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02 July, 2020

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Established in 1986, The University of the Arts London (UAL) is considered one of the top universities in the UK, ranking 2nd place in the world for Art and Design for the second year in a row according to the 2020 QS World University Rankings®. It's the largest specialist art and design university in Europe with 43% of students being international. 

Colleges inside UAL

What Are The Colleges Inside the University of Arts London (UAL)?

The university hosts six colleges. Each specializes in a specific field ex: fashion, art, design, and performing arts. 

1. Camberwell College of Arts

2. Central St Martins

3. Chelsea College of Arts

4. London College of Communication

5. London College of Fashion

6. Wimbledon College of Arts

All colleges offer undergraduate, postgraduate and pre-degree courses as well as short courses for students studying art in London. If you're considering applying to study art, here is your guide for the topics you can study at the University of the Arts, London.

Topics Inside UAL

1. Design and Fine Art

This is a very popular subject that many students choose for its wide variety of areas that they can specialise in. If this is your choice of study, then Camberwell College of Arts is the right UAL college for you. It is located right beside the South London Art Gallery and is considered one of the best art and design institutions in London. It offers multiple course types, including a foundation diploma that will give you an introduction to art and design, and help you build a portfolio before moving on to an undergraduate course. As a student studying fine art and design, there are eight undergraduate courses you can choose from, including Graphic Design, Illustration, Fine Art, with its different fields like Photography, Computational Arts, Drawing, Sculpture, Painting, and more. The college also offers 11 postgraduate courses, including Design Making, Interior And Spatial Design, Computational Arts, and more. The college also has short courses in art and design for teenagers.

2. Art and Design

If you want to delve deeper into the sea of Art and Design, then Central Saint Martins is the ship that will help you sail smoothly through it all. Pre-degree courses at Central Saint Martins are all about building a portfolio; they include Textiles Folio, Orientation to Art and Design, or a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design. When it comes to undergraduate courses, the sky's the limit. You can either choose a course about how Art and Science are interconnected or a Biodesign course that helps you further understand sustainable innovation. You can unleash your creativity in the jewellery design course or choose one of the unique courses in this UAL college; Ceramic Design. Other courses offered in Art are Acting or Directing and in Design are Product and Industrial Design or Textile Design.

Student Accommodation Near UAL

3. Graphic Design Communication, and Interior Design

Graphic Design has become a popular art field in the past years and to become the best Graphic Designer out there; you need the best course you can find. Chelsea College of Art is the UAL interior design college, so it's perfect if you also love decorating. This college offers undergraduate courses in Textile Design, Interior Design, Product and Furniture Design, and Graphic Design Communication. Other than these two fields of study, there are also a few Curating and Fine Arts courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

4. Creative Communications

Creative Communication is a popular and broad field of study that includes photography, animation, film, advertising, graphic design, and sound arts. If it's a field you're interested in, then UAL's London College of Communication has got you covered with over sixty courses at foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate level. The possibilities here are endless; you can get a Bachelor in Photography, Journalism, Illustration and Visual Media, Games Design, Film Practice, Media Communications, Film and Screen Studies, and many more.

5. Fashion Design, Media and Business Education

If you've always been a fashion guru and now want to make a career out of it, there are so many fashion-related courses you can choose from. You can find almost all of them at UAL's London College of Fashion; one of the most famous art colleges in the UK that specialises in fashion-related research and education. It offers pre-degree courses including Introduction to the Study of Fashion and International Preparation for Fashion as well as Fashion Practice for 16 to 19-year-olds. Undergraduate courses include Fashion Photography, Fashion Marketing, Fashion Management, Fashion Design and Development, Cosmetic Science, Fashion Imaging and Illustration and more.

6. Theatre, Screen and Performance

UAL's Wimbledon College of Arts is the perfect place for all those who are passionate about drama and theatre. You can get your Bachelor's degree in Theatre Design, Production Arts for Screen, Acting and Performance, Creative Technical Theatre, Costume for Theatre and Screen, and more. If you're a postgraduate student, you'll have the chance to choose whether to get your MA in Theatre and Performance Design, Contemporary Theatre and Performance, or Theatre Design. There are also a few Fine Art Courses in Sculpting, Painting, and Print and Time-Based Media.

There are so many possibilities of what you can study at the University of the Arts, London. All you need to do is find what you're most passionate about. Whichever college or course you choose, you'll be guaranteed a high-quality learning experience where you discover your true artistic self and develop your skills. Once you have decided on your art course of choice, find your perfect student accommodation near the University of Arts, London on Casita's website. Calculate your budget and book now!


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