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Afghan Chevening Scholars to Start Their Studies on Date

clock iconCreated At:21 September, 2021
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On August 6th, a letter was sent to the Afghan scholars stating that the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office would defer their offers until 2022/23. This happened due to the British embassy in Kabul not being able to administrate the parts of the program that must be done in Kabul. However, the government has now assured the students that their journey will be processed as planned.

The process of students leaving the country after the Taliban took control is still not clear, as the only planes leaving the capital’s airport are the US ones. Still, as a matter of urgency, the UK prime minister has stated that the visas of around 35 Afghan students joining the UK’s Chevening Scholarship program this year will be prioritised.

On August 15th, Laurie Bristow, the UK ambassador, decided to stay in Kabul to process visa applications from the airport. However, It’s not determined if the visas of the Chevening scholars have been processed or not.

The administrations of both Sussex and London Metropolitan University have shown concerns about whether their students will be able to attend their school year in September or not. However, the government is working hard towards providing the necessary precautions.


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