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Celebrities Who Were International Students in the UK

Celebrities Who Were International Students in the UK

Created At:20 March, 2017
Created By:Ola Elwassify
Updated At:14 March, 2023

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It’s not a secret that the UK is a popular destination for international students. With tremendously comfortable accommodation, top-of-the-line education system and some of the leading universities and colleges in the world, the country has always been a preferred destination.

Did you know, however, that there is a wide range of celebrities who were actually international students in the UK? That’s right – a lot of the people we are used to hearing about on TV have gotten their education on the island. So, without any further ado, let’s go ahead and take a quick look at some of the most famous names who got their education, or at least part of it, in the UK. 

1. Bill Clinton – Oxford University

Former American President Bill Clinton, who managed to get two terms in the White House and is one of the most controversial names on the American political scene, attended Oxford University in the UK. Even though his wife Hillary failed against current President-Elect Donald Trump, Bill Clinton is most definitely going to get his name in history. He attended the university back in 1968 where he studied philosophy, politics, and economics.

2. Harper Lee – Oxford University

Another very famous name, especially to the literature aficionados – Harper Lee also went to Oxford University in Oxford. Unfortunately, she passed away in 2016 on the 19th of February at the age of 90. Lee is mostly known for her timeless masterpiece "To Kill a Mockingbird" published in 1960. The novel went on to win the Pulitzer Prize one year after its release. She attended Oxford University’s Graduates’ Summer School back in 1948.

3. J.K. Rowling – University of Exeter, UK

J.K. Rowling is a well-known British novelist and a screenwriter who attended the University of Exeter in 1983. She got accommodation in the Duryard Hall of Residence, where she studied French and classics and received a BA degree for that. She is the author of the famous "Harry Potter" series, and she nurtured herself in the field of writing, although her parents wanted her to study languages to become a bilingual secretary. 

4. Chris Pine – University of Leeds, UK

Chris Pine is a famous American actor who attended the University of Leeds in 2001. He found accommodation at 79 Brudenell Rd. and he says that he had a blast. In fact, he says that he is absolutely surprised at how much he actually loved his time in the UK. 

5. Carrie Fisher – The Central School of Speech and Drama in London

Famous for her role of Princess Leia in the Star Wars fame series, Carrie Fisher was an international student in the UK, and she went to the Central School of Speech and Drama in 1973.

As you can see, there are quite a lot of different celebs who went to study in the UK. It is a well known and top-of-the-line education destination, attracting millions of people from around the world.

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