Unconventional Careers You Never Thought About

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Radwa Ragab

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05 October, 2020

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For many students, the future isn't clear-cut. They don't want to stick to a common, known, and ordinary career after getting their college degree. Going to medical school does not necessarily mean you'll be a doctor nowadays! You may love math but do not know how to incorporate this passion into a career! Luckily, there are many fascinating career options you may have no idea about. In this article, you will find a list of uncommon careers that might interest you.

1. Food Scientist.

For some people, food is a passion; maybe that is the case for you. If you are thinking about working in the food industry, maybe you should consider becoming a  food scientist. A food scientist's job is to research ways to evolve the quality of food, ensuring its safety and efficiency standards at all stages. Whether it's processing, storing, canning, packing, or transportation, it all needs to meet the required standards. Some create new products in collaboration with other departments. Some work for the government as inspectors or supervisors. At the same time, others work in advertising these products since they know them inside out. Food scientists are experts in nutrition, chemistry, microbiology, and biology. They have solid knowledge in the area of their specialisation. There is an urgent need for this major and for you if you are serious and passionate about it. The world now is creating a sustainable food system for its rapidly growing population. 

2. Ocularist

It's kind of an odd, yet very important occupation. An ocularist is someone who helps the people who have lost one or both eyes because of a disease or trauma. They make artificial prosthetic eyes for those people, all thanks to modern technology that helps advance the prostheses to look real. A general rule applies here: if you want to succeed, you will have years of studying to complete.

3. Ethical Hacker

Unlike many other professions, you can become an ethical hacker without a university degree. The profession is also referred to as Professional Hacker or White-hat Hacker. After taking some specialised short courses, you can apply to the International Council of E-Commerce Consultants (EC-Council) to be a Certified Ethical Hacker. As a white-hat hacker, you will hack into systems and networks, similar to a malicious hacker, but legally. Your role in penetrating computer systems is important in expecting attacks, fixing vulnerabilities, and elevating the security and authenticity of an organisation's system. This course is offered by Abertay University if you wish to study it. Check our Weird University courses to know more. 

4. Waterslide Tester

To the funniest, uncommon career on earth! Yes, you read it correctly, a waterslide tester! People are getting paid for having fun all over the world, and so can you. A quality-control employee is always needed for any new fascinating hotel or a park to make sure water slides are both safe and fun. You will calculate things like how long it takes to get down, how quickly you move, etc. You will also notice any issues or risks in the slide or the water and report immediately.  You can work for a hotel chain or a travel company. Your uniform would be your swimming suit and then straight to the water! It's a risky job so remember to stay safe, please.

Along the way, we will always update you with any new uncommon, extraordinary, and eccentric careers that you may never think of. Not all careers need paper proof from a university; for some, all you need is a constant ability to learn and advance, while others need a university degree proof that you studied there such as medical majors. 


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