Student Tips: 5 Characteristics That Make a Good Employee

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Hadeel Hossam

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05 March, 2021

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As a university student, you should know by now that you are on a one-way journey to the career of your dreams. Your university experience is as important as your work experience abroad; therefore, it is important to search for ways to gain work experience while studying abroad. Whether you are looking for a part-time job or searching for an internship, try to develop the following characteristics to catch your employer’s eye and stand out from the crowd. 

Characteristics of a Good Employee

1. A Team Player

Being a team player is an essential characteristic of a good employee. Most jobs require some level of collaboration on tasks whether within your own team or with  another team. Even if you prefer working solo, you should also have the ability to effectively work with others. Many employers prioritise this quality to ensure a smooth workflow that produces high-quality results. You can get a head start and develop your teamwork skills by joining study groups or participating in group activities and class projects at university.

2. Good Communication Skills

Communication is expressed in many different forms. Whether it’s written, verbal, or face to face, communication is one of the top skills needed for every employee. It doesn’t necessarily entail being great with words; it just means you can deliver your message effectively and understand those being communicated to you. This can be tricky since your work environment will likely include people of all ages and backgrounds. Still, you can sharpen your communication skills at university by participating in group activities and engaging in conversations with as many people as possible.

3. Time Conscious

Time management is another essential quality that you should conquer. It showcases your ability in multiple aspects while working.  Good time management skills helps you handle multiple tasks and submit reports before their deadline. Remember, you should always be punctual in coming to work and attending meetings. Tardiness in the workplace could delay and overthrow your entire workflow as well as affect your team members. This is a skill you can work on in college to prepare yourself for joining the workforce by attending your classes on time and submitting your assignments before their deadlines.

4. Ambitious and Creative

A good employee aims to improve their knowledge and develop their skills in the industry in order to seek bigger and better opportunities. Employers are always looking for someone who is driven and eager to learn, who will both benefit the company and advance their career. You can show initiative by taking on new responsibilities and challenges that stimulate your growth and coming up with creative solutions to solve issues that come your way while working. 

5. Strong Work Ethic

Having a strong work ethic may seem like an intangible quality, and that it differs from one workplace to another, however, it essentially entails holding up your workplace’s standards and values and showing discipline towards its rules and regulations. This includes being a reliable employee, trusted with following up on your list of responsibilities and working in the company’s best interest.

So there you have it! With these characteristics in hand, you’ll be considered a top employee that companies fight over to hire. The key is to try enhancing these skills while you’re still at university. Treating your education like a job is the best kind of preparation you can do for when you finally enter the workforce. It will boost your confidence and help you get your dream job.


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