6 Best Markets in Birmingham

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Ahmed Azzam

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18 March, 2020

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Birmingham is the second-largest city in the UK with a diverse international community, 20% of its residents are international students, so you are bound to discover various international festivals and markets in the city. Of course, for a student travelling to Birmingham, you should know the markets you can visit to find different products. Birmingham markets have everything you might want. 

If you love shopping, you will find multiple clothes stalls in markets like Rag Market, and if you are a foodie, markets like King Heath's Farmer Market are a perfect destination for you. Remember that Birmingham is known as 'Britain's foodiest town' according to The Olive magazine, so while living here, you will be in the heart of the capital of rich cuisines in the UK. Some markets are considered a location for festivals and concerts as well. To help you find the market you should check out, here are 6 of the best markets in Birmingham.

1. Bullring Rag Market

Bullring Rag Market

The Rag Market is open 4 days (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday) a week in the city centre. Located near Upper Dean Street bus stop and Birmingham New Street train station, the market has 350 stalls and 17 perimeter shops offering all types of goods. It offers the best fabrics and materials in the UK, which is why it gained the nickname of the Rag Market. A quick stroll around the stalls will give you an idea about the latest fashions, fabrics, haberdashery, gifts and household goods. Fresh food and fruit are present in these shops too for those who prefer to prepare their meals at home.

The variety of products in the market almost covers all the merchandise you would think of. There are vintage and retro clothes stalls such as Paul's Retro Clothing offering vintage hats, caps, tank tops, vintage shirts, Barbour jackets, denim jeans and retro sports tops.

2. Birmingham Wholesale Market

 Birmingham Wholesale Market

Located on The Hub in Witton which you can reach through Witton road and Witton train station, this market is open from Monday till Friday and half-day on Saturday during the early hours of the day. Stalls are open for customers at 3.30 AM till early in the morning, so you might want to plan your visit early. This Birmingham market is the largest wholesale market in Europe. With over 40 fresh food traders on-site, you are guaranteed to find a wide range of fresh products. Restaurants, hotels and local retailers across the city pick their fresh grocery and food from this market.

The market offers fruit, vegetable, fish, poultry, meat and flower products. It is divided into two sections with around 90 trading units. The fish, meat and poultry section has 16 units, and the fruit, vegetables, dairy and flowers section has 62 units. The 9 remaining units are warehouses for all the stall owners. There are delivery services for the goods presented at its stalls in case you are not able to pay a visit.

3. Kings Heath farmer's market

Kings Heath farmer's market

Just a couple of minutes from the city centre, Kings Heath farmer's market is located on the main A435 at the junction of Vicarage Road and Kings Heath High Street. It takes place on the 1st Saturday of every month, so mark the date on your calendar and plan an outing with your flatmates! It is time to shop!

This market is held by a group of local businesses who present their fresh products of local and homemade products in 25 stalls. Birmingham is known for being a big bustling metropolitan city, and that means you wouldn't be able to find farm-produced ingredients easily around. However, with this market around, you will surely find what you need! It is famous for its gluten-free, vegan and environment-friendly products. You can find everything from veggies, fruits, cakes, fresh street food, sauces and chocolates.

4. Moseley Farmers' Market

Constantly held at the crossroads in the centre of Moseley village on the last Saturday of the month, this is another monthly Birmingham market you should not miss, so mark this one on your calendar as well. You can find more than 60 stalls selling a wide range of products here like fruit, vegetables, cheese and pies. All the products are grown and processed by the farmers hosting the stalls, so you are guaranteed fresh and healthy products. You could as well grab your lunch here as numerous stalls offer fresh street food with local and diverse cuisines.

Moseley Farmers' Market has won the award for best Farmers' Market in 2009, 2012 & 2016 at the FARMA Local Food Awards. It is not just a market; it is considered a social gathering as well, with various events held monthly. Once you have walked around all the stalls and packed the products you wanted, you can cross the road to visit Moseley Arts Market which is held at the same time. Creative and talented locals gather to show their artworks, crafts, jewellery and designs. For more information, please check the website.

5. Digbeth Arts Market

Digbeth Arts Market is held at the Digbeth Arts Space at Gibb Street. Started recently in 2016, more than 500 creative artists come together to show their artworks at this stunning market. Different events that take place in the market range from live art events, exhibition spaces, to workshop areas and consultancy, to be able to attend the market, you should follow this events calendar. You are bound to find an art piece that would grab your attention here regardless of which art style you prefer. 

6. Frankfurt Christmas Market Birmingham

Frankfurt Christmas Market Birmingham

As the favourite time of the year for many people, Christmas usually comes with festive vibes. Frankfurt Christmas Market Birmingham is an annual outdoor Christmas market held in 24 stalls from mid-November till the end of December. The market takes place at Victoria Square, New Street, which you can reach via New Street train station. It attracts millions of Birmingham residents and international students as well as they can meet other students to browse the stalls around Christmas. There are various fun activities you can participate in as well. You can eat local Christmas food and snacks, choose a gift for your flatmates, and buy products for your Christmas party at your student accommodation. You can also attend events and concerts full of traditional Carols & Christmas songs on the Mainstage at Victoria Square.


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