7 Tricks to Fight Winter Sluggishness and Stay Fit

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Ola Elwassify

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22 November, 2017

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Being fit or losing weight in winter is sometimes tiresome. In winter, we usually get lost in the fact that cold boosts our metabolism and the contrary that we should eat more to keep our bodies warm. Hitting the gymnasium is an option; however, some students are too busy to go there on a regular basis. The good news is, Casita student accommodations are purposely built to meet students’ needs, health and fitness included. So in order to fight winter’s sluggishness and sloth, here are 7 tricks to boost your metabolism and stay fit:

1. Use the free facilities available at your student accommodation wisely. If there is a tennis table, play that with your flatmates. If there is an on-site gym, hit it 3 times per week and it will be awesome if you have a workout partner to motivate each other. If there is no gym in your student accommodation, try to find a gym that you can pay-as-you-go to avoid paying for a membership that you are not going to fully use.

2. Workout in your room if you are not a big fan of excising within a group. Surf the internet and look up some beneficial workout plans and free yoga classes. Workout routines are tricky, so you have to make sure you are doing what is right for your goals. For example, if you are sweating to lose weight, the workout routine you should conduct is different from someone who wants to increase his/her body’s stamina and endurance.

3. When in doubt, pedal it out. Cycling is one of the most effective activities boosting fitness, overall health and heart and lungs functions. Needless to say how it strengthens your muscles and the whole body’s endurance. You do not have to worry about storing your bike; just make sure that the student accommodation you are staying in has secure bike storage on-site.

4. If cycling is not your thing, walk the stress out of your head. Walking and roaming around neighbourhoods is one of the most effective ways to boost your creativity, make you less stressful, and on top, make you healthier. Better go with a friend if it is after dark; the company will motivate both of you and keep you safe. Considering that winter is here, you can look for and participate in various winter activities, like skiing and snowshoeing. The point is to keep your body active.

Girl working out to stay fit

5. What if you are still unmotivated? Good music will motivate you to start your workout. Instead of listening to music while studying, schedule the music with your workout to connect it to something that you already love doing. Music will help you increase your workout pace, elevate your mood and act as a good distraction.

6. Eat right, of course. Reduce your alcoholic intake and eat more vegetables, fruits, grains, beans, milk and food rich in Omega 3. To boost your metabolism, eat 5 small meals instead of two or three large ones and make sure that your breakfast ones are larger than the ones you eat later in the day. This will keep your body nourished and will speed up your metabolism, as well as helping you avoid entering starvation mode. Keeping your body well-hydrated and drinking a lot of water will spike your metabolic rate too and will improve your performance during your workout, so drink a lot of water throughout the day and 30 minutes before starting your exercise.  

7. Be consist and mindful of your mood and mental health. In other words, create a workout schedule and follow it. Focus on how do you feel after your workout and listen to what your brain tells you to alter your negative automatic thoughts into positive ones. It is good if you caught yourself feeling guilty when you skip a workout or two; this means it started to be a consistent habit.


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