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Find the best student rooms in Brazil

Select the city where you are going to study from the below options. Finding your perfect student home has never been easier!

Student Accomodation in Brazil

Brazil is the largest country in South America and the fifth-largest nation in the world. It is known for its delicious cuisine, stunning beaches, rainforests, diverse cities, samba dance, and national football team. The country’s beautiful nature will surely fascinate you, as around 60% of the Amazon Rainforest is in Brazil. The country attracts people from all over the world, including beach lovers. Brazil's natural beauty and cultural integrity are among several factors that draw tourists. At Casita, we offer various options for student accommodation in Brazil. 

Casita Student Residences in Brazil

Casita offers affordable student housing in Brazil with a wide range of options to suit students' needs. Laundry, cleaning services, an on-site management team, all-inclusive bills, catering, outdoor areas, and many more services and facilities can be found within our Brazil student accommodation options.

Check out our most popular student accommodation in Brazil:

Selina Copacabana

Selina Copacabana is a student accommodation in Rio de Janeiro that offers its students community rooms. The building is located in a super vibrant and live area, among the locals and travellers. There, you are surrounded by beautiful beach scenes, and amazing local fashion and furniture stores. Some of the offered facilities include  a cinema room, free Wi-Fi, cafe, social events, volunteering opportunities, pet friendly, library, common kitchen, coworking space, beach-front restaurant, and a rooftop bar with gorgeous sea views.

Selina Aurora São Paulo

This beautiful student accommodation in São Paulo is 19 mins walkaway from Central São Paulo. The bbuilding provide its students with several facilities, including free Wi-Fi, social events, live music, restaurant, wellness area, shared kitchen, parking, library, and movie room. The property is also pet-friendly. 


If you are looking for an entire place for student accommodation in São Paulo, then you should definitely check the amazing Cozy Stunning House w/ Pool + Backyard we offer. 

Booking a Student Room with Casita

Book your student accommodation in Brazil in just three easy steps.

1. Explore

Browse more than a million rooms in 60 different countries, decide where you want to study, and look into your student accommodation options.

2. Discover.

Utilise our excellent filters to find the ideal room for you. Select your desired room type, budget limit, and even amenities. 

3. Secure

Fill out the form and reserve your room by clicking the "Enquire" button. Our accommodation experts will get in touch with you to help you finalise your booking.

Popular Cities in Brazil

São Paulo

São Paulo is the capital of the state of São Paulo and the most populous city in Brazil. It is also the largest Portuguese-speaking city in the world. The city is a popular tourist destination as it has various cultural institutions and a rich architectural tradition. Also, it is a popular student city as it includes more than 500 educational institutions, most of which are top-ranked on the QS scale. Festivals and events in the city attract people from all over the world to the city.

Rio de Janeiro

Brazil’s second-most populous city and one of its largest economic centres is Rio de Janeiro, or simply Rio. It is a huge seaside city with various stunning beaches and several festivals. Rio is one of the most visited cities in Brazil. The city is famous for its natural settings, carnival, samba, bossa nova, and Balneario beaches such as Barra da Tijuca, Copacabana, Ipanema, and Leblon.

Brazil Student Accommodation

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