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Approval Granted for 498 Student Beds in Sheffield

clock iconCreated At:28 February, 2023
write iconCreated By:Hagar Samir

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Sheffield has received planning permission on a brownfield site for 498 student beds and an 85-bed care home, and this is why it is good news. 

On Maltravers Road, east of the city centre of Sheffield and close to Sheffield Hallam University, there will be a purpose-built student accommodation scheme that is supported by Sama Investment Group, the UK's first regionally-focused Shariah-compliant real estate investment manager.

While the student block is made to handle 11 storeys in height and can contain 354 studios and 144 cluster rooms, the two schemes, which are dubbed in Parkhill Views, will have a 1.7-hectare plot.

In addition, the three-storey care home is separated from the students' rooms, giving them more privacy. 

Co-founder and chairman of Sama Investment Group, Bilal Ahmed, said, “This large, barren plot on Maltravers Road has long been an eyesore for locals.” 

He also added, “It's tremendous that Sheffield City Council has backed our plans to transform the site with attractive schemes for a new care home and purpose-built student accommodation. By housing some of Sheffield's 60,000 student population in large purpose-built facilities like Parkhill Views, we will help free up rental property in the city for other residents, which in turn will ease the housing crisis."

With the help of Axis Architecture, Sama Group managed to finish the scheme with no problems. They put together rooms in buildings that are full of amenities and features for students to make use of, including sports areas and a gym for students who are into sports. There is also a cinema to add entertainment while staying there. A laundrette and cycle storage are also available in each building, so students never have to worry about their clothes. 

Of course, the care home will also be full of amenities that are tailored to suit the people staying there. These amenities include having their own hair salon and a family room. There will also be a cafe and a restaurant for them to enjoy whenever they want. 


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