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Casita Attends Students' ICEF Dubai 2020

clock iconCreated At:13 February, 2020
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Students’ International Consultants for Education and Fairs - ICEF 15th edition 2020 was held in Dubai, where international education and service providers met with student recruitment agents from the Middle East, Africa, South Asia, and Turkey. It took place from February 10th till February 12nd in Jumeirah Emirates Towers. ICEF prides itself on being selective, so only top-notch agents and leading companies providing quality student services were attending. 

On the first day, seven to eight information seminars were held, discussing how to maximize your ICEF experience, student recruitment in MENA one way or another, and ICEF and MENA region statistics and findings. Gulf-oriented seminars were presented as well, to introduce international students’ expectations when studying overseas, Saudi Arabia quality trends and tendencies of MENA students, market shifts, and the King Abdullah Scholarship Program (KASP).

It is a region’s leading event for connecting with student recruitment agents, and as Casita cares about providing students from all over the globe with ideal student rooms, we participated in this event this year. Casita’s expertise and advanced support system are the key components that guarantee you a professional and committed partnership.

Our MENA partnerships manager, Sam Soliman, talked to agents and discussed how Casita could collaborate with them to help their students book their accommodation seamlessly. Taking into account that we have a dedicated team of accommodation experts and that agents are more into the university application processes, they discussed how these collaborations could benefit all the parties of the educational triangle at hand: Casita as the student accommodation provider, the university agent, and the international student.

As ICEF Dubai is the best way to meet a large number of education agents in one location, and as Casita being one of the leading international service providers, it gave agents solace that they finally get to have a trusted partner to offer their students high-quality student rooms within their budget around the globe.


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