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DIY Christmas Student Rooms Decorations

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Ola Elwassify

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10 December, 2018

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2 mins read

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Student Housing

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Knowing how to decorate your student accommodation room with easy DIY Christmas decors is now easier than ever. You can participate in these DIY Christmas decoration activities with your student accommodation flatmates, whether in Australia or in the UK.

If you are looking for ideas to decorate your dorm room, we’re offering here some college student bedroom decorating ideas:

1. DIY Christmas Candles

This is one of the easiest DIY crafts for college students. Glue cinnamon sticks vertically around a red or golden candle. Wrap it with a red or green ribbon. Voila!

You can also melt the wax and cover the bottom of the jar and adjust cinnamon sticks, a pine cone, or a Santa Clause while it is still hot. When it dries, add some glitter to jar’s inside walls. Candles are great adornments for uni room decor.

Tools: candles’ wax, cinnamon sticks, ornaments, pine cones, glass jar, glitter, and a green and/or red ribbon.


2. Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments

Get a carton sheet and draw on it some ornament shapes: candy, socks, stars, circles, dolls, and Christmas trees. Cut them out and wrap them in green, red, or golden threads or colourful pearls. Spray some glitter on them after applying a little glue.

Tools: carton sheet, pencil, scissors, glue,  colourful threads, colourful pearls, and glitter.

DIY decorations

3. DIY Dorm Room Christmas Lights

There is no one way to do this really. You can wrap tinsels with Christmas lights and glue them to the wall forming the shape of a Christmas tree. If you want simpler dorm room lights, you can use a rope instead and use pine cones and Christmas ornaments to decorate it with lights too.

One of the best student bedroom interior designs is also attaching some family and friends pictures to the rope. If you want to know how to decorate uni room walls, these are mostly used as dorm door Christmas decorating ideas.

Tools: Christmas lights, colourful tinsel,  rope, pine cones, Christmas ornaments, glue, and scissors.

Tinsel Christmas tree on the wall

4. DIY Christmas Jar

Get an empty clean jar and cover its bottom with cotton. Add a small Christmas tree in the middle and some twinkling Christmas lights. You can also add golden pearls with pine cones and wrap the jar’s nozzle with a rope or a colourful ribbon. Christmas jars are the most popular DIY dorm room decor for Christmas.

Tools: glass jars, Christmas lights, and a green or red ribbon.

DIY Christmas Jar

5. DIY Christmas Wreath

Christmas is not genuine without a festive wreath. You can do it yourself with your flatmates and have your own student apartment decor. Get a stainless hanger and reshape its triangular shape into a circle, then use the needle-nose pliers to cut the nearest tip to the hook. Buy a sack of colourful Christmas ornaments or do them yourself. Now you can add the Christmas ornaments one by one. Wrap the hanger’s stainless body with a rope or tinsel to mimic the effect of ice or greeneries.

You can colour/spray the ornaments to your desired colours: white, red, gold, or a mix of them all. You can also use pine cones after spraying them too with some Christmasy colours and glitter. Wreaths have the most beautiful DIY crafts for room decor.

Tools: stainless hanger, needle nose pliers, colourful tinsel, glitter, green and red ribbons, colourful spray bottles, pine cones, and ornaments.

 DIY Christmas Wreath

These are all fit to be dorm room decor for guys as well in university. You can also use these ideas to make one of your friends a cheap but a thoughtful Christmas gift.


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