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Top Study Locations in London

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Ola Elwassify

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15 August, 2018

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2 mins read

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University Life

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To be honest, studying and getting assignments done is not the easiest task there is. As many aspects affect our productivity, like mood, setting, and external or internal distractions, international students in London should know where to dig for new places to boost their productivity and get these assignments done. Here are some of the greatest and quietest study spots in London:

1. Waterstones Bookshop

To ensure that the environment you are walking into is quiet, it has to be designed for that purpose and nothing beats bookstores in that. Waterstones has many branches that you can go to and start studying and working on your laptop. It is also a plus that you find any accredited reference that you need in the same place. It is one of the best places to study in London. Piccadilly branch is a short walk from Piccadilly Circus and Green Park stations.

2. The British Museum

The museum's Great Court with its exquisite glass roof and the reverberant interior is ideal for studying. The entrance is free and there is even a coffee shop to grab something to drink while working on your university assignments.

3. Coffee Shops

There is no cafe these days that doesn't come with Wi-Fi and all kinds of hot and cold drinks. You can use your headphones to eliminate the surrounding noise and focus on the work you are doing and the music. Pick a reasonably-priced cafe around your student accommodation in London and break a leg!

4. Gardens and Parks

Most, if not all student accommodations in London, are surely surrounded by public gardens and parks that you can stay soak in the sunshine and sit on the grass while studying. We strongly recommend Hyde Park and/or Richmond Park.

5. Local Library

In today's Wikipedia and Google Books age, university students in London rarely think of locating the nearest local library to them; however, when you do, they are surprisingly more useful. Setting aside the fact that they possess a quiet and calm atmosphere that is perfect for studying, they also have a trained staff who can direct you to the exact and right reference for the topic you are working on. If you're looking for quiet places to study in London, your local bookstore is the ideal choice. You can stay as long as you like as long as your headphones' volume is not disturbing anyone!


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