5 Different Types of Student Accommodation in Australia

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Amira Adel

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21 July, 2022

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Student Housing

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Finding student accommodation in Australia can be a difficult chore, but if you know what to look for and how to look for it, it will be a piece of cake. So here are five different types of student accommodation in Australia to help you along the way. 

1. PBSAs

Accommodation specifically built by private developers for students to live in is known as purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA). This type of accommodation usually takes the form of grouping flats (many rooms with shared kitchen and living areas) or private studios, both of which have attached recreational facilities and today's "cool" perks like cinemas, gyms, and games rooms.

PBSAs can be of great advantage for students to assist and support them in their academic pursuits and enhance their university experience in general. Casita offers a wide range of PBSAs, as well as other types of student accommodation in Australia, for your to choose from according to your needs and budget. 

Casita student accommodation in Australia

2. Boarding Houses

Boarding houses, usually referred to as lodging houses, offer accommodations for a rent that is comparable to that of a bedsit. Compared to a tenant, a boarder has fewer rights. Typically, college students who want to live independently on a tight budget choose boarding houses.

While each boarder typically has their own room, the kitchen and bathroom are typically shared by all of the boarders. Boarding houses often charge between $250 and 350 AUD per week.

3. Shared Apartments and Rental Properties

Students have the choice of living together in an apartment or other rental property. Shared apartments allow you to live in a home with one or more other individuals. However, it’s not necessary that you would have to share housing just because it's a rental.

To reduce costs, the majority of students choose to live in shared student housing in Australia. Sharing an apartment and paying half the rent makes sense for groups of students attending the same university.

The advantage of living in shared student accommodation in Australia is that you can live with your friends; how fun is that! Also, rental accommodation can be easily found online, through the housing services department of universities, in local newspapers, on student bulletin boards, etc… 

4. Homestay

In a homestay, each international student lives with an Australian family in a virtually family-like setting. Most universities keep a journal with the necessary details on authorized homestay choices. One of the most popular types of student accommodation in Australia for international students who want to learn about and embrace Australian culture is a homestay. Before deciding to choose a homestay, it's crucial to be open to adapting to a new culture to avoid experiencing culture shock.

Homestay offers single as well as shared rooms. Also, meals are usually cooked at home and included in the rent. 

5. Hostels 

Hostels offer affordable student accommodation in Australia. All common amenities, including the kitchen and living room, as well as a room and bathroom are shared. Although there are no age restrictions, hostels typically serve younger age groups, especially singles. Nowadays, many hostels provide smaller dorm rooms as well as rooms for families and couples. They can be found everywhere, in both big cities and small rural areas. Some have breathtaking views, such as the Sydney YHA's view of Sydney Harbor, while others can be found in locations like ski fields. Hostels are great places to meet other like-minded travellers.

Many accommodation options are available in Australia, you just pick what best suits you and that’s it! You can also learn more about how to reduce your living cost in Australia to make sure you never go over budget.


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