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Fitzwilliam College Earns a New Environmental Award

clock iconCreated At:27 July, 2020
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On 21st July 2020, Fitzwilliam College announced that it won the Environmental Improvement Award, the second environmental award accredited to the college this year.

The college participated in the Green Impact initiative set by the University of Cambridge to encourage students, staff and other colleges to set productive plans to reduce human impacts on the environment. The initiative appoints multiple awards for successful plans starting from bronze, to silver, to gold awards. 

On 5th July 2020, after successfully completing a list of 95 criterion required for the Green Impact audit, Fitzwilliam College was awarded a Gold Award for its efforts. A large team of volunteers and staff participated in the program planned by the college. Auditors commented that the college took great actions to enhance green living and promote sustainability: "From promoting biodiversity to promoting more vegetarian and vegan diets to considering energy consumption and water use, the College has a clear aspiration for greener practices."  

Moreover, the passion of the staff and volunteers dedicated to the mission was praised by professors and professionals in the field, resulting in a second award within the same month. 

"An ongoing focus on sustainability has resulted in Fitzwilliam College winning two of the University's Green Impact Awards this year." Hero Chalmers, an environmental officer, commented. 

The Environmental Improvement Award was presented to Fitzwilliam College due to its innovative programme that offsets the carbon emissions stemming from all the college-supported travel.

The College's Environmental Committee recently approved a new policy in its program to use the help of Cool Effect, a non-profit organisation with a 13-year track record in carbon offsetting.

If you are interested in the Green Impact Initiative, you can email your queries to [email protected] or call 01223 330882 with any questions.


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