Indian Restaurants in the UK

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Amal Ahmed

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17 May, 2019

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Studying and living in the UK means you have access to one of the world’s best destinations to savour Indian food outside India itself. The Indian cuisine is continuing to take the food industry by storm worldwide, thanks to its fusion of tastes. The number of Indian restaurants in the UK is on the rise, with many of them internationally recognized with a Michelin Star.

Here’s a list of the best Indian restaurants in the UK to get you started:

1. Dishoom, Covent Garden in London

There is no doubt that London houses the most famous Indian restaurants in the world. Enjoying Indian food in London is a must-have item on your foodie bucket list. Dishoom is arguably the best Indian restaurant in London. It is known as London’s very first Bombay cafe. It first opened back in 2010 and quickly became one of the best restaurants in Covent Garden. Branches in Edinburgh, Shoreditch, Kensington, King’s Cross, and Carnaby quickly followed.

They promise an experience like no other; their tagline is “From Bombay with Love.” Popular among tourists and residents alike, the cafe is known for its authentic Indian food, friendly atmosphere, and top-notch service. Their world-famous meal is their breakfast offering called “The Big Bombay” (£12.50). It will give you a food-high with its brilliant flavours. The menu is filled with many other dishes to your heart’s desire.

2. Scene: Indian Street Kitchen in Manchester

Located in Spinningfields, you will quickly fall in love with Scene, easily one of the best Indian restaurants in Manchester since its opening in 2015. The venue has a lot of energy and offers foodies the best street Indian delicacies on the planet. Their starters are to die for, as well as their amazing sides to the perfect tandoori grills. The restaurant offers a laid-back vibe as you can enjoy your meal in the heated terrace looking upon the picturesque river Irwell.

Indian thali rajasthani

3. Ranjit’s Kitchen in Glasgow

Dubbed the curry capital of Scotland, there is no shortage of Indian restaurants in Glasgow to take your breath away. Ranjit’s Kitchen is the greatest there is when it comes to Indian vegetarian food and definitely one of the best restaurants in Glasgow. The restaurant is a local favourite despite it being located in Pollokshields in the Southside of Glasgow. Foodies will have no trouble making the trip because everything on the menu is worth it. Their signature thali is heaven on Earth.

Khichdi tasty Indian dish

4. Mother India in Edinburgh

When you’re looking for Indian food in Edinburgh, your first stop should be Mother India Cafe. The restaurant originated in Glasgow and then opened up in Edinburgh with a unique tapas concept that has quickly become a favourite. The idea is sharing the food. Each person can order a few dishes and everyone enjoys everything, which is perfect for a group. Mother India is one of the best restaurants in Edinburgh to relax and experience something new.

Delicious chicken biryani

5. Mowgli Street Food in Liverpool

This is a restaurant where you will find a deliciously modern take on your favourite Indian dishes. Nisha Katona, the owner of the chain, is simply obsessed with curry and has given up her 20-year barrister career to set up Mowgli in Liverpool. There’s also a branch in Manchester. Her aim was to show how Indian cuisine doesn’t have to be unhealthy. So, here’s your chance to combine your love of Indian delicacies with healthy food! The menu is quite exquisite and serves many vegan and gluten-free options. The project is among the very best restaurants in Liverpool to date.

Fun Fact: Did you know that there is no official national dish of India? It’s true! The country is quite famous for its Khichdi, rice, daal, biryani, bhajiya, and roti that people are addicted to, but none of them is officially labelled as a national dish.

Tell us about your favourite Indian restaurants in the UK. If you have a taste for Chinese food, you must check out our top picks for the Best Chinese Restaurants in the UK!


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