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Accommodation Type
Accommodation Type
Student AccommodationPurpose built student rooms with onsite teams, facilities and community.
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Room Type
Shared Room
24/7 Security + CCTV
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Cleaning Service
Communal Kitchen
Social Area
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Full Year
50+ Weeks
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30+ Weeks
12 Weeks
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Weekly Budget
£0 - £1000
Cancellation Policy
Cancellation Policy
COVID-19 Cancellation Policy
No Visa No Pay
No Place No Pay

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Student Accommodation Muscat

1 Accommodation Options
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Closest to City Center
The Myriad Muscat
The Myriad Muscat
The Myriad Muscat
The Myriad Muscat
Map PinThe Myriad Muscat, Muscat, Oman
Shared Room
+5 more
Map Pin1 hour 20 mins by public transport to Central Muscat
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Contact us Background

So, you applied to the universities in Muscat and you finally got the good news of being accepted; now it’s time to start searching for a good place for you to live there. While finding a good and affordable place to call home when studying abroad can be a tedious process; Casita helps make it the complete opposite. With a simple yet advanced website as well as a 24/7 multilingual support team, you will soon find out that securing your perfect student accommodation in  Muscat has never been easier. With Casita’s 100% free-of-charge services, you can choose between tens of thousands of different room types, all in one place. So, find your perfect home away from home with Casita now!

Why Book Student Accommodation in Muscat?

Muscat is the capital and most populated city in Oman, which is located at the mouth of the Persian Gulf, on the south-eastern edge of the Arabian Peninsula. Over the past 50 years, Oman has seen impressive growth and has become one of the most developed countries in the Arab world. With nearly 50 years of Omani Renaissance, Oman has established a prestigious international and national position and has an open and welcoming culture. 

Oman was also the top-ranked location in the Middle East in Internations recent Environment and Sustainability Ranking 2020, for which it placed 21st in the world. This high score is partly due to the government’s focus on creating policies to protect the environment. As a result, Muscat is one of the top ten cleanest cities in the world.

Muscat is celebrated for its strong international outlook. Years of immigration to Oman have left the city with an exciting mixture of cultures from all over the Middle East. Oman is also considered to be one of the most liberal destinations in the Middle East. The universities also reflect this mix of cultures, with students being taught by faculty members from different nationalities. Additionally, a good percentage of the students are from outside Oman.

Universities in Muscat

Sultan Qaboos University

  • Casita has different accommodation options within walking distance of the university.

  • Wadi Al Khoud is just a ten-minute car ride away from the university.

The National University for Science and Technology

  • Our six accommodation options are all within walking distance of the university.

  • Mutrah Fort is just a 20-minute car ride away from the university.

Muscat University

  • Casita’s five accommodation options are within walking distance to the university.

  • Ruwi Clock Tower is just a 17-minute car ride away.

Student Life

Is Oman a good country to study in?

Absolutely! Studying in Oman gives students the chance to experience life in a thriving Arab culture. Students enjoy more freedom of religion and commerce in Oman than they may experience in other Arabic countries, which adds to the appeal of studying in this country. Also, most degree programs are taught in English, making it easier for many International students to attend school and understand what is being taught.

Can Expats study in Oman?

Of course, they can. Oman is an ethnically diverse country and home to a large expat population. Studying in Oman will allow you to immerse yourself deeper into Omanis' unique culture and way of life. Traditional and conservative, religion plays a huge part in Oman's life. On top of that, Oman’s rich nature and landscape make it one of the must-visit destinations in the Middle East.

Can international students work in Oman?

When travelling to Oman for school, students will need to apply for a student visa before they arrive in the country. Student visas, unfortunately, do not allow students to work in the country.

Must-Visit Places in Muscat

Mutrah Corniche is one of the most scenic and tranquil places to go in Muscat. The Corniche spreads to an area of 3 kilometres. The waterfront is lined with a number of cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy the delicious taste of cuisines and admire the serene view of the seafront. There are watchtowers, a fish market and a dhow Harbor at this Oman port while one edge of the corniche is embarked with distinct rocks. You can also try some activities like ferry rides or you can even plan a family meal while exploring the corniche.

Another must-visit place is Wadi Bani Khalid. The greens and emeralds of the large pool there make it a perfect Muscat sightseeing spot. Enclosed within the tall palm fringes, this is one of the most spectacular sights to embrace nature. Defining its topography, the rocky cliffs and canyons make it a paradise to explore. If you are an adventure enthusiast, Wadi Bani Khalid is surely the perfect location you must not miss. Get your hikers shoes and get ret ready to discover every corner on foot. There are seating benches, bridges, and restaurants for public use but nothing can ruin the beauty of this panoramic attraction.

Another one of the best Muscat tourist places is the iconic Royal Opera House which is a heaven for lovers of culture, art, and music. This place enhances diverse cultures and heritage through various events and culturally-rich programs. It is beautifully designed with landscaped lush green gardens, a theatre, an auditorium, luxury restaurants and cultural markets. The complex is big enough to accommodate around 1100 people at a time. The architecture of this place is a blend of Italian and Islamic style with fine work of Omani desert stone rose. The rich aesthetics and interiors of the Royal Opera House will make you feel like you have entered a lavish place as the ceilings and walls are adorned with wood, gold, and glass that look classy and royal. Enjoy Muscat sightseeing to the fullest by taking guided tours of these attractions in the city to dig into the culture and history of this place.

Transportation in Muscat

Muscat has a fairly extensive bus network run by Mwasalat. It connects the major bus stations, the airport, and all the main tourist attractions. Fares are paid to the driver once you get on, and you pay for the distance travelled. One zone costs 200 baisas, two zones are priced at 300 baisas, and three zones set you back 500 baisas. The routes from the airport can cost a little more at OMR1, depending on where you’re going. There are also buses travelling between the major cities in Oman. For example, you can get from Muscat to Salalah for OMR7.5 one way, or OMR12 for a return trip.

Taxis are also relatively easy to find in Muscat; you can find them in the streets distinguished by their orange and white colour. Uber is not available in Muscat, but you can download a number of similar apps. Mwasalat, which is government-owned, is metered and works similarly. You’ll be connected with a driver and given an estimated arrival time, you can pay by cash or card and you’ll get a digital receipt at the end. OTaxi is also popular in the city, but you cannot use this at the airport, malls or major hotels as these areas are restricted to Mwasalat taxis only.