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5 Student Discount Cards Every UK Student Should Have

5 Student Discount Cards Every UK Student Should Have
Created By: Ola Elwassifyon 26 September, 2018

The best years of your life at university won't come without their costs. While living in student accommodation in the UK, you have probably heard of some student discount cards that could save you money. These student deals in the UK are available for travel, shopping, food, and even outings and music gigs.

International students in the UK buy student cards from high-street stores and restaurants, or online. Amazon, Apple Topshop, and Nando's are all big retailers who offer a discount to students. It roughly costs £10-30 depending on which type of card the student is buying for the best student discounts in the UK

1. NUS Card

NUS extra card is £12 for the year and it is estimated that any student could save up to £500 per year with this card. It entitles students to special discounts in a lot of major high-street stores. Some places might accept it even as an official ID since it will have your photo and date of birth. 

2. UNiDAYS Card

It is widely used as it is one of the free student discount cards, offering online and in-store discounts. Depending on which store you are in, UNiDAYS can get you from 10% up to 50% discount at some of the leading brands and retailers, like Asos, Benefit, and Bella Italia.

3. 16-25 Railcard

If the best way to get to and from your university is UK trains, a young person's railcard is worth investing in. 16-25 railcards are just £30 per year and they save you 1/3 of a wide range of tickets. It is estimated to save you £192 or more per year. 

4. 18+ Student Oyster Card:

This popular student travel card offers 30% off adult-rate travelcards, bus tickets, and tram tickets. You only need to be living in London, over 18, and enrolled in a course with a university or college. 

5. Tesco Clubcard & Nectar Card

These two cards are not particularly for students but they will surely save you a lot of money. They work with point collection systems, so whenever you collect points, you can trade them for vouchers or get discounts. Tesco will guarantee vouchers with its partners, like Pizza Express, Cineworld and Uber. Nectar Card will get you points while shopping at Argos, Debenhams, Sainsbury's and other retailers. 

Share with us your experience with student discount cards in the UK. To save more money, you can also check our 6 Ways to Reduce Cost of Living in the UK blog. 

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