Educational Events Around The World 2023

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28 March, 2023

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As students, we learn what is presented to us from the curriculum, however, we need to give more thought to the process and the science behind it. Throughout the years, various educational events have taken place; these events feature experts in education, students, and educational technology experts. Other experts who have attended these events include behavioural scientists and educational leaders.

The added benefit when it comes to attending educational events is learning from those with hands-on experience and checking out the latest trends and technologies; it can also be an opportunity to create memorable moments and network.

Types of Educational Events

Educational events usually fall under these three categories: conferences, summits, and symposiums.  

Education Conferences host a large number of professionals in a specific field; they also host a variety of activities to ensure maximum teaching and learning. The activities at these conferences include workshops, speakers, and many networking opportunities. 

Summits host many professionals, however, these professionals and the events are higher in level than those in the education conferences. Some of the topics discussed in these summits include the latest findings and trends by professionals. 

Symposiums contain not just professionals but experts in a field; they share their knowledge in the area of expertise in front of their audience. 

 Educational Events

Benefits of Attending Educational Events

Educational events are usually held and conducted by speakers with professional experience; this will be especially interesting for those seeking hands-on knowledge from a professional. Educational events are also helpful for students interested in learning about the newest trends in their field of interest. 

Another significant benefit of attending educational events is networking with students, professionals, and peers interested in the same field. Multiple educational events also promote various opportunities for training, attending workshops, and seminars.

Things to do Before and During Educational Events

Educational Events can be very beneficial, with plenty of opportunities to grow in terms of professional development, expanding your knowledge, and social networking. If done well and prepared for, it can be life-changing. Presented are some of the best tips before and during these educational events.

Read More About the Topics Covered

Before heading to any educational event, get some information about the topics to be discussed; this will allow you to grasp new concepts faster. Reading more about the topics discussed also gives you a sense of what to expect.

Read More About the Guest Speaker

Reading about the guest speaker allows you to relate to them and learn more about their career path; this will significantly help if a networking opportunity with the speaker or one of the experts arises. 

Take Notes

Taking notes is one of the essential must-dos in educational events. Taking notes helps you document and highlight important information that you might later use or find of use. You could also use this knowledge to apply it to your research, project, or personal knowledge.

Socialise and Network

Socialising and networking are essential benefits of such events and are a unique part of the student experience. During these events, you’ll get to meet with professionals, experts, and students. Make sure to expand your network by introducing yourself and making new connections. Educational events significantly facilitate this through workshops and meet and greets.

Educational Events Around The World

Biggest Educational Events Around The World in 2023

NSBA Annual Conference and Exposition: April 1-3, 2023; Orlando, Florida

The NSBA Annual Conference and Exposition event gathers those in the educational sector to learn about the best educational practices and the latest educational technology and program trends. Other focuses of the event besides the techniques and technologies used to optimise student learning include insight into child development. 

Bett Brazil: May 9-12, 2023; São Paulo, Brazil

Bett Brazil is an event focused more on higher education and professional education. Bett Brazil is also the most significant event in Latin America regarding education and technology, presenting the latest trends in educational technology. Each year in this event, more than 270 national and internal companies, more than 30 startups, and more than 30,000 participants attend. The majority of attendees are willing to learn how to optimise their education through the use of technology.

ASU+GSV Summit: April 17-19, 2023; San Diego, California

The ASU+GSV Summit is one of the most significant events for Educational Technology startups; these EdTech startups compete together by giving their pitches. This event attracts not only these startups but also potential investors and those interested in Edtech. Edtech also has some of the most prominent guest speakers, such as John Legend, Condoleeza Rice, Mindy Kaling, and Richard Branson, among many other world-class speakers.

Collegiate Information and Visitor Services Association Annual Conference: June 6-10, 2023; St.Louis, Missouri

CIVSA is an annual event that centres around educational discussions and sharing academic knowledge. Some of the educational knowledge to be shared as part of the program includes how to plan an event, how to manage and motivate your team, and how to build strong relationships with partners; other topics include multicultural recruitment, among many more discussion topics.

Learning Summit 2023: 13-14 June; Gilbert, Arizona

The Learning Summit retreat is a fun retreat in Arizona for college students looking to learn and succeed in their institution. It is classified as a working retreat; these working retreats are usually full of team-building exercises, which is why it is aimed towards college teams as well as individuals. Other activities typically found in work retreats include brainstorming sessions. 

63rd London International Youth Science Forum 2023: July 26th to August 9th; London, Uk

The 63rd London International Youth Science Forum 2023 is one of the oldest educational events being established in 1959 and one of the largest student events in 2023. This Youth Science Forum is a summer camp that spans 15 days. It is held at the Imperial College of London and attracts 500 students aged 16-21 from 70 different countries. 

At that event, you get to visit the university’s departments, hear Nobel Prize winners give speeches, and attend lectures by leading scientists. You will also take part in the event by presenting a research project. Some of the benefits offered include meals and accommodation.

Attending such an event has various benefits, including exploring a new potential career path, exploring new science-related concepts, networking with international students, boosting your problem-solving skills, enhancing your confidence, expanding your creativity, and not to mention meeting with professionals and Nobel Prize winners.

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EDuTech: August 24-25; Melbourne, Australia

EduTech is one of the largest educational events in 2023 happening in Australia. This event is focused on innovations and trends in the education industry in Australia and has a wide range of activities. 

The activities in the event include the following:

  • Workshops held by qualified trainers.

  • A two-day conference with 455 speakers covering topics related to trends and technologies in the education industry.

  • Exhibitions showcasing the newest technologies and solutions.

  • The opportunity to network with education industry professionals.

Educational events are a beneficial venture into the world that you would enjoy experiencing. This carefully curated Casita list of all the upcoming educational events should be your guide for the upcoming year with all its must-attend educational events! Remember that exploring your surroundings, attending events, gaining new knowledge, and, most importantly, networking with professionals and international students is important!

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What are the educational events happening around the world in 2023?

Some of the biggest world events in 2023 include the World Educational Summit, NSBA Annual Conference and Exposition; Bett Brazil, ASU+GSV Summit, Collegiate Information and Visitor Services Association Annual Conference, Learning Summit 2023, 63rd London International Youth Science Forum 2023, and EDuTech.

2. What Educational Leadership Conferences are in 2023?

Some of the largest educational leadership conferences include Education Week’s Leadership Symposium 2023, the 2023 ACSA Leadership Summit, and the ISTE Leadership Exchange.

3. What are the higher education conferences in 2023?

Some of the biggest higher education conferences to attend in 2023 include ACE2023—The American Council on Education’s Annual Meeting, NACADA’s 2023 Annual Conference, Leadership in Higher Education Conference, and the 2023 Global Inclusion Conference.


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