Top Things to Do in Cambridge

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02 February, 2023

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Home to the esteemed Cambridge University, Cambridge has always been and continues to be a famous study destination among students from all corners of the world. Knowing they’re guaranteed a high quality of education, a large sum of students flock to the city and make it their new home every year. 

But what else is there to Cambridge other than universities and top-notch education? Well, we’re glad you asked because we have an answer for you! Cambridge is a city of history, cultural heritage, art, architecture, greenery, entertainment, and so much more. The city has plenty of tricks up its sleeves ready to be unveiled for willing spectators! 

Say you’re a student who is pursuing a degree at one of Cambridge’s well-regarded universities, what would you do for fun in the city? We’re here to tell you! We’ve toured the city and pinpointed all the places to visit and the activities to partake in, so you don’t have to search, only enjoy! Join us as we let you in on all of the city’s secrets as well as the top things to do in Cambridge! 

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Top Things to Do in Cambridge

Put your explorer shoes on and tag along with us on this wonderful city tour where we highlight all the fun and top things to do in Cambridge, let’s go!

Punt Your Way through the City

Punting is one of the top pastime activities that both locals and tourists get up to in Cambridge. The city is split in half by the River Cam and punting through it, aka going on a boat trip, is a must-try experience! This national Cambridge activity is one of the best ways to explore the city; you can see inside the university buildings and explore various greeneries and open spaces from your position inside the river, what an absolute delight!

Go on a Bike Tour

Cycling your way through Cambridge is so much fun! Cambridge is commonly known for its abundance of bikes and how bike-friendly the city actually is. Additionally, Cambridge’s small size makes exploring it via bike the best way to go! You can rent or hire a bike from several spots in the city, and you don’t have to worry about anything; there are proper bike lanes and almost everyone there is used to cycling everywhere, so just enjoy yourself!

Explore King College’s Chapel

This stunning Gothic Chapel is an absolute must-visit while in Cambridge! Not only does this chapel have some of the most beautiful architecture in the country, but it’s filled with hidden gems and tiny details, including the largest fan-vault ceiling in the world, the Rood Screen that was a gift from Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn and is still considered some of the best Italian wooden carvings that still survive in the UK, the stone flowers that adorn the walls inside, and a few hidden stone animals that were carved by the stonemasons. Needless to say, King College’s Chapel is definitely worth your time and then some! 

Go Antique Hunting and Thrift Shopping along Mill Road

Mill Road is a Cambridge gem; this street is lined with independent shops, boutiques, and quaint terraces, and its walls are adorned with beautiful street art. You’ll find an array of vintage shops where you can buy some antiques, some 70s-style furniture, some secondhand clothing items, and even some vintage and secondhand LPs at vintage record stores. This is an especially fun thing to do in Cambridge for shopping enthusiasts and those who enjoy buying vintage and shopping secondhand!

Make a Stop at Heffers

Being a bookworm in Cambridge is definitely rewarding, because where else would fit your extremely niche and specific aesthetic? Not only do you have libraries where you can sit and read for hours and parks that are ideal for a reading date or a quiet picnic with a book, but you also have bookstores like Heffers! Heffers is a definite must-visit in Cambridge. This place of literature is a bookworm’s dream; you can browse or buy books and both activities will be equally as fun and rewarding! You’re guaranteed to find everything there, from new releases to vintage collector’s editions, it is truly a book haven!

Cambridge river.

Visit The Famous Mathematical Bridge

Officially, it’s called the Wooden Bridge, but of fondness, locals and even tourists have taken to calling it the Mathematical Bridge. This is a bridge in Queens’ College that looks curved but is made entirely of straight timbers. This is the most famous wooden bridges in Southern England with a unique and sophisticated design. Crossing this bridge is definitely something you need to cross off your Cambridge itinerary, do not miss the chance!

Go Art Sighting at The Fitzwilliam Museum

The Fitzwilliam is owned by Cambridge University and is home to vast collections of artwork and antiques. This Cambridge attraction has free admission and you can enjoy your time there browsing through diverse trinkets, ornaments, and paintings that give you a new-found appreciation for art and artists. This is definitely a Cambridge spot for creatives and art fans!

Touch Grass at The Botanic Gardens

This is one of the most beautiful places in Cambridge. Owned by Cambridge University, the Botanic Gardens is an Arcadian paradise with woodland vibes that houses several diverse species of flora and fauna. This is the perfect place to enjoy some sunshine, greenery, and natural beauty. You can go there to learn more about different plants, go for a picnic, have a stroll, or simply just go for the vibes! 

Grab Brunch at Fitzbilies

One of Cambridge’s most famous brunch spots, Fitzbilies is a cosy city staple where you can enjoy a good meal with friends. They’re most famous for their homemade cakes as well as their signature ‘Full Fitzbillies’, which is often described as epic and certainly does not disappoint! As one of the top things to do in Cambridge, you definitely want to cross brunch at Fitzbbilies off your list! 

Pop over to Market Square

Independent traders and ever-changing market stalls are what set this cobbled square apart! Strolling through Markey Square, you could shop for local products, have a freshly-baked pastry or cake, and try something utterly different and surprising that’s cooked in front of you, this could be anything like ostrich burgers, posh Scotch eggs, fresh pad thai, and freshly squeezed juices. You’re in for a blast at Market Square in Cambridge, you certainly do not want to miss going there during your time in the city! 

Marvel at the View from Great St Mary’s Church

Great St Mary’s Church has one of the best viewpoints in all of Cambridge. You can head inside first to see the church and take a look at the stunning architecture and beautifully crafted details. Then, you can buy a ticket to the top of the tower, which only costs a small fee, and climb the stairs to the top. Once at the top, you’ll get one of the best and most unique views of the city, it is definitely worth the climb! 

Try Jack’s Gelato’s Famous Ice Cream

This is a fairly new spot in Cambridge, but that hasn’t stopped it from becoming a must-visit for both locals and tourists alike! This tiny dessert shop has all the usual ice cream flavours but doesn’t just stop there. The real reason why it’s so popular is the unusual and tasty flavours Jack’s Gelato serves up. Some of their notable and fan-favourite flavours include marmalade, panettone and rooibos gelato, and white peach sorbet. Do not miss out on the chance to try the delicious ice cream at this Cambridge staple during your visit! 

Cambridge is so much more than universities, it’s filled with fun and exciting things to do and places to see! While in Cambridge, you do not want to miss out on everything the city has to offer, from parks and open spaces all the way to markets, dessert shops, and the best brunch spots around! Keep this as your guide for the best things to do in Cambridge and make the best of your visit! 

What to do in Cambridge?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I have fun in Cambridge?

Cambridge has plenty of ways for you to have fun and enjoy your time, including visiting one of the city’s museums, taking a dip in one of the parkside pools, and going to a park or a botanic garden. 

2. What Cambridge is famous for?

Cambridge is most famous for its renowned university as well as its greenery and open spaces that make it a popular getaway destination for locals and tourists alike. 

3What can you do in Cambridge for 2 days?

Here are some things to add to your itinerary if you’re in Cambridge for 2 days: 

  • King's College

  • The River Cam

  • The fan-vaulted ceiling of King's College Chapel

  • Inside Trinity College

  • St John's College

  • Punts on the River Cam


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