7 Christmas Gift Ideas for Boxing Day

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Ola Elwassify

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20 December, 2017

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One of the funniest parts of the Christmas season is Boxing Day, which can be traced back to the Victorian era when churches used to display boxes to collect donations from parishioners. Also, British servants used to take time off on Christmas Day to visit their families and they will be handed a box to take home that contains gifts, bonuses and sometimes food. Trades’ people used to collect Christmas boxes of presents or money on the first weekday after Christmas as a mean of gratitude for their good services throughout the year. Boxing Day is celebrated in the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and some other Commonwealth countries.

As mentioned in our last blog, on the Boxing Day, every year the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race – which is considered the biggest annual yacht race, takes place in Australia. It covers 630 nautical miles and includes yachts from 35 to 100 ft. The Aussies are set to compete against England this year on Boxing Day.

Away from where to have fun on that day, university students living away from home should avoid feeling homesick, thus, it is strongly recommended to get a Christmas tree for each cluster apartment or each floor with self-contained studios and decorate it accordingly. What about the gifts around the Christmas tree? That is when Casita’s Christmas guide kicks in to help you with finding the best gift for your flatmates or university friends and colleagues. Here are some affordable and creative gift ideas for Boxing Day:

1. Self-Care Gift Sets

Gender is critical when it comes to these kinds of gifts. Soap & Glory will be the perfect choice for a female friend and an essential shaving kit for a male friend works just fine.

2. Customized Gift

An emoji mug or a customized t-shirt is a funny and meaningful gift. You can try to align your friend’s character with a specific emoji or a passion of their own and print it on a t-shirt and get it for them.

3. Headphones

Getting your friend new headphones is never a bad idea, especially if you got it with cord detanglers to keep all their electronics muddle-free.

4. Stationary

A set of colourful sticky notes, a 2018 agenda or a set of their favourite pens would be a useful choice because some do not go for souvenirs, instead, they go for what will be useful.

5. Clothes

Christmas PJs, socks, scarves and gloves are all considered as a great Christmas gift. But if Christmas comes in summer, like in Australia, buy a lighter PJ and scarf.

6. Anti-Lost Key Finder

Let’s face it, we all lose our keys and when we do, we wish we could just call for them! Everyone misplaces their keys, wallets, and phones, so your friend doesn’t have to be late again because they have the anti-lost finder.

7. A Defrosting Tray

It is smaller and cheaper than the microwave. No need to worry about defrosting a steak on-the-go because it is quick and works without chemicals or electricity. You can get with that a stainless steel soap that gets rid of the worst smells, like garlic.


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