Full Guide to the University of Glasgow

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05 March, 2023

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Recognised as one of the UK's oldest and most prestigious seats of learning and the fourth-oldest university in the English-speaking world, the University of Glasgow is one of the best universities in the United Kingdom and the world. Established in 1451, the university has one of the widest ranges of courses in the United Kingdom and is recognised internationally for its ground-breaking work. It has inspired thinkers from Lord Kelvin, an eminent scientist, to the father of economics, Adam Smith. 

The University of Glasgow is a famous university with a long history, superb academic programmes, and excellent research prospects. It’s also a great option for higher education because of its wonderful campus, welcoming neighbourhood, and diverse student body, with a diverse student population of over 29,000 students from over 140 countries. 

Full Guide to the University of Glasgow

About the University of Glasgow

The university's history is distinguishable, recognised, and unforgettable. Upon the request of King James II of Scotland, Pope Nicholas V issued a bull in 1451 that established the university. From 1460 until its relocation to Glasgow's west end in 1870, the university was housed on property provided by Lord Hamilton on High Street. 

In the 1860s, Gilbert Scott produced major buildings: St. Pancras Station, the Law Courts, the Albert Institute at Dundee, and Berlin Parliament House, as well as Glasgow University. To honour the respectable architect, the main building of the university is now called the Gilbert Scott building. The university is located in close proximity to Glasgow’s famous landmarks, hidden gems, and fun activities. Glasgow itself is one of the best cities to stay in; it is filled with fun adventures and breathtaking sites that will make the stay worth it! 

Why the University of Glasgow?

Choosing a good university is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. It requires a lot of research and patience in order to know exactly what you want and what each university offers. We all have different needs, and we choose our universities according to these needs. It is essential to know if your university offers a good programme for the school you want to join if you can afford it, and if you can commute comfortably. The University of Glasgow is the best pick for several reasons!


The University of Glasgow is known for its amazing reputation in the United Kingdom and around the world! The university is ranked eighth in the United Kingdom and 25th in Europe. In appreciation of its contribution to reparative justice, the university received the title of "2020 The University of the Year." There are several shining examples of world-changing researchers that have made an impact and built the university’s reputation for hundreds of years, including Professor Sir David MacMillan, a chemistry graduate who received the Chemistry Nobel Prize in 2021. 

Adam Smith joined the University of Glasgow at the early age of fourteen. Under the guidance of some of the top academics of the day, he studied logic, metaphysics, maths, and later Newtonian physics and moral philosophy. All of these famous people contributed to the reputation of the University of Glasgow. 

Students at the University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow Courses

The university offers a wide variety of undergraduate university courses for students to choose from. These courses are informed by world-leading minds, bringing the latest research directly to the classroom. This makes the University of Glasgow a world-renowned university that people go to from all over the world. There are several departments at this university, including:

  • Accounting and Finance

  • Astronomy

  • Biology and Biomedical Sciences

  • Comparative Literature

  • Dentistry

  • Modern Languages

  • Theology and Religious Studies

  • Veterinary Med and Surgery

The university also offers master’s and postgraduate degrees, including:

  • Advanced Functional Materials [MSc]

  • Aerospace Engineering & Management [MSc]

  • Art History: Technical Art History, Making & Meaning [MLitt]

  • Creative Writing [MLitt]

  • Criminology and Criminal Justice [MSc]

  • Electronics and Photonics Manufacturing [MSc]

  • Urban Research [MRes]

The university also offers several courses for students to make use of and add to their portfolios. All of this together makes the University of Glasgow attractive to both local and international students.

The University of Glasgow Tuition Fees

The University of Glasgow’s tuition fees for the UK’s residents vary according to the major you’re going to choose. For local citizens, tuition fees at the University of Glasgow start from $1,799. International students pay a minimum of $3,275 per year. If you are a UK student, you may be eligible for assistance with paying your tuition fees, a maintenance loan, or a bursary. For foreign students wishing to pursue academic studies in Scotland, there are many funding alternatives available. These range from partial funding, paying a portion of your fees, to full funding, which pays all of your programme costs as well as your living expenses! During the course of their study or research programme, international learners will continue to be charged at the annual rate in existence the year they joined.

The Government Loans 

The student may be qualified to apply for loans to assist with paying for their education if they are a resident of Scotland. To learn more about the requirements, visit the university's website!

