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UK International Students Can Travel Home For Christmas

clock iconCreated At:30 November, 2020
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After the lockdown ends on 2nd December, international students studying in the UK will be allowed to travel home to spend Christmas with their families. The government has published a step-by-step guide for students to follow in order to travel back home.

“We know this Christmas will feel different, and following this incredibly difficult year we are delivering on our commitment to get students back to their loved ones as safely as possible for the holidays.” Universities Minister Michelle Donelan explained.

After students spend the four-week lockdown period in their accommodation, they will be able to travel back home during the ‘student travel window’; from the period of 3rd December to 9th December. The lockdown period guarantees to reduce the risk of transmission to their families. The travel window also ensures that students can reach home before the resumption of the semester, given that learning will be shifted to online classes starting 9th December.

Universities will be responsible for the departure dates to minimize the pressure on transport infrastructure. Moreover, the government will work closely with the universities to ensure mass testing is done for students before travelling.

The travel guidance advised by the government states that all students should wear face masks, avoid busy routes and times, and limit car sharing. 

For further information, here is the guide published by the UK Government that includes detailed steps to follow.


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