How to Convince your Parents You Should Study Abroad

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Farah Mohamed

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30 July, 2021

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You did it! You decided it's time to work on your independence. Now it’s your time to shine like a solo superstar, starting a new chapter in your life. People will be cheering you on in your new journey; however, your parents might be worried about you. That doesn’t mean that they are not happy for you; they are just being parents. So how to make them overcome that obstacle and find peace with the idea.

1. Show Them Your Plan

Start planning your new learning journey; you will finally get the chance to get a degree in what you have always loved, so check your university courses, see all kinds of fun subjects you’d love to take and schedule your stay ahead of time. Set clear goals for each period of your stay abroad and be sure to set a budget.

Show your parents your planning progress, and talk with them about all the benefits you will get from studying abroad. Show them you are responsible. They want what’s best for you. 

2. Spend Time With Them

Stay with them as much as possible before you travel and promise them you will stay in touch daily. That much should be enough to keep them happy. If they are nervous about your safety, then show them the place you will live in,, and how it has 24/7 security and CCTV installed to keep you safe. Ensure you show them your neighbourhood on Google Maps And share your accommodation contact number with them.

3. Highlight the Benefits 

The third step to successfully convince your parents you should study abroad is one of the most important steps: marketing. Promote what you’ll earn from this new journey and engage them to grow their interest. Make them genuinely believe that you’ll miss a lot if you don't go.. Studying abroad opens the door to promising careers, outstanding salaries, and new life experiences. Show them all of that! Do some research and show them what is the salary expectation, employment rate, graduate jobs, and internships available after you graduate

4. Make Them a Part of Your New Life 

Of course, your parents will feel left behind as you are leaving to live a new experience. Then how about taking them with you? Not literally, but emotionally. Thanks to all the technology, we have many ways to communicate these days. Show them everything you do abroad. Share with them pictures of your lectures, your outings, and your classmates. Furthermore, if your financial situation is good, plan to bring them to visit you in your new home. Let them see you and have fun with you. By doing that your parents won’t feel any kind of loneliness.

5. Don’t Forget to Visit.

Last but not least, we have our fifth tip. We know that you can be busy sometimes with your life and studies, but don’t skip visits to your parents. Whenever you have a break from university, go back to your home country. Your parents were always busy while educating you, but they didn’t retire from parenthood. The same thing goes for you. You can’t retire from being their son or daughter. 

6. Make Them proud!

The sixth and last step is to make your parents proud. Up until this point, they are already proud of you for achieving this stage of your life and going to university. So don’t disappoint them! Continue walking on that road of glory and try to achieve bigger things! Follow your dreams. The fact that you are reading this article right now is a 100% guarantee you are a great son/daughter, so keep going, and you’ll quickly reach the top. 

Finally, a word to the amazing parents, It’s hard letting go of your child after all of that time, but you’ll have to. So let them go to successfully return as responsible young individuals you can be proud of. 


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