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The Labour Party Vows to Establish a NES

clock iconCreated At:28 September, 2017
write iconCreated By:Ola Elwassify

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The Labour Party’s annual conference was set in Brighton this year. Their 2017 election manifesto postulated a pledge to construct a National Education Service (NES) to start a "cradle to grave" system. The party's vision aims at making education a right, not a privilege. The principles that support the NES were outlines by the Shadow Education Secretary, Angela Rayner.

“Education informs. It inspires. And it empowers. Because knowledge is power. I know that from my own life.” Rayner added. She also issued some statements accusing the Conservatives of being unable to achieve manifesto pledges to open new free schools and provide free school breakfasts. “They’re binning their manifesto; we are building on ours.” as she explained. The Labour also promised to nationalize railways, water, energy and Rail Mail.

The party also vows to write off tuition fees and committed itself to making education free to permit everyone to invest in a lifelong education. They will be tackling all the barriers to learning in the UK integrated with other public services.

However, the Conservative Party's conference is not far. It will take place in Manchester on Sunday the 1st of October until Wednesday the 4th. It will be split between the Manchester Central and the Midland Hotel. The public will be waiting to see the Conservatives response to Labours.


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