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Employers in Australia Prioritize FedUni Graduates

clock iconCreated At:07 October, 2019
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Federation University, Australia, received a 5-star rating in nine out of fourteen different categories, up from three top ratings the previous year. The new data shows that 77% of FedUni graduates land a full-time job, which is higher than the national average of 71.9%. Furthermore, their starting salaries are the 10th highest average in the country at $62,600, according to the released statistics.

Federation University gained a 5-star rating in seven more categories representing the overall experience of FedUni students, including skills development, student support, learning resources, quality of teaching, social equity, and student-teacher ratio. It was also named the top university in Australia for first-generation student enrolments; the results show that 44% of domestic students attending FedUni seeking a bachelor’s degree are actually the first to attend university in a generation.

There have been great transformations at the university recently as it restructured its programs and assigned new leadership in a number of positions that include 5 Deans and a Research and Innovation Deputy Vice-Chancellor. Earlier this year, the quality of research at the university was rated among world-class institutions in seven areas of study for the very first time by the Excellence in Research Australia (ERA).

Federation University’s rankings show the institute’s focus on training its students with skills that employers are looking for. Helen Bartlett, Vice-Chancellor and President Professor, said that "these outstanding results demonstrate the high-quality teaching and support we give our students to ensure they graduate with the skills employers want.”

"Many of our students are the first in their family to go to university and have overcome incredible challenges to do so. We know that with the right support they can succeed and transform their lives - and that is reflected in these results," she continued.

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