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UK: Is University Education Enough for Better Workforces?

clock iconCreated At:02 October, 2017
write iconCreated By:Ola Elwassify

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Access to higher education in UK universities was made easier in recent years. However, the notion saying that success goes beyond university grades and graduation projects is being spread now. The Queen Mary University of London claims that their graduates lack personal success and social collaborations that meet their actual abilities and set qualifications that can be more beneficiary. In other words, students' educational qualifications and talents could serve numerous and various potential purposes, but the jobs they get do not necessarily meet their aspirations.

A Russel Group member based in the east end of London, QMUL, is adopting a new model for undergraduate education, specializing 10% of the syllabus to acquiring skills and enhancing leadership in their characters to impact positively on their future. The new modules will be covering entrepreneurship, creative thinking, networking, communications, cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural critical thinking and global perspectives.

Also, a partnership with employers will be present to equip the students with the skills that the work environment demands. The workforces are showing enthusiasm and interest in applying these new modules. Some universities offer these modules as extra-curricular opportunities, whereas these modules should be available to all students. Employers are interested in this new notion to lift the level and quality of the workers up and to shape a new future for the youth.


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