Student Discount Cards Every UK Student Should Have

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Aiten Nadeem

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21 November, 2023

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The three or four years in university are the best and most memorable years of a person’s life. Meeting new people, exploring the city where you live, studying at your dream university, and having a full development of your character—those are all what make your university years a life-altering experience.

Of course, those years are not all bright and easy; sometimes, they could be a little costly. That’s why, nowadays, student discount cards in the UK are an essential part of any student’s life. We know you could be on a budget most of the time, and we thought we could help you save some extra money!

In this blog, we’ll list some student discount cards that could save you money and make your life much easier!



This student card is available for both teachers and students. It's widely popular among students as it’s free and offers online or in-store discounts for them. However, it’s generated through an app instead of a physical card; all you have to do is show your profile while checking out, and boom! You’ve got yourself a great deal. All of that happens within minutes, and you’ve guaranteed that your card won't get lost if it were physical. 

UNiDAYS has discounts on over 1500 brands in the UK and partnerships with huge brands like Apple, Prime Student, and Adidas. All you have to do is download the app, get your profile up and running, and enjoy various student offers in the UK. It’s that simple and free!

Totum Card

The card was initially known as the NUS student card in the UK. This student card is the second-best one after UNiDAYS, as it provides students with discounts on more than 350 brands, including fashion, travel, food and drinks, and technology.

All of that is free and offered through the website or the Totum Card app. However, access only lasts for a year on the free Totum student plan. Also, Totum Student+ is a paid membership with £24.99 for three years and £14.99 for a year. The plan offers the students premium discounts, a free Taste Card, a discount card that many restaurants in the UK accept, and a 12-month ISIC digital card.

This student discount card could be the best option for you. You’ll weigh your options and have the choice to enjoy free discounts or pay a little extra and save more later on. It’s a heavy ball to juggle, but you’re the winner either way!

International Student Identity Card (ISIC) 

The card was issued by students in 1953; it’s a non-profit membership organisation. The card is an internationally accepted proof of a student’s status, granting students thousands of discounts worldwide, and access to the student community internationally is accepted as well. 

ISIC operates in 130 countries and allows cards for students between the ages of 12 and 25. Whether you’re a school, college, or university student, you only need proof of full-time student status to register for the ISIC.

The card is not only limited to students; there are cards for teachers and youth, the ones who are no longer students but can still enjoy some benefits and discounts. ISIC costs vary depending on the country, between £4 and £25. Also, ISIC offers discounts on insurance, travel, and entertainment. This card could be helpful if you’re an international student who loves travelling and exploring new countries during your semester break!


Student Beans Card

Student Beans is a very top-rated saving app for students. It was established in 2005. The website finds exclusive deals for students on everything from fashion to many more. It partners with thousands of the world’s biggest brands in over 160 countries.

The website has 32 million student users. You can either use the Student Beans physical card in the store or online through a promo code to redeem your student deal in the UK. 

You can easily register on the app by verifying your student status with just a few clicks. The whole process doesn’t even last five minutes, and you'll be able to enjoy exclusive offers and discounts with numerous brands!

Student Beans could be one of the easiest and best student cards in the UK. So don’t miss such an opportunity to save your money and buy some luxurious stuff!

18+ Oyster Card

We understand that transportation could be a little costly for students who live far from their university; it could mess up their whole budget. Hence, the Oyster Card is a student travel card that saves 30% on adult-rate travel cards, bus, and tram tickets.

To be eligible for an 18+ Oyster Card, you have to be 18 or over, live in a London borough during the term, be enrolled in a school, college, or university on the TFL scheme, and finally be enrolled in a full-time or part-time course.

The registration process is a piece of cake; all you’re required to do is apply online once you’re enrolled in your college or university. You’ll provide them with an active email, your student enrollment ID, your London Borough address, and, lastly, a digital photo of yourself.

An administration fee of £20 will be paid. You’ll be relieved from such an everyday headache and witness the result of your savings in the long run! 


16-25 Railcard 

A young person’s railcard is the best option for students who commute to their schools on a daily basis using the train and is definitely worth the investment. This student travel card stands out from the rest, as it’s available for everyone aged between 16 and 25. 

In addition, it can save you 1/3 of a wide range of tickets for an average annual saving of £159. To access these advantages, you can pay just £30 per year or £70 for three years. Whatever you choose, you’re still the one winning and saving up all that cash!


Tesco Clubcard 

Although it’s not specifically for students, it’ll undoubtedly help you save some money. Weekly grocery shopping could be a little pricey for students, and sometimes, they could go on a very tight budget at the end of the month. Tesco Clubcard could erase such an issue.

By downloading the Tesco Grocery Clubcard app or signing up on the Clubcard website, you can collect points on food and fuel in-store or online, unlock deals and exclusive offers, and spend vouchers. You can use these vouchers through Tesco’s partners, including Pizza Express, Uber, and Disney+.

Tesco Clubcard could save you a whole month of groceries; you only need to download an app. Simple as that!

Nectar Card 

Nectar is a loyalty card scheme in the United Kingdom. This one is slightly different than the Tesco Clubcard. It’s a free card that works with a points collection system while shopping at Argo’s, Debenhams, Sainsbury’s, and other retailers. 

Nectar doesn’t let you commit to a single store; you have a variety of choices to choose from and save up from your preferred retailer.  You can also collect vouchers and spend them on eBay, Go Ape, Thrope Park, and many more. You can get both cards since they’re free and save even more money. Who would say no to that?

University Student ID Card 

While this may seem like a normal card, it’s actually essential for you as a student. Not only because it’s proof of your registration at a university and you might need it while on campus, but also because a lot of stores accept this card as a discount one. You can save yourself some money while treating yourself at the same time. Who knew such a basic card could bring you so many benefits?

Student Debit Card 

We know that this is not a student discount card. However, we highly recommend that you open a student bank account. We know it’s not the best money-saver in the world, but a bank account is equally helpful, and we know how much you need to save every penny! 

The student bank account often comes with an interest-free overdraft. This will be easy for you to use, and you won’t put yourself in any future debt.


We have taken you on such a ride through this blog. You now have a great idea about the best student discount cards in the UK. Now, we believe it’s your turn to choose the best option for you, depending on your income status, circumstances, and priorities. Know that whatever your choice is, the result is that you’ll save money!

We can’t forget other students living in countries other than the UK, so if you’re studying in Ireland or Australia, check out our blogs, “Best Student Discount Cards in Ireland” and “Benefits and Discounts for Students in Australia”. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Which student discount card is the best in the UK?

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Tatum Card, previously known as NUS, is the number one student discount card.

What do you need to do to get a student discount in the UK?

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Some retailers only need your student ID.

How do students get student discounts?

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College students can receive discounts from numerous local and national businesses on various goods and services.