7 Things You should Know about Studying in the USA

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Noha Hatata

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04 September, 2020

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Are you considering studying in the US this year? That is a great choice since you're going to enjoy a new educational experience in a country that is nicknamed 'the land of opportunity', has a diverse population and unlimited chances for innovative careers. As an international student in the USA, there are many new things you need to know before travelling, so here are seven things you should know about studying in the USA:

1. The Words University and College are Used Interchangeably in the USA

In the UK, the word "college" can be used for pathway education or specialized schools where you can get certifications. However, in the US, both words are used interchangeably for universities.

2. Classes in USA Colleges are Laid Back, But Grading is Not

Lectures in the US are laid back and chill, however, the US grading system is not merciful. You need to be committed to keeping your GPA on the right track. Your papers and assignments should include the right citations and meet the guidelines.

3. Textbooks Can be Pricey

College textbooks in the USA can be a bit more expensive than what you're used to. However, you can always find students who share or sell their textbooks secondhand. Ask your seniors for help finding the best resource to study; there are multiple online sources where students exchange their books. 

Student Rooms in the USA

Student Rooms in the USA

4. Colleges are Highly Flexible

Changing your college is not a big deal while studying in the USA. You can transfer your course credits anywhere in the US as long as your major is the same. 

5. College Sports are Very Important

Cheering for your college sports team and supporting them is very important in the US, students are expected to attend the matches and cheer for your favourite team. Students who are a part of the sports team enjoy being prestigious, and they gain life-long friends.

6. You Can Try Great Food. 

The US is famous for its big delicious portions of food and diverse choices. While studying in the USA, you're going to enjoy a variety of food options, including international cuisines, fusion cuisines and delicious American food. Each state has its speciality so research well before you go. If your state of choice is New York, you can find a good New York Pizza restaurant from here.

7. You Can Meet People From All Over The World.

Many people aspire to study in the US from all over the world, which means the student community includes all different people with many different nationalities, backgrounds and ideas. You'll surely have fun learning about other cultures and meeting unique people along your journey that may become your lifetime friends!

The US is a very interesting country where you're going to share dreams and ambitions with many like-minded students who also wish to explore the world. In fact, college life in the US might be quite similar to the movies you watch on TV, including all the fun student activities and unique experiences.


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