How to stay Motivated while Studying Online

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Noha Hatata

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22 June, 2020

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Studying online is the new norm; everyone is keeping themselves safe while trying to be as productive as possible. It is not easy to overcome the loss of motivation that comes with staying alone for too long. With many universities announcing few online classes next term, you have to find ways to motivate yourself. Studying at home doesn’t have to be boring, so here is how to stay motivated while studying online. 

1. Re-evaluate and Refresh:

It all starts with your environment. Your studying environment is the most important factor to feel motivated. Start your day by organizing your room to make it inviting for your classes. Your studies are affected when your room is messy as you will feel distracted and unorganized. Also, a messy room makes you feel like you cannot control your surroundings. Therefore, you can end up feeling uninspired and lazy. Tidy your room and set up a study space that is not your bed; choose a place with a lot of natural light like by the window and place your study desk, or create a comfy reading corner. Organize your studying supplies and materials in a visually pleasing way. Decorate your study space to make it more refreshing and cosy; you can add candles, air fresheners, stickers, drawings and even plants.

2. Plan a Weekly Timeline

Scheduling App

Planning your week ahead is exciting, especially if you want to build up excitement for activities that you love doing, a specific movie you always wanted to watch or video calling a friend. Remember when you used to get excited when a concert you are going to is finally approaching? You can create the same feeling. An extra point is that you get to know when your assignments and homework are due and when you have free time, so you can have days dedicated to working on your projects and others planned for enjoying the activities you love.

3. Write Down Your Goals and Ambitions:

Set Goals

Having a daily routine is beneficial, but it can sometimes cause a sense of boredom and loss of motivation. To avoid that, write down your short term goals and ambitions in a journal next to you. Why did you choose your major? What are you looking forward to after you graduate? How do you see yourself after the successful completion of your degree? 

When you get to envision your future easily, you will always feel motivated to work hard so you can seize the opportunity to achieve your goals. Check-in with yourself every day, hang some of your goals on a board above your study space alongside some quotes you find inspirational. It is a great way to keep your eyes on the prize and work hard for it.

4. List Your Entertainment Options:

Activities During Covid19

Studying should not keep you from enjoying your time, especially when you have to study at home. A good study/entertainment balance is very important if you want to stay motivated and productive. There is no shame in keeping yourself occupied with fun activities. Think about what entertainment options are available, like watching movies, TV shows, online concerts, online games, board games, card games etc. List anything that is accessible to you and schedule it into your weekly plan. You can set a reward system for yourself every time you get high scores or ace a subject. Take some extra time to celebrate your little victories and have activities to look forward to.

5. Maintain a Healthy Self-Care Routine:

Maintain Self Care Routine

Staying at home more doesn’t mean ignoring your self-care routine. Taking care of your mind and body is essential as it helps your mind stay positive and healthy.

  • Wake up every day at a regular time, open your windows to let the natural light in and make your bed so your brain will be fully awake and ready for the day.
  • Workout daily or every other day, if it is allowed where you are, you can take a solo run around your block where there are no crowds of people, practice yoga in your balcony or follow a Zumba class on Youtube. Anything to keep your body moving and your muscles working to stay active. You can use online apps for exercise ideas. Check out our 6 Fitness Apps You Should Try at Your Student Home blog to get a list of the best apps. 
  • Wear fresh clothes every day. We all tend to stay in the same sweat pants and T-shirts when no one is watching, but it is important to acknowledge every new day as a new opportunity. So, dress differently, take a refreshing bath, give yourself a spa treatment, cook healthy meals for yourself. Keep yourself fresh and active! When you are in control of your wellbeing, you will stay motivated and productive.

6. Study in Groups Online!

Studying at home doesn’t mean you have to be isolated, get in touch with your colleagues and friends. Meet them online for a study session where you can all share ideas and work together. Sharing your experience will make you feel better about yourself and stay motivated, knowing that you still have your friends’ support as everyone is going through the same situation as you. Studying in groups is always a motivation booster. To know more about that, read our Pros and Cons of Studying in Groups blog post. 

Studying from home can be a great experience when you set up your mindset for all the possibilities of achievements you can accomplish. Staying at home might not be as limiting as you believe, in addition to all the above ways to stay motivated to study, consider this as a new challenge which you can conquer, and explore new aspects of yourself. While doing that, show support for your friends and family members and inspire them to stay motivated to do new things with their lives as well. Every kind act will surely matter, and you will feel the positive change you can make even from home.


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