Best Chinese Restaurants in Brisbane

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Noura Yousef

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25 April, 2019

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1. Yum Yum Duck in Logan Rd

It specializes in Chinese cuisine with a Vietnamese twist. It is just a couple of minutes away from Stones Corner Library, which makes it extremely popular between students. The restaurant's menu is very diverse and thus, it is suitable for students of all ages and vegetarians and even people who follow a gluten-free diet.

If you are a vegetarian, give their tofu-based menu a try. They have a tofu and seasonal vegetables hot pot that might suit your taste. If not, you can always try their speciality: Peking duck. Their duck menu also has duck pancakes, San Choi Bao with duck meat and duck fried rice.

Torrens University Brisbane, Fortitude Valley Campus is 8 minutes ride away from this restaurant.

2. Fat Dumpling Brisbane in Fortitude Valley

You cannot mention Chinese foods without mentioning dumplings. Steamed or fried, dumplings are the most desirable for Chinese food lovers. Fat Dumpling Chinese restaurant in Fortitude Valley is one of the most authentic Chinese dumplings restaurants to go to.

It has two branches one in Fortitude Valley and the other is in Bowen Hills. Both serve a combination of poached, steamed and pan-fried dumplings and other various meals. You can enjoy chicken noodle soup, traditional fried rice, and salt-pepper squid with no regrets. The menu is customer-friendly with the (V) mark added next to vegetarian dishes and the (G) one next to the gluten-free dishes.

Torrens University Brisbane, Fortitude Valley Campus is 5 minutes stroll from this restaurant.

authentic Chinese dumplings

3. Noodle Magic in Toowoomba

For classic Chinese restaurants in Toowoomba, Noodle magic is the one to hit. It is a rather inexpensive restaurant serving all types of noodle dishes and dumplings. It offers dine-in, take away and catering options.

It is famous for its handmade authentic noodles; you won’t eat noodles with any additives or chemical components in there. If you ever wish to try a special noodle dish, try their Lan Zhou La Mian noodle dish, which is only available on weekends.

The University of Southern Queensland is a 30-minute walk away from Noodle Magic.

4. Landmark Restaurant in Sunnybank

Visiting or living in Sunnybank means that you most probably have heard of Landmark Restaurant. Amongst Sunnybank Chinese restaurants, Landmark is a well-known restaurant for its diverse menu. Their buns are to die for and their yum cha menu is, most probably, the best in Brisbane.

They offer vegetarian-friendly food and an indoor seating area, but because of how popular they are, it is best to book your table before going. For another great Chinese restaurant in Sunnybank, try Little Red Dumpling. 

From there, a 12-minutes ride will seamlessly take you to Australian Catholic University - Brisbane Campus.

Chinese Duck

5. Billy’s Pine Bamboo in Cannon Hill

Cannon Hill is an area that is not known for having a lot of Chinese restaurants, which is why when talking about Chinese restaurants in Cannon Hill, we have to mention Billy’s Pine Bamboo. The restaurant is famous for being the best Chinese takeaway venue due to its quick services.

Their Peking duck, duck noodles and fried rice are the ultimate combinations from their menu, and if you are a meat lover, try the rainbow beef. It is sweet, sticky, crispy everything you might need in a meat dish. Mouthwatering!

The nearest is the Queensland University of Technology QUT, which is 13 minutes ride away.

6. Chu The Phat in South Brisbane

Chinese restaurants in South Brisbane are a lot, however, Chu The Phat in Melbourne street is definitely on top of them all. The restaurant offers a mixture of Chinese and Korean dishes and the staff of the restaurant is very friendly. The decor also reflects a cool and quiet ambience that you cannot easily find in typical Chinese restaurants.

Meat lovers can try the pork and kimchi spring rolls, the minced pork and the pork and kimchi soup. Pastry lovers can try the chicken and mushroom dumplings and the steamed duck bun.

A 25-minute walk will get you to the Queensland University of Technology, Garden Point Campus.

kimchi soup


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