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Adelaide City Guide for Students


30 November, 2022


9 mins read

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By Samir Badawy

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Adelaide City Guide for Students


30 November, 2022


9 mins read

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By Samir Badawy

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If you’ve decided to study in Adelaide, you’re in for a fun adventure. The city combines all the perks of being a coastal city while providing the benefits of residing in a big and modern city. At Casita, the student housing company, we will provide you with an Adelaide city guide that will help you know more about the city, things to do, and everything concerning Adelaide student accommodation.

First, let's know a bit about Adelaide.

About Adelaide

Adelaide is a coastal city in South Australia, it's got amazing coastal weather that’s almost Mediterranean-like. It is the capital of South Australia, thus having an important business district, government buildings, and an important business district. It is named after the queen consort of king William the fourth, Queen Adelaide. The modern city was established in 1836. The land is home to the native Kaurna people and was initially called Tarntanya. The city has the river Torrens flowing through it, giving it a very fertile soil which allowed lots of nature to flourish in this city. The city’s peak seasons are Spring and Autumn.

Adelaide is packed with adventure, from its beautiful land reserves, beautiful beaches, and Victorian-styled buildings. At Casita, the student housing company we aim to make your stay in Adelaide as easy as possible by providing more details on the city through our Adelaide city guide.

Adelaide Guide for Students

Top Things to Do in Adelaide

In this portion of the Adelaide city guide, we will list the best activities to do in Adelaide and the best places to do those activities.

Go Shopping in Adelaide’s Biggest Shopping Malls and Centres

Adelaide is full of big malls and shopping strips, offering everything from delicious food to shopping for all your daily needs as well as buying all of your clothes, cosmetics, etc. These malls are great for a fun day out or a shopping day.

Listed below are some of the city's best malls and shopping strips!

1. Rundle Mall

It is an open-air mall featuring 700 outlets, 300 service centres, and three major department stores. It is near major museums and cultural sights and is considered an important cultural landmark, with the mall containing lots of Artwork. This mall is also home to some of the city’s most significant events, including Tasting Australia and ADL fashion week. It is ideal for a fun night out or a fun shopping day. It’s got Romeo’s Foodland, Kmart, Grab N go, Adidas, H&M, and Footlocker among many other stores.

2. Adelaide Arcade 

This mall is a covered mall and is the oldest in the city dating back to 1885. It is an exquisite mall packed with history and even a museum. It’s got multiple luxurious shops and is near Rundle mall.

3.  The Parade Norwood

The Parade is a shopping centre near the CBD (Central Business District) it offers various shops for all your shopping needs and lots of excellent restaurants, cafes, and bakeries. The number of shops makes it a fantastic spot to experience many different cuisines and fine eats.

4. Westfield Marion

This shopping centre is on Diagonal road and offers everything from shopping, food, and beverage, to convenience and entertainment. It also hosts events during holidays. It has Aldi and Big W, Krispy Kreme, the official Lego store, Nando’s and Pizza Hut among many other stores.

5. Port Adelaide Plaza Shopping Centre

This shopping centre has some of the biggest retailers including Aldi, Kmart, and Coles. It's also got some of the most well-known restaurants in town including Nando’s and TGI Fridays.

6.  Welland Plaza Shopping Centre

This shopping centre is located on Port road and has lots of excellent shops and restaurants, these include Cole’s and Dan murphy’s as well as KFC and sushi train.

Adelaide City Guide for Students

Enjoy The Beach

Adelaide has some of the best beaches that are great for swimming, snorkelling, or surfing. To break away from the usual daily routine, kick back, and enjoy the beach. Most beaches also have charming cafes and restaurants next to them. Listed in this Adelaide city guide portion are some of the best beaches to visit. 

1.  Glenelg

Glenelg is the most famous beach in Adelaide, it is not only family-friendly but also close to the city centre, with tram access. Cafes and restaurants surround it because it is next to the packed Jetty road.

2. Brighton

Brighton is an excellent and cosy beach that is very similar to Glenelg, it has a nice pier and comes with many fantastic cafes and restaurants. 

 3. Henley

Henley is a fantastic beach if you want a good swim and high-end food. It’s got a breathtaking shoreline that accommodates visitors from everywhere. This beach screams resort vibes that will leave you feeling like you’re on vacation.