Full Guide to the University of Glasgow

The University of Glasglow Requirements 

International students must adhere to strict English language requirements. These frequently equate to IELTS scores between 6.0 and 7.0. Also, they must have proof of financial assistance going back at least a year. Also, the qualifying requirements differ from one country to the other, allowing you to select the requirements that apply to you.

Scholarships at the University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow offers several scholarships for its students. It offers a range of support programmes depending on their GPAs or personal financial situations. 

1.GREAT Scholarship

The GREAT scholarship programme, launched by the British Council and almost 49 universities, supports postgraduate students. If you're considering a postgraduate degree in Scotland, especially at the University of Glasgow, then a GREAT scholarship can definitely help!

The programme offers a minimum of £10,000 to students pursuing a one-year postgraduate programme in the UK. They can apply for courses in a range of subjects across England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Applications close in June of every year.

2. International Leadership Scholarship

International and EU (non-UK) students beginning a postgraduate taught Master's programme in any discipline for the academic year 2023–2024 may apply for one of many international leadership scholarships offered by the University of Glasgow. The scholarship is awarded as a tuition fee discount. In order to be eligible for this scholarship, applicants must:

  • Demonstrate academic excellence and achieve grades equivalent to UK 1st Class Honors.

  • Hold an offer of a place for a postgraduate taught programme. 

  • Have an international or EU (non-UK) fee status.

study at the university of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow Facilities

The University of Glasgow has several facilities that students are more than welcome to make use of! 

1. The University of Glasgow Library

One of the biggest and oldest university libraries in Europe is the Glasgow University Library in Scotland. By the beginning of the 21st century, the main library building itself contained 53,300 journals and 1,347,000 catalogued print books. This library at the University of Glasgow is considered one of the best-resourced academic libraries in the country. It offers a quiet, suitable environment for studying. 

2. Student Support Officers

The School Student Support Officers are designated student services employees that are part of specific schools' and campuses' organisational structures throughout the university. They go hand in hand with the main Student Services Inquiry Team to ensure they can provide the best assistance possible. They are available to offer direct support and guidance to all of the students within their specific area, including:

  • Accessing the Counselling Services

  • Accessing Support for Disability

  • Accommodation

  • Careers Information

  • Finances

  • Good Cause Claims

  • Health and Wellbeing

  • Study Support

There is also the Registration and Enrolment Support Team; they are students who can help you with any registration and enrolment questions you may have or escalate issues if required.

The University of Glasgow Accommodation

Undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students can all live on campus at the University of Glasgow. Families are also welcome to stay. There are also private accommodation alternatives available. 

The University of Glasgow Accommodation for Undergraduate Students

The University of Glasgow offers catered and self-catered student accommodation. The catered residences are available in Wolfson Hall, Dumfries Campus in Dumfries Hall, Brooke House, and Laurieknowe Hall. Self-catering accommodation is available in Cairncross House, Kelvinhaugh Gate, Murano Street Student Village, Queen Margaret Residences, Student Apartments, and Winton Drive. The accommodation fees include bed linen, heating and lighting, 24/7 internet access and Wi-Fi in all rooms, group insurance cover for all possessions, and access to UofGSport. The University student accommodation offers a wide range of room types such as standard single, en-suite single, large single, and shared. It’s not guaranteed for students to get their first choice of accommodation due to the great number of applicants. 

The University of Glasgow Accommodation for Postgraduate Students

Although there are options for postgraduate accommodation in Glasgow, you might not receive your first choice because of the large number of candidates. Several residences, including Kelvinhaugh Street, Lister House, Maclay Residences, and Winton Drive, provide accommodation for the University of Glasgow students. Also, there are catered residences such as Laurieknowe Hall, Brooke House, and Dumfries Hall. Bed linen, heating, lights, 24-hour Wi-Fi access, group valuables insurance, and access to GU Sport are all included in the cost of accommodation. There are also many different accommodation types available, including single rooms, studios, small or large one-bedroom apartments, two and three-bedroom apartments, single en-suites, and large single en-suites.

The University of Glasgow is widely known for its high-quality education and interesting activities. This is also supported by the city of Glasgow itself, which is full of breathtaking landscapes and fun activities! It is easy for students to blend in and enjoy their time there.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How hard is it to get into the University of Glasgow?

The acceptance rate at the University of Glasgow is 74%, which is really encouraging. You'll need a strong overall profile with both academic and non-academic achievements.

2. What is the University of Glasgow known for?

The university is recognized for its world-leading research expertise in the history of art, veterinary medicine, cancer studies, accounting, and finance.


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