Exploring the O-Week at Adelaide Universities

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Noha Hatata

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20 February, 2020

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Studying in a new university is a great experience, but if you’re studying abroad, it is both exciting and a little nerve-wracking. If you choose to study at a university in Adelaide, Australia, then you will definitely enjoy your new experience, and O-Week is one of those experiences you will surely love. 

What is the O-Week at Adelaide Universities?

O-Week is an academic orientation week. It is a welcoming event held for a whole week to make sure that students -especially international ones like you- get to explore their new campus, get acquainted with their new environment and make new friends. Universities offer several programs and schedules to help international students with their student accommodation, studies and activities.

Here is a quick guide to what you should know about the planned programs of some of the top universities and colleges in Adelaide. 

1- University of Adelaide

Orientation week starts at Adelaide University on the 24th of February till the 28th of February. International student welcome starts on the 19th and lasts till the 21st of February. It is a special welcome with many activities to do like; sessions about your stay, students lunch, trips in Adelaide to discover the beautiful city and a campus tour.

As a foreign student, your orientation will be focused on getting to know Adelaide city and the university, understand everything about immigration, visas and customs, discuss health cover, accommodation, academic policies and enrolling yourself into your favourite club and sports team. The university staff will help you stay in contact with your family back home and make sure you do all of your arrival checklists. You will also get to discover that there’s a specialized international student support office that is willing to help and answer all your questions.

Your main welcoming event after the welcome session will include lots of fun activities to do, with sessions to get to know your new campus and a campus tour. You will even enjoy free lunch in between and get to attend events organized by multiple clubs and sports teams. Choose your major, and you will get a complete planner of what are the activities that are planned for you.

Why You Should Never Miss The O-Week at Adelaide University?

We recommend you attend at least one welcome talk, the campus tour and your faculty day. If you’re an international student, make sure you attend the Working While Studying in Australia and Aussie Culture sessions on Friday 21st to get all the information you need about your stay.

Student attending O-week together

2 - University of South Australia

The University of South Australia offers different special welcoming programs according to your studying level, whether it’s undergraduate programs, postgraduate programs, international students, and study abroad /exchange students

International students get a special briefing about their stay, and there are other briefings that include all nationalities. The date and time differ according to your faculty and major.

Before you start attending the O-Week events in South Australia University, you need to set yourself up with UniSA Ready by visiting this link.

Why You Should Never Miss The O-Week at The University of South Australia?

If you’re a foreign student, you should never miss the international student welcome reception on the 24th of February, 3:00 PM as there will be a ‘Welcome to Country’ from a Kaurna elder, and an address from a senior academic leader. It is vital that you attend because you’re going to get all the important information about Australian culture and Adelaide city. It is the perfect opportunity to settle in and enjoy the company of other students.

3- Flinders University

Welcome Hub at Flinders University starts on the 24th of February; it is responsible for helping new students every day during O-week from 10 AM to 3 PM. You can get help with everything you need to know about the university and learn about many programs that Flinders University provide in the O-week, like Oasis Wellbeing Centre, health care, accessibility, careers and employment options. You also get to know more about the central library, Yunggorendi Student Engagement, the student learning center, parking and transport.

You can also plan your personalized orientation program according to what suits you by visiting this planner link.

Why You Should Never Miss The O-Week at Flinders University?

Tours to the city and the beachside suburb of Glenelg that the university organizes are the perfect chance to discover everything beautiful about Adelaide city. If you’re coming from abroad, try not to miss the International students welcome on the 27th of February, and don’t forget to book your welcoming sessionThis session is the perfect setting to meet other students and make Flinders University your new home. 

Student Group Studying Together

If you choose to study in Adelaide city and if it is your freshman year, we recommend you don’t miss on the students’ activities programs your university organizes. Those activities will help you feel like this is your home and develop your personality; they are full of opportunities, events, and fun. 

The O-Week event at your university will help you learn about what to expect for your stay, study, and what are possibilities of your future. For international students, it is perfect for you to break the ice, make new friends, decide your new favourite places in Adelaide city, and enjoy the company of other multinational students who have the same aspirations as you. It is where you learn how to get the best out of your college years while preparing you to have a clear vision for your future.


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