How to Make Lifetime Friends at University

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Amira Adel

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07 June, 2021

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Embarking on a new experience sure is a bittersweet feeling. When you join university, you and your high school friends part ways to pursue your dreams, feeling both scared and excited at the same time. The beginning of your university life is the beginning of stepping out of your comfort zone, trying new things, and meeting new people. Friendships formed at university might actually last a lifetime! So here are some tips on how to make lifetime friends at university. 

Tips To Make Friends at University

1.Apply to Study Abroad

Having life-long friends doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be in the same country. Give yourself the opportunity to enjoy new experiences. Who knows what life can throw at you! Additionally, your high school classmates might also be planning to study abroad; if so, take the chance and share plans and tips together. Who knows? Your classmate might become your best friend once you live together abroad.

2. Participate in Your University Orientation

This is your first step at university; the orientation period is your chance to meet many students and chat with them. Orientations usually have various events to welcome new students and provide them with the information they need about their department, student community, university facilities, etc. Talk with as many people as possible during your orientation; maybe you'll find someone who shares the same interests as you.

3. Participate in Freshers Week

Universities hold freshers' events to break the ice between new students and help them settle in faster. Challenge yourself and participate in as many events as possible; you will definitely enjoy yourself and make more friends than you think!

4. Register Yourself in a Club or a Society 

Whatever your interests and hobbies, it’s guaranteed that there will be at least one club or society at your university that includes them. You can also join societies with activities you’ve always wanted to try. Give yourself the opportunity to experience something new and meet new people who share similar interests! 

5. Pick People You Can Freely Connect With

The key to any relationship is communication. If you find yourself in a friendship where you are unable to communicate freely, keep that person as a colleague, not a friend. When picking a friend, you have to make sure that you can express and talk about whatever you want with no restrictions. 

6. Be True to Yourself

Adjusting to university life doesn’t mean you need to change who you are to fit in. Being yourself is the best way to settle in a new environment and form friendships; you have to be true to yourself to connect with people who genuinely share the same personality, heart, and character as you. Remember, you're all in the same situation as students studying abroad. 

In a nutshell, if you are looking for a friendship that would last forever, you need to find people you can connect with. The point is simple: if your friendship is built on some deeper and more relevant reason, then it is more likely to pass the tests of time. 


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