10 Myths You Should Know about Melbourne

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Hagar Samir

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20 December, 2022

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“Have you ever been to Melbourne? I hear they drink gallons of coffee every day!” We are sure you’ve heard something like this before if you ever mentioned Melbourne, along with other misconceptions about the people there or maybe even the weather! Every city has its myths and stereotypes that people believe in and sometimes act upon without knowing if they are true or not! 

So, whether you’re visiting Melbourne for the first time, planning on moving there, or you’re just curious about Melbourne, there are some myths that you should probably be aware of in order to avoid them! Australia, in general, and its people have a particular stereotype (as most nations do). Still, there are some myths that Melbourne specifically has! Let’s take a look at some of these myths!

Myths You Should Know about Melbourne

10 Myths You Should Know About Melbourne

Melbourne is the coastal capital of the southeastern Australian state of Victoria. It is known for being one of the most liveable cities on earth. It is often referred to as 'The Sporting Capital of the World'. The city is also famous for its graffitied laneways, excellent coffee, cultural diversity, and bayside location. So, what are things that the city is known for that are not true? We've heard all the stereotypes; here’s the truth about Melbourne!

1. Melbourne is very cold.

It’s definitely not hot! But it’s not very cold either. Relative to a lot of the world, Melbourne actually has a pretty moderate climate. It’s even reported that they get hot more than they get cold, with the coldest recorded temperature only a piddling -2.8 degrees Celsius (still cold, but relatively not that cold). Other cities in Australia can get colder than Melbourne!

2. Everything is covered in street art.

Another very wrong misconception. Yes, Melbourne is a huge fan of street art. That doesn’t mean that every surface is covered in spray paint! Also, Melbourne has many art museums that can give you exactly what you need! There are also a few laneways and locations with that kind of art, but not everywhere! 

3. Melburnians are rude.

Not true at all! Melburnians are some of the downright most friendly people in Australia. You will find strangers helping each other or people chatting about anything and everything. They always know how to have a good time! People will be more than happy to help you if you ever need something, and don’t worry; you are always safe in Melbourne. 

Myths about Melbourne

4. People there always compare Melbourne to Sydney.

Whether it’s Melbourne or Sydney, both cities are amazing! They have many breathtaking landscapes and hidden gems that give each city its own vibe and make it unique! People living in Melbourne love visiting Sydney to enjoy the Sydney Opera House and many other beautiful places! In the end, both cities offer a fantastic lifestyle!

5. There are no beaches.

Melbourne literally sits on a bay! So, there are several beautiful beaches that people visit and have the time of their lives. Yes, they’re not as rough and tumble as Sydney’s beaches, but many people prefer these softer, gentler shores. A huge plus is that Melbourne is a short drive from many beaches if you want to see some diversity! 

6. Melburnians are coffee addicts.

Okay, be honest; who doesn’t like coffee now? Melburnians like their coffee, that’s true, but that doesn’t mean they’re coffee addicts! This myth probably stems from the fact that Australia’s first espresso machines were installed on Lygon St in the 1950s, so it’s not really uncommon to see a queue of people waiting to use the coffee machine every day! But again, it’s good coffee! 

7. Melburnians only wear black.

Now, black is a colour that Mulbarnians wear a lot, but it’s not the only colour! And, in their defence, don’t we all love an all-black outfit every once in a while? The reason behind this stereotype is that Melbourne’s weather is usually cloudy, which gives more people the opportunity to wear black without worrying about the sun. 

8. Trams are the main form of transportation.

When you say Melbourne, the image of a tram going through Melbourne’s CBD (central business district) immediately comes into mind! Melbourne has the largest working tram network in the world, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the only means of transportation or that they are used all the time! Trains and buses are frequently used because they’re quicker and, in some cases, even more accessible! 

Football in Melbourne

9. Melburnians are crazy about football.

Australian football, or ‘footy’, as they call it, is a huge deal in Melbourne, but it’s not all they talk about! You’ll be surprised to know that a huge percentage of men, women, and children prefer other sports like tennis, cricket, and netball! The reason why many people think everyone in Melbourne is crazy about football is that they get the whole day of the grand final of the AFL (Australian Football League) off! 

10. Hook turns are terrifyingly everywhere.

Yes, we know, hook turns are associated with Australia and especially Melbourne. It is also true that Melbourne is the only city in the world that legally uses hook turns, but it's certainly not the only city to have them, and they exist for a reason! Hook turns exist to prevent cars from impeding trams, and they're predominant within the Hoddle Grid. We understand the fear of the roads in Melbourne because of the horror stories you hear about them, but all of them are simply not true! 

One of the things that should never stop you from visiting a city you like is the stereotypes and myths surrounding it! You should always try and see for yourself because, most of the time, the things you hear turn out to be wrong! 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Melbourne most known for?

Melbourne is known best for its music, art centres, and museums. It is the cultural capital of Australia! The city has been ranked, year after year, the most livable city, and it's not hard to see why! 

  1. Is Melbourne better than Sydney? 

Both cities are amazing and completely different! You will definitely not have the same experience in Melbourne and Sydney because of the diversity of places you can visit, the fun activities you can do, and the amazing foods you can eat! 


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