5 Cliches about Shared Flats You Should Avoid

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Ola Elwassify

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21 February, 2020

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Dare to flatshare? Many parents worry about their children living away from home, meeting new people, and living with new ones too. To reassure them, and assure yourself as well, learning about student shared flats cliches you should get past is a must. It's a bit of a challenge to decide whether to live alone or share a student cluster flat with other students. To learn more about different room types, read our Secrets of Choosing Your Perfect Student Room and/or 5 Reasons Why Students Love Shared Flats blog post. 

Student Flats

1. It's Noisy & Disorderly

When we're sharing our flat with roommates, we expect overnight loud music, late-night phone calls, and whatever noise that others can make to bother us. The truth is not like that indeed. When you're sharing your student flat with other students, they tend to understand that these behaviours are unacceptable. Even if you're living with students who come from different backgrounds, speak a different language, or even not understand yours at all, you can simply speak to them if you feel that you're not on the same page. Being open about what makes you feel annoyed gives you both the space to be who you're without putting up with something you cannot stand. 

2. It Forces Socialising

Introvert Student on His Laptop

One of the most famous cliches is that students sharing a flat should be social as they will socialise all the time. If you're not a social person, you'll be forced to socialize with them day in and day out. This is so untrue! Let's face it: you're going to have a lot of assignments, projects and research to do, and so are they. Realistically, you'll get to choose if you want to socialize or not. And considering that every student has his schedule, you might be free at the times your flatmates are usually busy at, so cool it. You can still manage to lure them into joining your anti-social social club if you're not into socializing. It's fun! 

3. It's Not Cost-Effective

Budget Friendly

Some students think that living with other students might be more expensive since the flat is bigger, with more electricity, gas and water to be consumed. But actually splitting the bills makes it cheaper and that's one of the main reasons why students love living in shared flats: to budget. To learn more about student accommodation bills, read our What's All-Inclusive Bills? Article. Living with other like-minded students will make you budget-aware and consider sharing groceries and even main meals' ingredients. One of the things to save on as well is laundry. Most student accommodation come with coin-operated laundry and splitting this between you guys each and every week will save you some quids or Aussie dollars. 

4. It's Only Messy!

There's no doubt that living with others gets messy at times, but that's not always the case. First, each will have his private en-suite room, and you can surely manage cleaning that on your own. Most student accommodation, whether in the UK or in Australia have a complimentary biweekly cleaning service for the communal areas of the cluster flats. Even if your student accommodation doesn't provide cleaning services, you can still schedule home chores and decide on a cleaning day, so you all do it together. It's always funny when you capture your mate all dusty with the broom without them even knowing, isn't it? For fun purposes, take a look at this fun but true Student Rooms: Expectations vs Reality! Blog post.

5. It's Unsafe!

Flatmates helping out

Being a teenager has its cost, especially during your university years when you now have to depend on yourself. We all get scared, lonely, and go through our ups and downs, and having someone around to ease it all never hurts. Some parents might fear that you end up sharing your student room/flat with a psycho, but to the contrary, it's safer to share your place with someone else on so many levels. It's safer because you might fall short on rent or groceries and your mate will cover you indeed; you might need company while studying even if you both have totally different majors, or you might need someone to vent to in the middle of the night to feel better about some problems you're facing. To get prepared, read our 6 Types of Roommates You'll Meet in College blog. Let your mates read too and find out which one are you.


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