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Mapping the Future: Wales' International Education Vision

clock iconCreated At:22 April, 2024
write iconCreated By:Allaa Ashraf

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Universities Wales has secured funding for a new initiative aimed at shaping the future of international higher education in Wales. The project will analyse the crucial elements that contribute to the success of Welsh institutions in international endeavours, encompassing both further and higher education. It will convene a network of experts from Wales, the UK, and beyond to develop a series of recommendations.

HEFCW will initially provide funding for the project and, once it becomes fully operational later this year, Wales' new Commission for Tertiary Education and Research (CTER). CTER's strategic role includes promoting a global perspective in education.

Gwen Williams, assistant director (international) at Universities Wales, emphasised the project's relevance in the current challenging environment, stating that institutions' financial sustainability is directly impacted. Despite HESA data showing increases in international recruitment, there is a perceived reverse trend, leading to concerns across the UK higher education sector.

Williams highlighted the importance of promoting a global outlook, particularly as Wales and its institutions need to enhance their global competitiveness. The project’s aim is to serve as a platform for exploring how institutions' international activities can adapt and thrive in a changing global landscape.

While the project prioritises international recruitment, it also aims to take a broader view of international education. It aligns with Wales' broader policy agenda of being an outward-looking, globally responsible nation.

The year-long project has four main objectives. Firstly, to analyse the key factors supporting the future success of Welsh institutions' international activities. Secondly, to convene a network of experts, leaders, and practitioners from Wales, the UK, and beyond. Thirdly, it aims to engage with a wide range of voices globally to form an expert panel. Lastly, to produce a report by March 2025 containing recommendations to CTER on the future approach to international tertiary education in Wales.


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