Check out Adelaide’s Cultural, Historic, and Artistic Sights

Adelaide’s not only a beachside city it also has lots of history, culture, and historical monuments. Listed in this Adelaide city guide portion are some of the best cultural, historic, and artistic sights:

1. South Australian Museum

This museum features natural history, aboriginal pieces, and artefacts and is also used for scientific research as well as containing a library. It’s been operational for 150 years and is located in the Adelaide city centre.

2. Art gallery of South Australia

It is a visual arts gallery containing more than 47,000 works of art mainly from Australia, Europe, and Asia. It's one of Australia's most significant art collections and offers a unique experience as well as a cafe and conference room. 

3. MOD

MOD is a technology museum that is stunning and futuristic and presents unique scientific concepts. The University of South Australia operates it.

4.  Adelaide Festival Centre 

Adelaide Festival Centre is a performing arts centre with theatres hosting multiple performances from Ballet, theatre, and musical theatre to circus and comedy. This festival centre hosts numerous shows from all over the world.

Cultural, Historic, and Artistic Sights

Take Part in Adelaide’s Local Festivals

Adelaide witnesses significant local events all year round, these include the Santos tour down under, this is a cycling event that takes place in January. The Adelaide Fringe Festival lasts from February to March and has multiple acts from all over the world. The Adelaide Festival in March showcases various theatre productions for all theatre lovers. Tasting Australia is an event in the town square that lasts for ten days in May. Illuminate Adelaide is a light and sound event that takes place in July. The Ozasia event celebrates Australia’s Asian community and is a large Asian arts festival in November. In December, you can witness Australia’s largest motorsport event, Valo Adelaide 500.

Go Outdoors and Check out The Botanical Gardens

Adelaide has plenty of fun outdoor activities as the city’s beautiful landscape allows for hikes and stunning natural developments. One fun outdoor activity is Kayaking down the River Torrens which cuts through Adelaide. Or hike at the Morialta Conservation Park or the trail up Mount Lofty. You can also have a breathtaking stroll at the Adelaide Botanic Garden.

Keep reading our Adelaide city guide to learn more about the city.

Top Cafes in Adelaide

Sibling: 96 Gilles St, Adelaide

This cafe is the best in town, it is well known for its coffee and food menu and the beans selected are of high quality and vegan options.

Exchange Speciality Coffee:12/18 Vardon Ave, Adelaide

This cafe uses local dairy and high-quality beans and has a diverse coffee menu.

Elementary Coffee:9-17 Young St, Adelaide

This cafe is consistent and offers high-quality coffee at a reasonable price.

My Grandma Ben: 5 Third St, Bowden

This cafe is about sustainability, it has fantastic coffee, a small but delicious breakfast menu and a working area.

Coffee by The Beans: 394 Henley Beach Rd, Lockleys

Coffe by the beans is a small cafe that has slowly become one of the local favourites, it is near the seaside and serves delicious coffee.

 Cafes in Adelaide

Top Restaurants in Adelaide

Listed in this Adelaide city guide portion are the top restaurants to try in Adelaide:


This restaurant serves fabulous Mediterranean and North African food, along with its unique dishes also have shared plates perfect to sample different plates.

Osteria Oggi 

This Italian restaurant specialises in Pasta and is known for its beautiful style, creating the perfect dining experience.

Gondola Gondola

This restaurant serves delicious Vietnamese food and has Vietnamese-inspired interiors. It also serves numerous dishes from many Asian countries.

Parwana Afghan Kitchen

This restaurant serves terrific Afghan dishes, the interiors are decorated with vintage Afghan decor and the food comes with various spices and aromas giving it a unique taste. 

Magill Estate

This Australian restaurant offers a seven-course tasting menu of various Australian dishes. The restaurant offers fantastic views, overlooking vineyards. 

Top Markets in Adelaide

In this Adelaide city guide bit, we will discuss the top markets in Adelaide, including the Adelaide Central Market which is the most known in the city and offers fresh local produce, similarly, you could also buy local-fresh products at the Farmer’s market. Other markets include Giles on the ground, a hip place that attracts fashion designers and serves delicious food. Flinders st Market is full of vintage and secondhand products which is ideal for thrifting. Stirling market is an open market selling locally made handmade products and delicious food. Adelaide has plenty of many other local markets that host various fairs and events.

