7 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Student Room for Christmas

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09 December, 2019

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The countdown has begun! Do Regular decorations satisfy your hungry Christmas spirit? With the holiday season on the horizon, it is time to spend some time decorating your student room. As your student room is now your private kingdom away from home, you probably wouldn’t like leaving dull during the holiday season. Splashing some Christmassy vibrant decorations will surely set the mood with positive vibes, and it’s actually scientifically proven! Psychologist Deborah Serani confirmed that decorating creates a neurological shift that produces happiness, as for Christmas decorations, she states that it “will spike dopamine, a feel-good hormone.” All those lights and colors increase energy levels, and that’s why we can’t help but smile when we first light up a Christmas tree!

While most student halls do not allow nailing pictures or decorations on the wall, there are multiple creative solutions to create your creative yet straightforward Christmas haven.

1. Try the ‘Candy Effect’

Regular Christmas trees are usually decorated using simple balls and star ornaments. While these regular shapes might feel nostalgic and essential, there are other creative ways to decorate your Christmas tree with your flatmates. Try adding candy-colored decorations to your tree, or better yet, add in a mix of real candies. Try adding a Nestle Runts Cane as an ornament you can eat, or buy one of Amazon’s famous clear plastic ornament balls that you can fill with anything. Gather around it with your flatmates and open the candies and eat them in turns, It’s funnier when you share which flavor did each of you get.

Christmas candy for student room decoration

2. Decorate Your Bath Towels

A unique experience starts by focusing on the details, and nothing is more detailed than decorating your bath towels to fit the Christmas mood. You don’t need to trim your every sheet, only choose one or two towels that you intend to hang during Christmas. Use outdoor acrylic paint and sturdy brushes to draw the shapes you wish to keep on your sheet. You could simply draw a tree, candies, and Christmas socks. If you are sure about your artistic skills, try drawing Santa Claus with his reindeers. If you’re not sure about this, you can buy a Christmas bath mat and hang some decorations in the bathroom mirror. Looking at it in the morning will make your whole day.

Christmas bath towels for students

3. Use Fillable Alphabets!

Whether you are sharing your student room with others or living in it alone, you probably have a table that needs Christmassy decorations somewhere. Use fillable alphabets for just that; they are mostly found in DIY shops like Hobby Croft in the UK, and you can choose a couple of simple letters to buy. Fill these letters with stars, balls, and snow-shaped confetti, and you will get a Christmas decoration like no other. You can always refill them with something else after the holiday season is over. This way, you win a year-long room decoration that you can play around on different occasions. Try to get 4-5 initials and see if you can make a word out of them; name your student gang by it!

4. Bake Your Wall Decoration!

Wall decorations might seem impossible since you can’t use nails in your student room. In general, you can blue-tack or tape Christmas decorations to the wall, so they’re easily removed when the holidays are over. What do you wish to hang on the wall, though? If you do not want to hang tinsel wreaths and stars, you can make your creative wall decorations using polymer clay. Unlike regular clay, polymer clay is baked in the oven after it is shaped, and as it hardens, it retains its shape and color for years. Make use of that oven in your student flat and buy some polymer clay to shape with your flatmates. It is easy to find in craft stores, and you can shape it into anything you want, a star, a snowflake, a Christmas tree, or maybe even Merry Christmas letters. Whatever you try, you will enjoy the process, and the results will be spectacular.

Polymer clay Christmas treeChristmas handmade snowman

5. Sway and Spice Christmas Lights!

Nothing screams festive more than good old-fashioned Christmas lights, but there are more creative ways to include them in your student room. Try hanging lights in short strings dangling from the ceiling along with some ornaments to make it seem like it’s raining tiny balls of lights! You can create a Christmas tree out of string lights on the wall instead of taking up space for an actual tree. Some students even hang family pictures instead of the usual balls and star ornaments, so start gathering some cherished family pictures of yours! Christmas lights can also come in the shape of candles with popular Christmas scents like pine, cinnamon, or gingerbread. They don’t only create a pretty decoration, but they give your room a warm and cozy atmosphere. If you’re not allowed to have candles in your student room, search for LED candles with festive drawings to give you a similar vibe.

creative Christmas lights for student room

6. Snazz Up Your Room’s Door!

This is one of the most popular things to do to decorate a student room for Christmas, but you can always find new, creative ways to bring to the table. Why not make your door look like a present by covering it with festive wrapping paper with a ribbon to create a bow? Love gingerbread houses, but baking them takes too much time and effort? Why not recreate them on your door with cotton balls for snow, some wrapping paper, and of course, sticker of the gingerbread man. People will crave some gingerbread cookies by just passing your door! You can hang a snowman on the door, whether it’s a sticker or a DIY one, by using white cups taped to the door in its shape! If you’re a fan of Christmas songs and they are always stuck in your head, hang your favorite lyrics on the door with some decorations to get people to sing along as they pass by!

creative student door Christmas decoration

7. Take Advantage of Dull Surfaces!

Every unattractive surface in your student room is a chance for creative Christmas decorations! For example, you can turn your fridge to a snowman with some simple stickers, or you can cover it with festive wrapping paper! Your windows are another way to get creative by hanging or sticking snowflake-shaped decorations on it or sprinkling fake snow on the edges. It’s a great way to not only create a Christmas vibe for yourself but to show off your creativity to students passing by the building.

The most essential thing while decorating your student room for Christmas is not to be afraid to think outside the box and try new things. If you want to go all out on decorating your room without breaking the bank, check out our blog on DIY Christmas Student Rooms Decorations to save up on cash!


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