The Ultimate Moving-Out Checklist

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Reem Mohamed

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29 June, 2022

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Preparing to move to a new country, especially as an international student in a totally new environment, can be quite the hassle. Checklists and itineraries are your best friends when deciding to move; having everything you need to do, pack, or get rid of in one place helps make the moving-out process much easier. Once you’ve secured your ideal student accommodation in your country of choice, it’s time to get your affairs in order and prepare to move! Moving out isn’t only limited to the moving day, it starts at least two months prior so you can be ready just in time. As an international student, you might not have everything figured out just yet, this is why we’re here to help! Take Casita’s ultimate moving-out checklist as your guide, set a budget, and start packing!

Two Months Before Moving Out

Setting a timeline for moving out is important and starting as early as possible guarantees you better results. With two months in your pocket before you move out from your current residence, here is what you need to do:

  • Create a Moving Binder

A moving binder serves as a great tool for you to keep track of everything during your moving-out process. The binder should include items, dates, budget tracking, potential movers, and backup plans. Keeping a binder, whether an online or a material one, is a helpful moving-out tool.

  • Take or Leave Piles

Split your items into “take” or “leave” piles. The things you’ll need to bring with you overseas go in the “take” pile along with your essentials, while everything else that is disposable or replaceable can go in the “leave'' pile. Dividing your items into piles helps make the packing process a whole lot easier. Check if your student accommodation is fully-furnished or not, if not, arrange for furniture to be brought in, whether ones you already own or order new ones to get there in time for you to move in.

  • Research Movers

There will be some items that you’ll want to bring along with you but can’t fit in your luggage or fly with you. In these cases, you’ll need to research movers or shipping companies to safely transport your possessions to your destination of choice with ease. You should keep a budget in mind when researching movers and make sure you check reviews and book a trusted mover. 

  • Ready Your Papers 

Paperwork might be needed for you to successfully complete your move from your residence and settle into the new one. Some papers and official documents might need weeks to be finalised, this is why you should start this process early and take out whatever official paperwork you might need two months in advance.

Six Weeks to One Month Before Moving Out

Following the assigned time schedule you set for yourself is essential to make your moving-out process as easy as possible, here is what you need to check off your list at the six-week to one-month mark!

  • Order Moving Supplies

Boxes, tape, and labels are your moving-out buddies! Ready yourself early and order those supplies plus anything else you might need to pack your stuff. Bubble wrap and permanent markers also come in handy, along with special containers and fragile boxes. 

  • Hire a Mover

After researching all potential movers and/or shipping companies and narrowing them down the time has come for you to pick the one that best suits your needs and your budget! Once you choose a mover, make sure you get written documentation of your moving date, your destination, and your fees. 

  • Pack up!

By this point, you should consider starting to pack. Packing is a long and tedious process and you often find yourself getting lazy or slacking halfway through. This is why you should start sorting your stuff out and putting them into boxes a month or so in advance. Start by packing the items you don’t frequently use, then follow them up by your valuables in separate and secure boxes. Make sure you get any valuable items insured before packing and moving them. 

  • Label Everything!

Make sure all your boxes are labelled. Whether you choose to colour-code or number them, or follow a completely different labelling system, the important thing is it tells you where everything is, so both the packing and unpacking processes go by seamlessly.

  • Notify Close Friends/Family/Important Parties of Your New Address

If you still want to get your mail delivered to you even if you’re halfway across the world, notifying different parties who will help you achieve that. Additionally, you can notify your friends and family of the address of your student accommodation in case they want to send you care packages or stop by if they’re ever in the country. 

Two Weeks Before Moving Out

The clock is ticking and moving-out day is getting closer. At the two-week mark, the ultimate moving-out checklist is almost coming to an end, here are the pre-last minute things you need to check off of your list!

  • Get Your Affairs in Order!

By the two-week mark, you need to tie any loose ends you have in your home country. Give your two-week notice at your job, if you have one, notify your landlord of the official date of your moving-out, and make sure the movers will be here in time. Check your passport, follow up on your official paperwork, and reserve your flight in case you haven’t already. By this point in the moving-out process, things should be almost perfect and ready for you to leave on your new journey! 

  • Pack Your Suitcases

This is the time when you should start packing up your clothes and personal belongings for your trip. If you’re doing a semester stay, pack your clothes according to the season you’ll be travelling during. Pack smart! Make sure you pack things neatly and in an organized fashion so you can fit as many of your necessities as possible. Pack up almost all of your clothes, spare a couple of outfits to get you through the next week or so, and check for items that you can fly within your suitcases that haven’t made it into moving boxes.  

  • Double-Check Details and Make an Inventory List

Double-check with the movers and/or shipping company that is set to fly your items overseas for you. Make sure they have the right pick-up and drop-off addresses, and double-check the payment plan. Make an inventory list of all the boxes you are shipping so you can check it at your new home and make sure everything arrived safely and intact. 

Moving-Out Day

The big day is finally here! Your bags are packed, your mover/shipping company is here, and all that’s left is for you to iron out the final details and set off on your new and exciting study abroad journey! Here are the last few items to check off of your ultimate moving-out checklist on the final day!

  • Do You Have Everything You Need?

Make sure you have all your travel essentials: your IDs, credit cards, passport, essential papers, cash, phone and charger, along with your carry-ons and any other essential papers/items you might need on your person while travelling. 

  • Off You Go!

Take one last look at your old residence, and make sure everything is packed up and ready to go! Say your goodbyes, make sure the last of your bills are paid and your valuables are packed and safe. Supervise the movers while they take your boxes, call a cab or have someone drop you off at the airport, and off you go!

As tiring and exhausting as moving out can be, the promise of a new beginning always provides the excitement that fuels you to go through the entire process! With Casita’s ultimate moving-out checklist, the process should be easy-going and seamless. Pack your bags, check items off of your list, and head out to explore your new home and everything that awaits you on the other side!


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