Travel to Adelaide

How to Travel to Adelaide

Travelling to Adelaide can be confusing for first-timers, in this Adelaide city guide part, we will list down all transportation methods to reach Adelaide.

1. Car

Adelaide is an eight-hour drive from Melbourne, and from Sydney, it's a 14-hour drive. Melbourne is the closest city to Adelaide at a distance of 665 km.

2. Internal Flights

The most comfortable travel option is through domestic flights, Melbourne is less than an hour away, Sydney is an hour and ten minutes away and Brisbane is an hour and forty-five minutes away.

3. Overseas Flights

Adelaide has an airport accepting international travel and deals with many airline companies, including Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, Emirates, and Malaysian airlines.

4. Train

There are three train travel options to Adelaide, one is the Overland from Melbourne, the other is the Ghan which runs between Adelaide and Darwin passing through Alice Springs and the third is the Indian-Pacific line which goes through Perth, Adelaide, and Sydney.

5. Bus

Bus travel is possible between Melbourne and Adelaide through firefly express.

Transportation in Adelaide

In this Adelaide city guide, we will list the most convenient commuting methods around the city.

1. Public Transportation

There are multiple options for public transport in Adelaide, these include the bus, tram, and metro. There is also a free city connector loop bus that runs until 6 pm. This bus passes all the historical and cultural sights.

2. Taxi and Uber

Hailing a cab or riding an uber is an option for those looking for a quick ride around the city.

3. Riding a Bike

Adelaide Free Bikes offers 500 free bikes to use for free to go around the city, this is the cheapest option.

4. Ecocaddy

Ecocaddy is an eco-friendly bus that goes on short trips.

Neighborhoods in Adelaide

Top Neighborhoods in Adelaide

Whether on the beach side, near the city centre or in other neighbouring suburbs, each suburb has its unique perk. In this Adelaide city guide bit, we will list the top neighbourhoods for students.

North Adelaide

This suburb is a top student destination, it is close to the CBD and has fantastic cafes and restaurants as well as unique hangout spots. It is also close to multiple universities including the University of Adelaide and the University of South Australia.

Black Forest

This suburb is known for its extensive walkways, there is also lots of greenery. It’s a popular student destination for its proximity to many university campuses. It is also not distant from the CBD and is a 30-minute bus ride to the city centre.


This suburb is known for its distinct Victorian-style architecture and is close to the CBD and various colleges and university campuses. It is close to The University of Adelaide and The University of Adelaide College.


This suburb offers impressive ocean views and offers lots of beautiful scenery, it is more distant from the city centre compared to other options, however, it is still close to Flinders University.


This suburb is home to resorts, hotels, and beautiful cafes and restaurants which is ideal for a fun day out. It is further from the city centre being 36 minutes away by public transportation. It also is close to some universities including The University of Adelaide College, Torrens University, Adelaide campus and the University of Adelaide.

 Libraries in Adelaide

Top Libraries in Adelaide

Adelaide being a top student destination, comes with unique libraries to tend to your studying needs, these libraries come packed with resources and various rooms. In this Adelaide city guide portion, we will list the top libraries in Adelaide.

Adelaide City Library

This library is located by Rundle place near Rundel mall. It’s ideal for studying while having access to many cafes and stores nearby.

State Library of South Australia

This state-owned library is packed with history and was built in the 19th century and has a beautiful Victorian style. It is a library and an attraction to locals and tourists alike.

North Adelaide Public Library

This Public library is on Tynte street and has multiple conference rooms, a reading room, and a library service.

Hutt Street Library

This library offers community centre programs, meeting rooms, and many other facilities and resources.

Fun Facts About Adelaide

Adelaide is called the 20-minute city due to its exceptionally efficient transportation network. It is also home to the most enormous glasshouse and is a vital food hub with some of the region's best food. It also has the most extensive Aboriginal artefact collection. 

At Casita, we offer multiple options for your perfect Adelaide student accommodation. We provide a free service and constant support to ensure that our students get a hassle-free experience from when they enquire until they move in. Feel free to contact our multilingual and expert staff members to enquire about Student accommodation in Adelaide.


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