5 Best Outdoor Cinemas in London

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Amal Ahmed

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16 July, 2019

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It’s one of the best places in the world to spend your university years, as you'll never run out of things to do in London. Living in London has its perks, from its endless cultural and historical destinations to its world-class shopping and to-die-for cuisine. Film buffs tend to enjoy summer by going to open-air cinemas in London. Gather your flatmates and go to the nearest cinema and follow up with our blog to know about the best ice cream spots to hit in London.

Lucky for you, we have the ultimate list of the five best outdoor cinemas in London:

1. The Rooftop Film Club

Dubbed “the best movie experience in the capital,” the Rooftop Film Club in London is unlike anything you have ever seen; they know how to do it right. They have screenings at gorgeous rooftops in Peckham, Stratford, and Shoreditch. The no.1 rooftop cinema in London offers an interesting mix of new releases, cult classics, and all-time favourites. Just imagine you’re relaxing on the director’s chair watching a great movie with a backdrop of London’s stunning skyline. You’ll be wearing wireless headphones and covered with a cosy blanket. There’s no forgetting their excellent selection of food and drinks. You can check out their schedule online and book your place before the tickets are all gone; they sell fast.

Cinema London

2. The Luna Cinema

The Luna Cinema in London is the original outdoor cinema experience in the city. They travel across the UK and screen in many different locations until September. They are known for showing up at some of London’s most iconic venues, including Alexandra Palace and Regent’s Park. Brockwell Lido is a favourite location for this iconic pop-up cinema in London. If you ever want to experience watching a shark movie while floating on water, here’s your chance! You’ll find “The Meg” screening there this year. This unique open cinema in London offers various other movie choices too. Tickets are available through their website.

3. TimeOut Movies on the River

There’s only one thing better than sailing the picturesque River Thames and that’s doing so while watching your favourite movie. City Cruises teamed up with TimeOut to offer you an unforgettable experience. Arguably, this is the coolest open-air cinema in the UK! They offer a 12-week schedule that will last until mid-September. Previous film screenings included classics like Grease and the Back to the Future franchise. You can check their website for tickets and schedules.

Movie with Friends

4. Film4 Summer Screen

This one is among the most popular outside cinemas in London and the UK thanks to its magnificent setting at Somerset House courtyard. This year, you can expect amazing movies like the Black Panther, the Matrix, the Before Sunrise/Sunset movies, and Reservoir Dogs; there’s also a one-night Nicholas Cage special double bill. The events boast a range of delicious snacks and refreshers to add to your enjoyment. All the details are available online.

5. Pop-Up Screens

Pop-Up Screens offer a more relaxing vibe to the outdoor film experience in London. They show up in London’s beautiful parks, screening rom-com classics like 10 Things I Hate About You, Dirty Dancing, and Grease. This summer’s locations include East Dulwich, Greenwich, Hammersmith, Hither Green, Kingston and South Park, among many others. Details can be found here.

Look them up and see which are the nearest to your student accommodation in London or your university and rock it! Have you ever been to an outdoor cinema? How was it like? Share with us your memories.


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