in Sheffield. It is bright, fresh, and welcoming and serves a number of vegetarian dishes in a friendly ambience. The coffee there is excellent, and their service and views are even more impressive! 

Address: 19-20 South Street, S2 5QX

Casita Rating: 4.7

Fuel your caffeine needs and enjoy yourself while you’re at it at the best cafes in Sheffield. Make sure you make the best of your study experience in the city and explore all the top coffee shops in Sheffield and the best places to hang out with friends, enjoy some peace and quiet, or have a killer cup of coffee! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which cafes in Sheffield are the best for brunch?

The best cafes in Sheffield to grab brunch include Tamper, The Hidden Gem, Bragazzis, and The Grind Cafe. 

What are some of the best cafes in Sheffield?

Some of the best cafes in Sheffield include Steam Yard, Tamper, 200 Degrees, and The Grind. 

Are there study cafes in Sheffield?

Most coffee shops in Sheffield are great for studying and have the ideal atmosphere to catch up on work. These cafes include HYGGE, Steam Yard, Marmadukes, and 200 Degrees. 

Where do you get the best coffee in Sheffield?

Of the numerous great cafes in Sheffield, you can get the best coffee from Tamper, Steam Yard, and 200 degrees.


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