What Should You Shop For This Christmas?

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Noha Hatata

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22 December, 2020

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Shopping this Christmas is very different from any other year, especially since you will most likely stay at home during Christmas. Therefore, your shopping list for this Christmas should consist of the games and activities you need to spend a fun holiday and relax. Here are some Christmas shopping ideas to make your holidays extra festive this year!

1. Christmas Home Outfits

Every Christmas we tend to splurge on fancy outfits to wear at the  Christmas party. This year choosing festive home wear and pyjamas to set up your Christmas mood is more essential! Pick some of the goofiest and amazing comfy clothes to enjoy the holiday spirit. An extra bonus is if you and family or friends pick the same themed outfit for extra fun. Hold a Christmas party online and enjoy a fun fashion show with your friends and family.

2. Do It At Home Kits

After staying at home much more this year, we all started to experiment DIY-ing everything we usually buy readymade. You can shop for interesting kits like special coffee making, hot chocolate kit, soap making kit, ornament painting kit, candle making and many other possibilities. Do It Yourself kits help you learn something new and special, and it is an amazing way to find activities to share with your family or your roommate!

3. Board Games

Nothing says holiday spirit more than board game fun with your loved l ones. Board games are everyone's favourite, and it is an amazing way to engage with other members of your family and friends. You can also go for fantasy theme board games, think Harry Potter and Jumanji, something that is imaginary and adventurous is the best!

4. TV-inspired Everything

Everyone had time to stay at home and binge-watch their favourite TV series for months which makes TV themed gifts very popular this year. You can find notebooks, outfits, mugs, phone covers and many other options that bring joy to those you want to surprise or yourself!

5. Extra Beautiful Christmas Decorations

This year everyone is becoming more creative than ever to bring that festive warmth to their homes. You can invest in some extravagant trends to make your Christmas decorations more special, some of these trends might include white Christmas trees and decorations, gold Christmas trees, and gradient coloured rainbow trees with sparkly ornaments that are super cheerful and unique. If you wish for more creativity, check out our blog "7 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Student Room for Christmas."

6. Christmas Inspired Dinner Sets and Mugs:

If you don't get to travel to visit your relatives for Christmas then no worries, invest in a festive Christmas theme dinner set and coffee mugs, your dinner will surely be extra special and delicious! It is also an opportunity to share the pretty pictures of your dinner in your pretty Christmas set with everyone to share the joy!

7. Planners and Organizers

Everyone is full of hope that 2021 will bring more love, peace and recovery to our world. Shopping for planners and organizers is now more popular than ever because we all want to plan for a better future, seize every moment to start fulfilling our dreams. Planners and organizers are a great gift for your loved ones and yourself!

8. Personalized gifts

Personalized gifts are the perfect way to show your special ones that you put a lot of thought and effort into making them happy. You can buy personalized mugs, picture frames, notebooks, phone cases, jewellery boxes or their favourite hobby/sports item.

This Christmas we are hopeful for a better year next year, that is full of opportunity and recovery. Always remind yourself of all the good things you learned this year, what you are grateful for and count the blessings that you may forget about once in a while. Shopping for Christmas this year can be anything from being fancy to on a budget, but it is surely exciting and will surely bring everyone the joy they deserve!


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