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University of Greenwich Int’l College Relocates

clock iconCreated At:21 May, 2023
write iconCreated By:Allaa Ashraf

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The International College affiliated with the University of Greenwich, managed by the Oxford International Education Group, has successfully secured a new location at Bounty House, conveniently situated near its headquarters in Greenwich.

In collaboration with OIEG, the college has relocated to the Bounty House estate as part of a joint initiative, having initially commenced operations in 2018 within the university's campus. 

During the inaugural event held on May 17 at Bounty House, Jane Harrington, the vice chancellor of the university, expressed her belief that this fresh physical environment would facilitate the reception of "an unprecedented number of international students." She confidently asserted that Bounty House would serve as a conducive space for the exchange of ideas, the establishment of relationships, the flourishing of innovation, and the continued expansion of UGIC.

Continuing her statement, she emphasised, "By attracting and retaining the most brilliant and skilled students, faculty, and staff, we are provided with the essential room for growth and prosperity."

The establishment of the new dedicated space, in collaboration with OIEG, follows previous instances of the partnership that have witnessed "over a thousand students" advance to pursue studies at Greenwich. This development aligns with the university's Strategy 2030, which aims to enhance student access, inclusivity, and cultural aspects.

Jane Harrington, while highlighting the importance of long-term sustainability, expressed the university's aspiration to expand its academic offerings and cultivate a student community surpassing 40,000 individuals enrolled in programmes both in the UK and abroad. She emphasised the significance of collaborative efforts with various partners to accomplish their ambitious goals.

Harrington acknowledged the achievements attained thus far through the dedication and close collaboration of the respective teams from both institutions.

OIEG revealed that a newly agreed strategic framework document would drive substantial additional growth, particularly in the fields of science, engineering, and undergraduate recruitment, over the next two years. 


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