How to Prepare for UK Student Visa Interview

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18 April, 2022

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Have you been dreaming of studying in the UK ? Now, you are one step closer to making your dream come true. So, we are here to help you accomplish your aspirations in the UK. It’s a matter of handling the situation well and being sure of yourself. Preparation and confidence are the keys to passing your visa interview effectively. Just stick to the following tips, and you will pass your UK student visa interview and get your visa proudly.

Steps to Prepare for UK Student Visa Interview:

1. Research, Appearance, and Manners:

There are some things you should do before the day of your UK student visa interview. Prepare all your documents and do thorough research about your university, course, subject matter, cost of living, and how you will manage your time there. Don’t mention plans to work there as  that can be seen as  a point of weakness . 

There are some other things you should pay attention to before entering your interview. To begin with, your appearance and the first impression count. So, make sure to dress appropriately for the occasion. You don’t have to wear a suit, a simple business casual look is fine. Also, wear something that will boost your confidence. It’s proven that when we dress well, we feel confident. Dressing well increases your performance and heightens others' impressions of you as multiple studies have shown. Check the following article on Elite Daily about how dressing well affects our performance. Also, don't forget to take care of your personal hygiene before going to the interview.

Additionally, make sure to speak clearly, correctly, and politely. A simple smile and sitting up straight will also enhance your chances of passing. Try to look straight to the interviewer, whether a real person or a camera and avoid looking around a lot. Most importantly, be calm and self-aware. Talk to yourself positively and encourage yourself. If the interview is online, and its timing is not suitable for you, request 10 minutes to get ready, or simply tell them you are not in a suitable place for the interview. Scheduling another appointment is better than joining an interview when you are not ready.

Visa Application Interview

2. Prepare for Interview Questions

1. Country, University, and Language Questions:

For starters, you will be asked about the UK itself and why you are choosing it.  Read well about the country beforehand and discuss its history and your reason for choosing a certain city to continue your studies. Mention the purpose of your visit when asked and list your IELTS or PTE score.  Also, prepare in advance for questions about the university you are applying to, the course you chose, and why you want to join this course specifically. You should also know where your campus or accommodation is,your tuition fees, course duration, who or how you will pay for your education, and your course content. 

2. Personal questions:

Obviously, you will be asked about yourself, your previous qualifications, and your achievements. Mention your educational achievements as well as any projects you have done. If you have any other personal achievements you should also mention them. Talk about your ambitions and aspirations, your family achievements and your background. Moreover, when asked about your plans to stay in the UK. Do not mention any plans, focus your answer on your plans for your country instead. Furthermore, prepare yourself for questions about career options.

3. Stay Honest 

Be honest about yourself and your past. Don't try to say something that is the opposite of what is mentioned in your documents or application. If a lie is detected, it will be a huge point of weakness in your interview. Your answers should match your CV. Second, if you have any gap years in your CV, you should cover them up. Mention what you have done and how you worked on yourself during this period. Mention any subjects or courses you have taken, what was the nature of these courses, any names of instructors that you have taken any courses with.

In conclusion, the interview might be tricky but passing it successfully is possible if you follow the former instructions. Be on time. Make sure to arrive 10 minutes before the interview. Also, don’t forget to stress your intention of coming to your country after you complete your studies. Keep any plans for work for your graduate visa interview. Apart from that, make sure you know all the details about your accommodation in the UK. Learn where it is and how you will go to your university or college. Try to study the transportation from the accommodation to the university and vice versa. If they ask you about it, mention the way of transportation, whether it’s a subway or a bike, and mention the route if possible.


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